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hey everyone can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a part 2 video of my full review on the HTC evo 4g LTE if you have not be sure to check out my part 1 video I will link to it for you guys you’re definitely gonna want to check that one out first as I talked about many different things cover many different stuff here I’m going to do more kind of speed tests running some games and doing some final thoughts and such first of all I do want to talk about Google Wallet it comes with NFC what NFC is this near field communication where with enabled devices you can put backs together and share files your web pages and different things such as the Galaxy Nexus you can put them back to back I do a kind of a video demonstrating that so I can link to that in the description if you want to check that out but anyways Google Wallet you can go to McDonald’s a gas station whatnot and pay wherever they have that swipe tap a feature it’s kind of cool I believe it comes with ten dollars pre-loaded if you get it recently within a few months or something I don’t know how long it lasts but you do have that but let’s go ahead and jump in and run a couple quadrant quadrant test so i’m gonna run quadrant standard along with an to do so let’s run a full quadrant benchmark not exactly sure how well it’s done is I’ve never ran a benchmark on these devices but I know a lot of people do like the benchmark results so they can compare it to their device and such so I’m going to go ahead and do this for you I would assume it’s going to be very good test test results of course i’ll be doing comparison videos with this and the galaxy s3 i’ll be doing this and probably the Galaxy Nexus is well and galaxy s2 potentially so we will see what comes of it but this looks very great going down this hallway graphics look nice it’s very smooth no lag I’ve got about fifty nine frames per second when going down that hallway but yeah this looks really great really smooth I’m very impressed with this with the planet the planet is the main thing you’ll sometimes get some glitches but none consistent 59 60 frames per second so this will probably be the best quadrant than any phone that I own so if i had to guess on stock especially so here we go let’s go ahead and proceed will send the benchmark results so here we go we have a 5070 so you got about of over 5,000 on your quadrant score beating the HTC One X in case you were wondering about that so it does beat the HTC One X going on so that’s really great 5072 with our quadrant score it was very smooth it took a pretty short amount of time to run I’m very impressed with that in case you were wondering that’s actually a very good score let’s go to an to do benchmark and we will run that as well let’s go ahead and close it I do want to run this test so you got scores you have tests you can start the test I’m going to do a default test and check everything so I’m going to hit start test it’s going to basically test CPU memory and such overall as I said with running games running apps I’ve had really no lag issues the only thing that’s really slow as the recent apps and that’s just a feature of the phone it’s got nothing to do with process or anything processing speed so the 1.5 gigahertz processor is actually doing a really good job at heaven head as I said any issues whatsoever all 3d games and such feel great on the screen 4.7 inch screen there’s a little big as I said so kind of keep that in mind but so let’s go ahead and let this run through the test i’ll probably do some skipping through because it does take a bit of time another thing I wanted to talk about was how there’s no menu button which I’m kind of upset about I do prefer to have a menu button you’ll see that now within applications you have to have your menu button you’ll see it has one down here you’ll see them up there so it’s always random where that menu button is actually which is very unfortunate because I do like to have a menu button down here I wish they would have included one just within one of these buttons but they didn’t so got to live with it of course it seems like that’s the way of the future with the OS so you keep that in mind of course don’t let that deter you not having a menu button because all these future phones probably won’t have one so I did want to kind of cover that that has got that random menu button down there what that was it’s actually a menu button it covers the whole bottom of the screen here are some 3d effects as you can see frames per second around 60 frames per second I do like you guys to see basically these graphics tests just because you can kind of tell how smooth it is and how quickly and how nice it looks on the screen actually so you’ll see it looks really great on the screen everything is going quick no lag so you really don’t have to worry about that with all your high end gaming as well you really don’t have to worry about lag anything going on there so overall looks very nice alright so it looks like the test is finishing up and finished all the graphics some did some more a few more tests looks like it’s testing the SD card right speed which would be the internal sd card that has 16 gigs as I said alright so here we go total score of 6902 so they have it there would be our final score in case you were wondering about from in to do actually so very good score there as well almost at 7,000 so overall very awesome authenticated it’s an unauthenticated whatever that means so so you got that of course let’s go ahead and you have a ranking system you can submit scores and such