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that’s what she said alright allow me finish this video clip it ought to be pretty fast never wants him here from Cuba twist 77 calmness below to do a video clip revealing you sprint samsung galaxy s3 proprietors just how to by hand upgrade to jelly bean android 4.1.1 on your tool so initially of all you need to check a few points you’re gon na want to go in advance and go right into settings scroll down go to regarding gadget and also see to it baseband variation says Ally 3 the last 3 digits and build number says Li 3 at the end also so simply ensure you double check as well as have that since you require to be on this previous version to by hand update if you are rooted and also you remain in Li three you need to have the ability to manually upgrade yet you might require to reroute you can simply watch my reroute video clip however you need to obtain stock healing back so if you’re rooted click the web link in the description of the video clip on exactly how to mount stock healing because you need to install stock healing again so if you’re rooted install stock recuperation and then you can return and follow this video clip or else this is for any individual that is completely supply and has stock recuperation so currently

as soon as you have check see to it you’re on la3 you’re gon na click the web link in the description of the video it will take you to cuba king 77 comm download that upgrade zip file that i web link to on my internet site it’s not a it’s a pretty huge file so it to give it some time to download as soon as it downloads move it over to your exterior sd card you require to have a micro SD card to manually update so if you don’t you could intend to go buy one because your automobile lock you can’t manually update if you do not have an external sd card so when you go to my files exterior sd when you transfer that zip documents over it ought to say this it should resemble this do not relabel it simply make certain the zip data transfers over to your external sd card resembles this li3 2lj 7-zip and also this update is not gon na wipe any information so you do not need to stress over that I have reorganized symbols on the home screen so simply show you that those do not obtain repositioned as well as they remain the very same so once you have that zip documents moved over to your exterior sd card and you have supply recovery or you are totally stocked you can simply power off your gadget so now

we are gon na let it power off alright once the phone is fully powered off what we’re gon na need to do is enter that stock recovered to do so press as well as hold quantity up the residence switch and power switch all at the exact same time press and also hold all 3 of them and maintain it held back and also what’s a samsung display illuminate let go so release when that very first Samsung display lights up and after that it will reboot us right into our stock healing and also there we go so right here it is this is the supply recuperation we can go on as well as take a look at it let me hold this a little more detailed and also here we go so you’ll see Android system healing up at the leading all we need to do is go in advance as well as utilize the quantity arrows the volume rockers to browse press quantity down as soon as till it highlights apply upgrade from external storage press the power switch to select it as well as after that you will certainly see that upgrade zip file that we have that Li 3 to lj7 zip navigate down with the volume rockers as well as press the power switch to pick it as well as what that’s gon na do is go ahead and open up the update file and manually update to jelly bean it will take a little bit of time the data dimension as big as it is an OS

upgrade so go on and be person with this install process if it does fail you some fixing steps would be to redownload the file and after that re move it over that would be among the major ones you can also attempt and also you could intend to double check and make sure you are on are on li3 however as i stated this will certainly take a while you will see a progression bar so endure it I’ll be back when it is done also I do want to make a fast note that this is the precise same procedure that will occur if you do await the over-the-air upgrade this is the specific over-the-air update that we are applying so if you don’t wish to wait on that over-the-air upgrade go in advance and also follow this manually update video clip because it will certainly be the exact same as if you waited on the over-the-air update alright so you’ll see it says set up from sd card full applying update full rebooting its gon na automatically reboot your gadget that did take a little bit of time possibly virtually 5 minutes so as I said the file dimension is huge so the install procedure is gon na take a bit of time so what I’m gon na allow this do is boot up this boot could possibly take a bit longer than common so just sort of be a bit client with this first boot up this would certainly be the boot computer animation it’s a newer boot animation I do not recall that Samsung being

there on ice lotion Sam I’m sorry yeah a Gelato Sandwich so we will see now we got the stock sprint boot animation yet let it start up I will certainly be back alright so it’s starting up you’ll see Android is updating this could take a while depending on the number of applications you do have installed in your vise I just have 87 which ought to be lower than basically everybody because this is completely manufacturing facility reset before I did follow this procedure today it should begin on up and afterwards once it boot it need to say wrapping up Android upgrade go on and also allow that gone through the process also there we go so it says swipe across the display to open it all right I believe that’s only appearing since I didn’t lessen it before so you’ll see no information was wiped right there also what you’ll discover is on the lock screen you have 4 choices you can in fact include another one so be certain to enter into those lock screen setups I’ll reveal you where those aren’t in simply a second as well as include one more one since you can have five since’s simply a new little function so no data was

wiped in any way I’m gon na be doing a complete testimonial video of this just to look at things with the new jelly bean update what you can anticipate what you can try all the various features and such however we can most likely to concerning gadget an Android version 4.1.10 lj7 right there so swiftly tap an Android version you obtained Android 4.1.1 jelly bean press as well as hold on the guy and also you obtained some jelly beans drifting around so that is it initial u.s. Alternative to get jelly bean good job sprint as well as Samsung I’ve actually ran this build momentarily now we did obtain a leakage previously and it appears to work fantastic battery life seems fantastic whatever seems to be working simply fine so definitely as well as below’s those lock display setups under individual you just go to lock screen options faucet on faster ways as well as you can add another one right there simply for you for a fast note yet yeah I’ll look into that evaluation video clip I’ll link to it in the summary it will certainly be available in a little bit apart from that if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to ask leave a remark hopefully this benefited you make sure to leave a comment subscribe also follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all links to be in the summary listed below as always many thanks for viewing make certain to provide this video a thumbs up

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