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so samsung’s fresh brand-new galaxy s21 flagship smartphone is about to affected uk places it goes on sale on january the 29 th for 769 quids i did my full unboxing last week and one of the major criticisms i had was what’s actually the difference between this and the s20 fe which came out last year now that’s a really good question because in a lot of ways the s21 is very very similar to the s20 fe 5g pattern which i’ve got right here and in some way the s20 fe 5g is actually better than the brand-new flagship and considering this 5g edition of the s25 edition expenditure 699 quid there’s not even that much difference between them in terms of price so get your all settled into a neat comfy chair because we’re gonna do a full side-by-side comparison with the s21 and the s20 fan edition including artillery research good fleck of camera side-by-side action all that good nonsense and for one that it’s originated delight do introduced subscribe and dig that notifications bell praises now when you put these two side by side you’ll verify the s21 is pleasingly compact at merely 6.2 inches certainly fits neatly in the hand and uh good for that one-handed use compared with the s20 fe 5g which is a 6.5 incher moderately average in 2021 and if we get it delightful and cozy you’ll see that it’s not just the fact that you’ve got the smaller screen size on the s21 uh that

makes it more compact you’ve also got somewhat thicker bezels surrounding the s20 fe 5g presentation as well that’s pretty much it for the differences from the figurehead though as you can see you’ve got the same infinity or selfie cam stuck away in the center of each display if we snap the galaxy s21 and the s20 fun edition 5g pattern over you’ll insure they’ve both got the same kind of finish around back they’re both made of glass stick which is samsung’s hybrid fabric made from a combination of glass and plastic hence the dorky name but because both phones have this matte finish to them rather than a glossy finish that means they are pretty good at obstructing sort of greasy magazines when you pick them up they aren’t immediately covered in nasty looking blots so clearly a bonus signature timber that glastic material seems pretty hardy as well i’ve had the s20 fe 5g for about two three months now been banging it about the place and hasn’t got a single blemish or scratch trace on there so hopefully the s21 which is constructed from the same material will be just as durable and on that subject there’s actually one more key discrepancies between these two phones when it comes to the front end and that is what the screen is law in you’ve got gorilla glass 3 on the s20 fe 5g which does a pretty good job of fighting scratches and other traces that are going to make it look pretty crappy on the s21 though that comes upgraded to the linux gorilla glass victus which is more drop proof as well as blemish resistant but you do also get a screen protector pre-installed on both the s21 and the s20 fun edition as well and they’re both ip68 water and dust resistant so you can give them a full on dunkin in a jacuzzi bathtub swimming or whatever no worries as for your colouring alternatives well the samsung galaxy s20 fun edition 5g is available in basically a rainbow selection of hues whatever you’re into the s2 1 you got a choice of this funky brand-new specter violet colour which is kind of perfectly kind of blue-blooded depending on how the light-footed strikes it you’ve also got a choice of pink white or black as well now although the samsung galaxy s20 fun edition 5g came with android 10 out of the box it has since been updated to the latest android 11.

nonetheless as you can also see samsung’s one ui launches in slightly different version territories now you’ve got the latest freshest 3.1 on the s21 it’ s still on 3.0 now on the s20 fe but again that should get a full update very shortly and there really isn’t much difference whatsoever really when it comes to the overall software know as “youre seeing” one ui both pretty much the same boasts on both them as lots of enormous material on top of android 11. so you’ve got quite strong customization when it comes to playing around with the exact look and feel of android you’ll know a lot of good material hidden away in advanced peculiarities uh such as mints more immense customization you’ve got that samsung dex piece which allows you to turn your smartphone into a kind of portable computer-ish thing because i like some bixby procedures immense bulletin if you’ve got a smart home gear helps to automate your macrocosm mostly play opening which i’ll touch on later when we’re plow achievement so a very similar setup you’ve also went samsung’s excellent knox defence suites and advanced defence pieces on both the s21 and the s20 fe it’s actually an in-display fingerprint sensor on both sets of smartphones but it’s not quite the same tech it’s an ultrasonic scanner here on the s21 which is supposed to be more accurate than the optical sensors that you’ll find on the s20 fe that’s because it actually takes a 3d the purposes of your magazine rather than just a straight-up 2d persona like the s20s i got to see the s21s ultrasonic scanner surely seems an improvement on the s20s uh from last year and it certainly seems faster than the visual scanner here on the s20 fe so let’s give a immediate sound at the same time as you can see it generally opens faster but we are literally talking fractions of a second now so it’s certainly nothing to get hung up on and just in case you’re wearing mitts or something like that you can’t use that fingerprint sensor you’ve also get face recognition on both sets of telephones as well although i’ve got to see on the s21 it’ s not impressing me quite often if the lightning isn’t just perfect it does not recognize me and even when i was setting the boast up it would quite often say face not witnessed

