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Sudio ETT ANC Earbuds: I LOVE THIS COLOR! And YES This Sounds Awesome! Vivo Y20S Unboxing & Quick Look: Beautiful In Blue!

hey guys welcome back to another video with lim reviews so today’s video is a bit special uh this is a collaboration with zen hing and vivo uh vivo just launched the y20s a couple of days ago and in today’s video i’ll be showing you an unboxing uh showing you of course everything that comes in the box of the vivo y20s go over some specifications and of course the campaign that sen hing is running in for this device right here so without further ado let’s just jump into the unboxing right away so as soon as you lift the lid for the vivo y20s box you’ll see that we have a case here a transparent case that comes in the box so this is always good because it offers some protection for the device itself moving down we actually are able to see the device itself the vivo y20s all right so my version here today is the purist blue version and it looks really nice uh it looks very very premium here actually for this device right here but i’m going to put this down aside for now um moving down let’s we also can see that we do get the 18 watt charger in the box and it’s great to see that we still have charges in the box right here last but not least we also get a micro usb cable to charge up the device itself all right so now that we’ve got all of the items unboxed this is practically what you will get if

you purchase the y20s all right moving on let’s talk a little bit about the price the design the everything specs that you need to know of the vivo y20s so first up the device here has been launched at 899 ringgit uh for this model right here and that gives you uh eight gigabytes of ram like i said and 128 gigabytes of internal memory the device here is running on the snapdragon 460 processor another few specs that you can expect here is that display at the front so we do get a 6.5 one inch lcd display this is 720p it is pretty big actually if you can see here and we do have a teardrop notch at the top there that houses the selfie camera all right now flipping the device to the back here we see that we have a tiny bump here for that camera it is just a very small bump here on the back there that houses the three camera sensors so we do have a 13 megapixel main sensor a 2 megapixel macro sensor as well as a 2 megapixel depth sensor alright so that should be enough for you to take some decent shots out of the device itself last but not least we also have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery uh in this device so that should provide you some decent uh battery life to last you the entire day if you need more

power you can always use the charger that came in the box to charge up your device at 18 watt fast charge uh oh i should also mention that this device does come with a headphone jack here at the bottom so you can still use your wired earphones or headsets all right so that’s it for the vivo y20s i just want to talk a bit about the campaign that same hang is running because it’s actually pretty cool so if you buy the vivo y20s from zen hang there is two offers that you might get here if you’re a saint hey plus one member you’ll be getting three years of warranty for this device plus one year of screen crack protection so that’s a pretty good deal here if you’re going to buy this device and if you’re a sennheiser one a on member you’re gonna get four years warranty guys there’s a lot of years in terms of warranty plus one year screen credit protection so of course zenhang is also offering free easy payment plan payments of up to 24 months and you can get this device delivered to your doorstep right away alright so um don’t forget to check out these deals and links down in the description box below moving on we also have another promotion that uh san hang is running and this is the asynhing 47 member day campaign and the start of this campaign here is actually the vivo v20se and this is for plus one members so what you can do here is purchase a brand new vivo v20se at any syn hang or send q outlet at just a thousand ringgit and

39 plus 320 points so you can use your points to to get a discount on the device here this is a pretty nice device i think i did a video of this back then uh of course zen hang is also offering free easy payment plan payments after 24 months as usual and your free delivery to your doorstep so just remember to check out if you are interested in getting either the vivo v20se or the y20s like i mentioned earlier on uh don’t forget to check out the links down below here to enjoy these uh benefits all right guys i think that’s pretty much it for this video i hope you enjoyed this unboxing right here and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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