that’s what the antutu application but overall a very good score there a very good benchmark scores they ran well there were there was no lag or anything like that within those benchmarks the graphics look great as well another thing I’m not a fan of with sense is of course you’ve got your back your home and your recent running apps buttons right here so you’ve got your recent running apps button so here it is it’s actually horizontal as opposed to vertical on stock ICS but you’ll see your recent apps list here basically apps that you’ve opened up and such you can swipe them up to get rid of them and close them out it is actually very slow that is what I actually don’t like about sense four point oh is this recent apps here it’s very slow to use you’ll see when I exit out it’s very slow to bring up the next application when you’re on one you really can’t see what’s next to it and tap on it let me grab my galaxy nexus here to show you a comparison so you have the recent running apps on stock ICS let me go ahead and press it so you’ll see how you have basically four icons you can select from at and they’re all vertical it’s very fast you can swipe them away quickly it’s much snappier and I like it a lot more that’s kind of one thing I really don’t like about this sense for plano and this device is this recent apps here obviously you can tap it and it goes into them you can close out of them by swiping them up you tap one and it goes right into whatever the settings is and such but overall not a big fan of that recent recent apps button obviously the recent running apps of the sense four-point-oh experience just not a big fan their app wise it comes with some bloat where you have obviously your basic calculator calendar you have a car application which you can use in the car it gives you options to music and such you have chrome you have other it comes with Dropbox in facebook as well if you do use those applications comes with an FM radio I believe you need to have headphones in to use that speaking of headphones this does have Beats Audio which I do like a lot actually I do have a decent pair of headphones that i use and when I listen to music the Beats Audio does sound good even over my car stereo and i plug it in via my 3.5 millimeter jack it sounds good as well so you can actually turn them off as turn Beats Audio off as well if you don’t like them so if you’re not a fan of Beats Audio of course you can turn it off so don’t let that turn you off of from the device itself if HTC hub mobile guide you have all your basic google apps such as Google Maps you have Google+ as well comes with play the Play Store play movies playbooks playing music which is the google music application you have the HTC music application as well I haven’t put many songs on here I’ve only put like 15 songs on here just to kind of test it out when you go into the music you have my phone sprint music plus all these little apps up here you can actually get rid of those you can press and hold on one and you can remove the app shortcut so if you don’t like those up there you can it is this is the recent recently played you can go to my phone right here and brings up your artists you have album songs playlist genres so let’s go to songs kind of want to find a song to play so you guys can hear the basically the the microphone not the microphone the speaker of the device it’s it’s it works pretty well I do like a lot let’s just try and do a Beethoven song and turn it up all the way put my speaking my micro obviously not an ideal song to test this out but of course I don’t want to infringe on any copyrights or anything but the music application is very nice while it’s playing music you can pull down your notification bar and you can pause the song or go into the music application you can also go into your lack screening you’ll see you have options to pause and skip songs while on your lock screen but the speaker is great I do like it it’s not nothing to nothing amazing but it does do its job and it it works pretty well in case you were wondering about the speaker speaker phone as well it’s it’s pretty clear you can hear their voice while voice calls call quality has been pretty good i haven’t had many issues with call quality going on so you don’t really have to worry about that youtube videos it does have full HD playback for youtube videos so if you’re one that watches youtube videos on here a lot you will see that there are actually a lot of HD videos on here that you want to check out so if i go to one it will play it in HD actually i’m on 3g i just thought about that i should have probably connected to my Wi-Fi let me go ahead and do that real quick okay when i had it connected to my Wi-Fi let’s go ahead and jump into this bugatti verse lamborghini video okay went ahead and skip the ad and here’s the video in HD together it’s amazing an entire suburban neighborhood but can any of these carbon fiber supercars beat the Bugatti Veyron on this week’s very special edition of head-to-head you’ll also hear the quality of the audio I wanted to let you guys hear that but you’ll see the screen looks awesome with this video it’s in HD you’ll see that HD button you can turn it off if you’re on 3g and don’t want that HD but yeah here we go let’s go ahead and just view it of course you gotta skip to the end to see them raised so here we go let’s go ahead and check it out it is an HD you can hear the sound of the cars and such just kind of wanted to let you guys see what it is like with this full HD youtube experience Oh okay that’s good enough so that’s enough of YouTube there so overall as you saw