which i took to be a bit of a judgment call really you likewise won’t find any support for samsung’s ultra wide band tech that’s uwb on either of these smartphones you’ll have to upgrade to the likes of the s21 plus or ultra for a bit of that and that’s just the technology that for instance allows you to use your galaxy smartphone to open patronized cars utilizing that wireless tech that’s for your storage well the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition has a choice of only 128 gigs so not really much of a selection to be honest uh whereas the s21 you’ ve got 128 gigs base but you are eligible to up that to 256 gigs if you shed plenty more currency at samsung and while the merriment publication might not have that 256 gig option it is the only one of this duo to support micro sd cache posters for expanding the storage now let’s move on to the spectacle tech and what you’ve got now on the s21 is a 6.2 inch dynamic amoled 2x showing meanwhile it’s a 6.5 inch super amoled on the s20 fe 5g you’ll find that you get stronger coloring accuracy and compare on that s21 although when you stay them side by side frisk a movie on each the visuals are very very similar really especially as they’re both full hd plus solution you don’t get that quadruplet hd solution anymore on the standard flagship with the s21 we dive into the expose locateds on both of these smartphones you’ll see that you’ve got very similar holds on both you’ve apparently went like the glowing and dark procedure you’ve got adaptive brightness on the s20 fe you’ve got a blue flame filter which mostly really helps to warm the screen uh shorten the amount of blue light that it exhales uh when you’re in a low-grade sunrise environment in the case of the s21 that’ s updated to the eye comfort shield which offers a little bit more control you’ve got the adaptive state on there which can actually adjust itself will vary depending on how much daylight accurately is in the room that’s in here where you can also dive into the screen mode section as well and espouse whether you crave really nice vivid punchy blow

you in the face hues or most natural emblazons instead now on the s21 you’ ve got full support for hdr 10 plus content streaming on the likes of netflix so you can see the likes of lupa or nonetheless you stress it that’s got hdr buoy regrettably despite the fact that the s20 fe 5g showing is also hdr certified as you can see there it will not stream it’s your content just yet on netflix both of these samsung smartphones assistance 120 hz freshen though it’s slightly different setup though on the s20 fv you either choose to have it at 60 hertz or 120 hertz that’s it whereas in the case the s21 is actually an adaptive procedure where it will boost the frame proportion to 120 makes per second where appropriate the idea behind that is to save your battery life mostly but as we’ll touch on last-minute perhap isn’t specially effective in both the samsung s21 and the s20 fe athletic a stereo orator setup so let’s just enhance that magnitude up and that’s absolutely fine by me because the original gtr2 was sexier than a cask full of brangelinas i know i’m absolutely still not over that entire separate idol damn it so that’s the s21 let’ s do the same on the s20 identical to the original but some of those more payment aspects ought to have deprived out to each more inexpensive asking price like the ability to store music on there and the built-in speaker and listening to them side by side it’s very similar sort of output i’ve got to say i slightly elevate the lucidity on the s20 fe probably because it’s a somewhat bigger smartphone it’s got a little bit more apartment to work with but the audio purity just seems that a little bit stronger seems a little bit more sort of tinny and equity on the s21 and if we dive into the adjusts once again on both these sami smartphones going to see tones we’ll be understood that they both have dolby atmos support for one including a good fragment of dolby atmos for gaming of course you’ve got the usual uh eq implement that you can play around with but no sadly there’s no headphone jack on either the s21 or the s20 fe deity damn it samsung but at least the

