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paper-1 qbking 77 here here to do a video a very important video for android users more specifically samsung phone owners with TouchWiz on them although i have seen reports of some people saying that this affects them on other manufacturers so definitely be sure to check it out for yourself otherwise though mainly affecting samsung phones with TouchWiz you’ll see I got to samsung phones right here the galaxy note along with the galaxy s3 this is the sprint version of the galaxy s3 18t galaxy note of course otherwise though what happens is there is a code that you can type and do the dialer so you can go into the dialer and as most people know there are dialer codes that you can type in normally starting with palm star or pound pound something like that there’s dialer codes that you can type in to do different things with the phone so oh there’s actually a factory reset dialer code that you can type in to do a factory reset on your device which is fine of course but what happens is there’s actually kind of a hack that you can do where you can have that dialer code get typed in through the browser so that poses a huge issue

considering people can send you links and it can direct you to this code that’s going to factory reset your device so i do want to give you an example of this so on my galaxy note i am using a flag rip by the way to keep these up so definitely be sure to check that out but otherwise i’m going to show you an example i’m going to go ahead and go to a web page this web page is courtesy of Dylan Reeves so shout out to him he has put together a test site that you can go to and it will safely test this issue for you so what it’s going to do is display the imei using your dialer which isn’t going to do anything it’s just going to display its going to type in the dialer code to display that so what you can do is go to Dylan reeve calm / funk PHP so right there Dylan Reeve calm / phone dot PHP I can link to it in the description the video if you like but what you what’s going to happen is when i type in this this URL and go to this site it’s going to launch that code which is going to go to my dialer and then it’s going to type in that code to show the imei as opposed to doing a factory reset again there is a code that you can type in that’s going to do a factory reset so if I go to this site it should open up my dialer and you’ll see it’s showing my imei I’m going to wear out the numbers but you’ll see how that is a issue because it went straight to the dialer and it typed in

this dialer code and that’s a problem right there otherwise though I did try it on my s3 from sprint and it didn’t seem to work at least it didn’t show anything i’m wondering if it has to do with it with it being cdma or gsm but i typed in that that website and you’ll see it just opens up the dialer it didn’t type in that that code but you do want to be say it might depend on what romney running i’m not exactly sure what update I’ve heard various updates have this bug heck available various ones don’t but you’ll see it worked just fine on the Galaxy Note so you are vulnerable for a factory reset there is a workaround though which i’m going to show you now what i recommend doing is going to the Play Store even if for example you have a sprint galaxy s3 I recommend doing this even though I couldn’t get it to work but you might so I would just do this just to be safe until Samsung comes out with some kind of fix samsung is aware of this and there is a fixed so what what you want to do is the issues with the dialer it’s not got nothing to do with the browser so let me go ahead and pull this aside so what’s going to happen is you want to get a different dialer on your device so of course there are many different dialers you can try as many as you want i’m going to try dialer 1 and search for that so just search for dialer one in the Play Store and I’m

going to go ahead and download it and install it of course so let that do its thing all right so dialer one is done installing and now what I’m going to do is you’ll see dollar one is there I can go ahead and open up the dialer or open up Tyler one either one is fine that I can open up and make a call anything like that but you want to make sure you don’t set one default instead of the other so make sure that you don’t set one as default based on when it comes up and says do you want to set as default so I’m going to go ahead and go to that browser now go to that site that Dylan Reeve site so I can go ahead and go to it again but this time it’s going to try and open up a dialer but it says complete action using dialer one or phone this is going to let you know and throw up a red flag oh it’s trying to open up my dialer do I really want to go to this

site am i safe going to this site so make sure that if you do want to be safe you do install this dialer one application or various one I believe they’ve go dialer and other ones as well so I just wanted to make a video letting people know about this and letting people know they are at risk at the moment if they have a samsung device with this code with this browser code so again be sure to protect yourself by installing one of these dialers and when you go to a link and this pops up I wouldn’t recommend going to it as it can automatically type in a dialer code and potentially factory reset your device so there you have it hopefully this does help you can I want to hear you guys talk about it what you guys think about it be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links will be in the description the below and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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