that it is very good quality with the HD I know I kind of covered that a lot some of you guys actually wanted to see that I saw a lot of requests for that so figured I would kind of talk about that for you guys so overall though messaging application is nice you have some nice features and such keyboard why’s it does come with the HTC keyboard it’s not white anymore it is now black and you do have arrows down at the at the bottom I do like them but I do prefer the stock ICS keyboard you can choose a different input method you can have swype so for those of you that you swipe you can say hey are you having you swiped at all since i got this device actually so you do have swype option for those of you that like swipe it does come stock pre-installed with this with this phone for those of you that we’re wondering also i do want to cover one little thing when you get a notification text message on vibrate I’ve never been a big fan of the vibration of the HTC devices even when you press the capacitive buttons I actually had to turn off the vibration when you press the capacitive buttons and because it’s so loud when I press those buttons it’s actually just you can really hear it if you’re in a quiet room when you press those back buttons you can really hear it let me actually go into the sound settings then you’ll see i have vibrate feedback off i don’t know i’m going to put my phone button microphone and press on this button a few times i don’t know if you guys heard that or not but it’s actually kind of loud especially when you’re in a quiet room it’s very noticeable even when you get a text message it’s not a very subtle vibration which is kind of annoying but i do prefer samsung’s vibration when you get notifications that’s just a personal preference but overall of course as I said it’s a very smooth experience you have a lot of widgets as i saw i showed earlier you can press and hold on the home screen and it brings up all your widgets here kind of like a TouchWiz style launcher it reminds me of TouchWiz you have all these different features you can have a bookmarks bar you can choose which which home screen there’s no room on any of the home screens actually I don’t have any I’ve too many widgets on there but of course with your bookmarks it is scrollable so once these load up you can see I can scroll through them I believe I can pick it up drop it back down and resize it it gives me the option to resize whoops I kind of miss my options so you’ll see it has this resizing option that I can use if I do want it to be smaller in case you’re wanting there with that launcher option which is very nice but let’s go ahead and jump into an application just kind of wanted to show you guys how quickly they open I forgot what this app’s called F racing so there you have it it’s called death racing it loads on up I believe it has some sort of 3d to it so it does you’ll see is load it load it on up you’ve got a 3d look to it which could potentially be slow on some devices i’m not sure i just kind of downloaded the capital let me turn this down sorry about that i believe you just press on the screen to go and you tilt back and forth with this app i haven’t really played it that much but I just kind of wanted to show you guys it because of the basically how fast it is if there was any lag in the 3d graphics performance which there’s really not of course this is kind of difficult to play when I’m behind a camera but overall it’s it’s really it’s really great for gaming if you do like to game and as I said battery life has been magnificent so while playing games don’t really have to worry too much about it really draining your battery of course it’s going to because the screens on that’s one of the main things that drains your battery but you really have a lot of time to basically play your games whether you’re waiting in a room and such and not worry about your battery life but that’s just kind of a quick game I wanted to show you guys is called death racing you can find in the Play Store of course if you’d like to play it but that’s really about it I just kind of wanted to finish up with those quadrant scores as a lot of people do like to see those along with some graphics testing and such but that would really be about it for my full review overall I highly recommend this device it is really great of course it’s a difficult decision to choose between the evo and the galaxy s3 but I mean I would really highly consider this device you might want to wait till the galaxy s3 comes out I can do a comparison video I will actually do a comparison video of the two so if you want to wait for that I we’ll be sure to subscribe to me actually so you get notified of that but of course as I said you’re definitely going to want to check out this device if you’re looking to get a device on sprint because it is by far my favorite overall the the thinness the lightness the design the camera alone is amazing i’ll be doing a i’ll actually upload a 1080p video camera test as well i’ll get that going so i’ll post all links in the description is going to check out those other videos but but yeah that’s really about all i wanted to cover with you guys in regards to this bone so there you have it be sure to let me know how I did on my review hopefully you guys like it if you have any other suggestions for other things to cover be sure to make a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google Plus all links will be in the description of the video below and as always thanks for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up

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