bluetooth is dependable i’ve hooked up bluetooth headphone orators all sorts to both sets of bad boys and not an issue and now on to the subject of performance and this is another area where the fresh brand-new s21 and the s20 fe 5g are enormously different that’s because the s21 foundations samsung’s fresh new exynos 2100 chipset of its own division and the s20 fe 5g actually employs a qualcomm chipset it’s the snapdragon 865 which has only recently been bested by the fresh new snapdragon 888 now the exynos 2100 is certainly be the superior soc here because it’s a five nanometer chipset compared with the other snapdragon 865 which by the way at this point is over a year old-time as you can see there there’s not a big discrepancies between the geekbench values either on the single core or the multi-core results and i certainly haven’t noticed any difference in the implementation of its when i’ve been running apps or playing games so certainly activities like bawl of duty mobile saloon g all that good material movement absolutely fine all those top item ranks nice smooth chassis rate you’ve also got samsung’s game booster boast which you can uh drag onto the screen as well and this allows you to check the temperature of your smartphone at any point you can make sure you’ve got lots of resources free it tells you how long you can expect to continue gaming until your battery runs cool you can block notifications and all that good substance on either of these smartphones as well the s21 slightly deepens it up in one ui version 3.1 with the priority mode which you can turn on or off and that basically just acts like an all-encompassing do not disturb to make sure you’re fully focused you’ve got

5g support built into both of these blowers as well you can get an lt edition of the s20 fe if you crave 400 quid less but that doesn’t have the excellent snapdragon in it that’s got an even crappier older exynos chipset stuffed in there so best evaded and it tasty bit of wi-fi six in both more so that’s act but what i was really plotted with when it came to the exodus 2100 was the general power efficiency of it especially as it’s that new five nanometer chipset width now the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition 5g does support a bigger battery at 4 500 milliamps are comparable to the 4 000 milliamp cell stuffed inside of the galaxy s21 not a huge difference by any means but i did is my finding that the battery life on the s20 fe was a lot better than the galaxy s21 in my first week of testing out the galaxy s21 i located it is not last a full date and that’s not with crazy farcical intensive help either you know a bit of camera participates some apps message checking streaming some music and videos we’re doing a few hours of screen on time each day i’ll generally be dead by about nine half nine whereas most of the flagship smartphones at least last the full period until i’m tucked up with teddy i am sure never had that problem with the s20 fe 5g it’s no surprise hence that the s21 was the loser in the artillery exhaustion research when i raced the same video on both of these smartphones side by side at the same time same brightness levels and everything as well under those conditions the samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g drinks at the rate of eight percent battery per hour systematically so giving you around sort of 13 to 14 hours of full-on video playback per accusation the galaxy s21 on the other hand drained at 10

per hour giving you around 10 hours total video playback and that is with the sim extracted as well so it wasn’t trying to connect to a portable system or anything at the same time and both the s20 fe 5g and the galaxy s 21 assistance 25 watt cabled charging the s20 fe sub the only come here for a 15 watt adapter parcel in the box which seems a bit cheap on samsung’s part although not quite as cheap as what it’s attracted with the s21 where you don’ t get any charger zip that is of course a move which apple already plucked with its iphone 12 uh citing your environmental concerns or whatever samsung actually made the piss out of them for doing that and then just a three four short-lived months later here we are you do get full wireless blame corroborate however with both of these blowers as well 15 watts and you’ve got that wireless power share as well if you’ve got your samsung galaxy buds or whatever you want to charge them up on the fly exactly protrude them on the back of your samsung galaxy smartphone and they will sap some of the liquid although if you’ve got an s2 1 that’ s probably not to be recommended considering it won’t last the full daytime anyway now let’s finish up this samsung galaxy s2 1 versus s20 fe comparison with a look at the camera tech and what you got here is a triple n setup on the back end of both sets of blowers 12 megapixel primary lens 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens but the telephoto lenses are very different indeed now with that 12 megapixel a primary snapper you’ll witnes you get very similar photo results

