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why do i keep dropping my iphone 13 mini hello and welcome back to marcolis reviews and thank you for subscribing if you have and if you haven’t subscribed the buttons just down there recently my podcast co-host rob asked quite an interesting question which was is the iphone 13 mini too small and that was in response to my latest accident with this phone which involved the iphone 13 mini and my 16 inch macbook pro more on that story later but that question did stop me in my tracks because it also referenced the time i accidentally threw this down the toilet and also when i inadvertently knocked it off a treadmill so is it too small i keep going about how wonderful this phone is in terms of its size but given how many scrapes i’ve got into with it is it just not big enough today i’m going to try and answer that question like everyone i’ve got myself into a fair few scrapes over the years i’ve scratched stuff i’ve broken things and i’ve dented more than my pride on more than one

occasion for instance this is a photo of me having just hit myself in the face with a lighting tripod in this studio but i don’t actually consider myself to be that clumsy particularly with tech so for instance if i’ve got a new phone or a new laptop or something i’ll always be very careful for quite a long period of time about where i put it on the table i’ll always make sure i put it down kind of the rear side first or onto something soft it’s also why i wrap my macbooks and ipads in lots of layers of protection before i put them in bags and i’m also very careful to make sure they’re not being squashed by other things if i ever see a phone or something expensive that is resting precariously on the end of a table i’ll always write it so why have i dropped this iphone 13 mini so many times the first time was pretty straightforward to be honest i was at the gym on the treadmill and before i started running i placed the iphone in a towel on the little shelf on the treadmill i’ve got on with my run did my normal

boring 5k and by the time i was finished all sweaty and tired all the rest of it went to get a drink came back to the treadmill went to grab the towel forgot the iphone was there you can guess what happened next then there was the toilet and this isn’t a disgusting story i promise i’ve told it on this channel before but very very quickly it was an empty toilet by the way there was just water down there but the where our toilet is upstairs in our bathroom i know this is already too much information but there is a towel rail to the right hand side of the toilet and it’s kind of angled against the wall so quite often i’ll put my ipad on my phone just on that towel rail on the top of it just so it’s leaning against the wall and therefore can’t fall off can’t be knocked off you’d think turns out it can i still don’t know how i did this but i swiveled around flung my arm in the air and caught the edge of the iphone which sent it flying into the air almost in slow motion and it flew through the air in the direction of the toilet hit the rim of the toilet on the side of the phone there and yep

ended up in the pan then there was the macbook pro incident and this makes me wince even thinking about it so basically i was sat there working on my 16 inch macbook pro and the phone was placed to the right hand side of it went to grab the phone as i grabbed it the magsafe wallet on the back slipped slightly which meant i lost the purchase on the phone and just as i was bringing it towards me it just kind of fell out my hand and went smashing into my 16 inch macbook pro i’ll show you a short clip now of not the incident thankfully i did not record it it’s not on file but i will show you a very short clip of the damage created by that impact and as you can see it’s not particularly terrible but there is a little gouge taken out of it by this phone now bear in mind after both the treadmill fall and also the toilet incident there wasn’t a ounce of damage on this phone anywhere the aluminium band around the phone no mark no dent nothing whatsoever no scratch on the rear glass there’s only hairline scratches which normally pick up on you know phones within

your pocket and stuff on the screen itself there was just no damage anywhere on the phone after those two incidents so when it went crashing into my 16-inch macbook pro and caused the damage on the macbook pro itself i just thought it would be inevitable that finally this phone would be damaged no nothing i still can’t really believe it even as i look at it today there’s just nothing on there it’s just it looks pretty much apart from those little hairline scratches on the screen which i think are completely normal it looks as new as the day i got it and every year apple tells us that the latest iphone is tougher it’s got better glass it’s harder to break harder to smash and i always take that with a pinch of salt because these things are still made out of aluminium which can chip and get dented and more crucially glass which can break but there is something i think about this iphone 13 mini and probably the entire iphone 13 line

that seems slightly more indestructible so i’m curious have you dropped your iphone in a similar way hopefully at the toilet to me and have you noticed like me that there just is not any damage on it whatsoever let me know about your iphone 13 accidents in the comments please so back to the big question is the iphone 13 mini too small no i don’t think it is i think the problem i have had with this phone is actually this the magsafe wallet now i wrote a blog about this a little while ago i’ll link to in the video description where i called this the perfect magsafe accessory i still maintain that’s the case it is superb if you can get used to having just one two or a push three cards in your wallet it’s just a fantastic way to reduce your daily carry but in that blog post i talked about it being a fairly decent case of sorts as well and although i did give the caveat that it’s not actually a case you know it doesn’t protect the entire phone there’s something about the fact that it protects the back that gives me a bit more reassurance that’s fine until incidents like the macbook pro thing happen and it slips off when you pick it up because the magnets they’re not bad i want to see honestly on the iphone 14 it has to have better stronger magsafe magnets because they do slip these things do slip they don’t fall off you know completely all the time but certain instances

where as i demonstrated with my macbook pro just picking the phone up it can slip off quite easily so i don’t think i’m dropping my iphone 13 mini so regularly because it’s so small i think it’s because i don’t have a case on it it is a lot slippier certainly with this but even without that it’s a slippy phone still so i should have a case and i would recommend that if you’re going to get the mini in particular get yourself a case just to avoid any possibility that you’ll damage something else with this phone for me the iphone 13 mini is still the best iphone i’ve ever owned if you’re still thinking about buying one trust me you will not be disappointed just go and get it i think it’s important to do that now if you’re going to because the rumors are that this is the last iphone mini we’re probably not going to see an iphone 14 mini that greatly saddens me and i just don’t want to go big again with phones really imagine what an iphone 13 pro max would have done to my 16 inch macbook pro i’ve been asking myself lots of questions recently partly because there’s very little tech news on the horizon at the moment but if you want to hear me wrestle with the question about whether or not i’m an apple fanboy keep watching for a link to that but in the meantime thank you as always for watching and i’ll catch you next time you

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