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Sudio ETT ANC Earbuds: I LOVE THIS COLOR! And YES This Sounds Awesome! Vivo Y20S Unboxing & Quick Look: Beautiful In Blue!

hey individuals invite back to one more video with lim evaluations so in today’s video clip we’ll be checking out the studio at or ett if you desire that has actually been launched for the past 6 months so definitely i’m not the first one right here but studio was kind enough to send out over these anc earphones to me and also i’m very delighted to actually say that it is a fairly positive experience after utilizing it for the past two weeks so prior to i begin i simply wish to reveal you the various other shades that this earphones comes in and also we do have the version in white really great a tidy shade below with the white certainly if you want a pure black you can additionally go with the completely black matte black sort of appearance really sleek right here sneaky looking and also finally it also includes this black as well as gold variation great i believe there is likewise a pink yet i don’t have that in today’s video clip but the version that i opted for at the end of the day is really this in military green and also that’s because i simply love this color and also you can really see it right below i have the earphones currently in my hands as well as

yeah like i claimed i’ve been using this for the previous 2 weeks and also i just desire to share with you my not so technological testimonial of the studio ad okay so first up uh let me just speak about how it seems like in my hand it does not it isn’t also huge as well as isn’t also tiny really feels flawlessly fine in my hand here in addition to that we also have this good leather pull tab below which you can utilize it to hook this earbud someplace if you desire to do that extremely wonderful high quality here besides that we likewise have this common flap below at the top however unfortunately it does not nearby itself like it does not have an extremely bouncy feeling to it like some other earbuds but it’s still very simple to open and also shut below with the studio in any way right so build quality general it does feel like a nicely constructed tool below we have four leds near the bottom right here to really tell the quantity of battery staying in this device right below and it bills up through type c all right so let’s have a look at the earbuds themselves allow me simply take this off okay so as you can see below we have these buttons below physical

buttons on the workshop ad as well as just how it functions is very simple just lengthy press it to activate the an and also c as well as you can long press it again to shut down the anc clearly you can additionally miss tracks play pause most likely to the previous track or with that button as well as i really locate it simpler than simply touching on the various other earbuds due to the fact that this actually provides you a physical feeling to it fortunately right here is that the button is very soft to press so you do not have to such as push right into your ears and also it’s really easy to activate good aside from that uh let’s talk concerning exactly how the audio seems like about this uh from this studio ad obviously i can not allow you hear the sound coming up from this yet i’m delighted to report that the bass appearing from these uh earphones right here is in fact pretty solid if you’re like me you like to listen to some uh cool hop this kind of audios with a little of bass i would certainly claim that the bass is really extremely great on these earphones right here uh if you listen to

regular tunes or nation songs and also this standard tracks it also seems quite great it certainly doesn’t seem like those type of inexpensive earphones that you would certainly purchase for about 100 dollars so yeah certainly really feeling uh some sort of some sort of quality there in terms of the audio apart from that i’m so delighted to announce that uh i have actually been taking a couple of calls on this device right here and also the individual beyond of the phone was actually able to hear me fairly clearly so can i on this earphone so this is in fact respectable if you are the kind of individual that makes a great deal of get in touch with the everyday so you can use it to pay attention to music as well as can additionally use it to answer your telephone calls good uh lastly allow’s talk about the convenience aspect of this earbud so let me show you what came in the box we do have a lot of ear tips here for all the sort of sizes as you can see right here it is available in an xsml a lot of dimensions so if your ears are little or you have a big ears do not stress one of these earbuds will in fact fit you completely fine okay so in terms of real comfort when i make use of these earbuds to me it actually really feels pretty good let me just try and also put one in so you can see just how it appears like it looks like that all appropriate so it fits completely right into my ear i’m utilizing the m size ear earbuds i think as well as it

actually really feels very comfy as well as i can’t listen to the audio around in any way so very good uh and of program if i turn on the shut off the anc undoubtedly i’ll have the ability to hear some sound from the surrounding atmosphere so fits completely does not look also huge does not stick out excessive i’m not certain if you can see it plainly yet this is exactly how it resembles on your ear alright i believe that’s basically it for this gadget this has to do with 600 plus ringgit here in malaysia clearly the pricing will certainly vary based on where you’re at however, for black friday i assume it’s going to be marketed at about 510 ringgit so certainly if this is uh within your budget this could be uh the studio advertisement may be something you may wish to think about when seeking your following or cordless anc earbuds great men i believe that’s it for this straightforward fast review if you have any type of questions really feel free allow me recognize down in the remark section listed below hit that like button if you seem like striking it and also i’ll see you individuals in the next one bye

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