from the s21 and the s20 fe although the s21 does capture more natural looking colourings than the s20 fe at times and it also improves them further with that panorama optimizer state the s21 is also capable of manipulate high-pitched differentiate situations more flawlessly you’ll find that there are less instances of oversaturation as for low-toned light-colored while the s21 on the vehicle procedure definitely grabs a lot more detail compared with the s20 fe but when the night procedure is active i found that the results were much closer and occasionally the s20 fan edition actually raised more precise dyes because you’ve got all customary bonus modes to play around with as well including likes the photograph state which captivated somewhat cleaner shots on the s21 those peripheries glanced a little less janky when crazy mane is involved both of these samsung blowers also have a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle mode and this raises very similar outcomes on both coloring breeding takes a slight made but nothing spectacular now when it comes to that telephoto lens it’s an eight megapixel attempt on the galaxy s20 fan edition with an actual three times optical zoom whereas on the s21 it’ s a 64 megapixel telephoto lens but this only offers a three times hybrid zoom hence that bulge in megapixels but you can get up to a total of 30 terms zoom on both coloring accuracy surely takes a hit on the s20 fan edition formerly you start zooming in those personas can glance a bit washed out at times you do get a lock option on the s21 as well which manufactures it much easier to take a snap when you zoom in to that maximum 30

times mark but to be honest once you reached the 10 age zoom lock on either of these phones things are already starting to get proper grainy and frankly no matter your option of telephone by the time you affected that 30 time zoom maximum height your photo is gonna look ass there are some other divergences now as well so for instance if you swap to the single do procedure which was introduced last year on samsung’s more fee smartphones you get the signal do edition 2.0 now on the galaxy s 21 which offers a few more little pieces uh going on but hopefully that will get ported over to the s20 fe in an updated report and if we dive into the video mode as well there’s definitely a nature of inconsistency there the s20 fe 5g for the record very good at shooting video but you’ve got more options now on the s21 so for example here on the s20 fee it surfaces off at 4k answer at 60 formulates per second highly very strong indeed but you do have that 8k option here on the s21 which is really really good if you want to shoot some very high resolution video and then take screen gives from it later and you’ve also got the option of the full hd mode with the auto enclose frequency as well which can swap between 30 and 60 chassis per second only to match exactly how much motion is going on in the representation and the samsung galaxy s21 also offers up the director’s examine state as well this can basically swap between the different lenses on the back end on the fly shooting 4k resolution footage with each and too shoot with the front camera simultaneously as for the selfie snapper well it’s a basic 10 megapixel endeavor on the galaxy s 21 that gets bumped up to a 32 megapixel resolving struggle on the s20 fan edition but turn off all the annoying beauty smooth bollocks and you’ll come perfectly abrupt detail on either a bit too much detail actually i calculate and the sketch state undertakings very well on both as well so that right there in a nutshell is how the samsung galaxy s21 and the s20 fun edition 5g stack up as you envision there’s not much difference between them in terms of price but so in terms of aspects there is a world

of difference and the battery life by itself prepares me lean actually more towards the s20 fe that said the camera take on the s21 is definitely a step up in numerous involves specially when it comes to the video flexibility you’ve got so many different options on there likes the 8k the director’s idea state all that good nonsense so which of these samsung goals are you most seduced by that’s what i’m really looking forward to uh to hear and emphatically please do bring your comments down below and i’ll be wreaking you my full s21 review and i’ m going to do an in-depth camera review really shortly as well so it should be going live any epoch now mostly s20 fe 5g i’ve already fully reviewed to go check that out for all you need to know and i’m likewise going to compare the s2 1 with the pixel 5 as well another great magnificent flagship smartphone that payment again considerably less than the s2 1 and yet still bought some fairly bloody good facets contributing it a real run for its coin so that’s it for me delight do given agree during that notifications below and have yourselves a lovely residual of the week applauses everyone love you

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