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hey there everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now today is a very amazing day because we finally have the poco f4 gt right here in the studio now remember that the last poco f3 was around for fairly a lengthy time now and also it’s been killing the competition so poco is back with a brand-new flagship and also you can see it in the form of this poco f4 gt currently in today’s video we’re going to be covering everything that you could need to know concerning this individual right here all the requirements and exactly how does it seem like to use because i have actually been using it for nearly one week currently as well as it’s been an extremely really wonderful experience simply a fast suggestion for you over there all right so now allow’s go on as well as discuss the most vital thing below in the area which is regarding the rate currently prices has always been one of poco’s strongest you recognize variables for purchasing their smartphones and also this time again poco has actually just done it with a brand-new cost point uh for the poco f4 gt over right here there is actually 2 configurations you have an eight slash one two eight and you have a

greater specification twelve slash two 5 6 currently valuing wise uh in terms of the flash list price are the eight lower one two 8 is going with rm one nine nine 9 whereas the twelve lower 2 five 6 is going for two one nine nine men this is exceptionally reduced for a snapdragon 8 gen 1 powered tool in just just today individuals it’s a truly really crazy rate point i was incredibly shocked when i saw it since this is hands down right now one of the most affordable snapdragon 801 device that you can actually buy today and buy a far margin currently remember that the following one in line i can remember is in fact the motorola h30 pro or something like that that is opting for 2 6 9 9 as well as obviously we additionally have also higher up the samsung s 22 series and that chooses over 4 000 ringgit here in malaysia so for this to cost under 2 000 ringgit men that’s almost half the cost of this s22 plus this is really a really insane bargain so just in terms of the rate you have absolutely nothing much to grumble regarding there still an extremely phenomenal rate however let’s speak about exactly how this tool in fact really feels like to use well we’re mosting likely to start naturally with the design however before i begin i’m just hoping that every one of you can just go down a like and also sub to the network that would certainly be a lot

appreciated thanks so a lot currently let us speak about that design in regards to the back panel here you have a really awesome style here it appears like a cars and also it simply looks very gamified since you know i guess this gadget is likewise targeted at gamers we have this very great strip down in the center you have that little lightning type of symbol beside the camera bump and on the camera bump itself there is actually two strips of leds that you recognize it’s not really bright but you do have that very expensive you recognize lighting and all that on the cam bump itself fairly cool down there if you relocate down the tool itself and considering all-time low below you see that the framework includes the kind c component you also have that stereo audio speakers near the bottom poco is calling this the quad speaker setup there are in fact two openings in the top and two openings at the lower i’m uncertain if it’s really four private speakers however according to no poco they say it’s a quad system so anyways audio smart i have to tell you people this is one of the loudest smart devices that i have actually ever before heard out there to day it is crazy loud and those quad audio speakers established is simply it’s just insane individuals if you’re playing video games simply

utilizing these speakers below you may be you recognize disturbing individuals around you yet you will get a very immersive experience inadequate of that audio speakers if you take a look at the top right here we still have that infrared control if any of you guys are utilizing that on the left you do have your quantity rocker and certainly the sim card tray now sim card tray wise is a purely dual sim sim card tray that implies you can not place in a micro sd so see to it you select your storage options correctly due to the fact that you will not be able to broaden that by means of microsd all right so carrying on to the right this is additionally where it gets a bit busy on the sides however we do have our power button and also bear in mind that this is a fingerprint scanner too so you have that there and naturally you have those triggers on the sides below also for if those times where you actually desire to play games as well as you have those quick faster ways extremely very wonderful touch there by poco currently it’s also worth pointing out that these triggers on the sides here you can simply strike the button to really release them and also you can actually make use of that switches there to activate a various shortcut secret so for myself right here i do have the lower switch below activated to introduce the video camera you can actually enable it to

release like you know your voice assistant launch the flashlight so it’s actually 3 a various sort of faster way keys you have there the top trigger the bottom trigger in addition to your volume rocker that you can use to establish shortcuts really extremely awesome things there really great layout guys i enjoy this style what do you consider it um i do need to discuss also that is a little hefty also it has to do with 210 grams so certainly not an extremely light-weight phone yet you’re having this really cool layout right here in hand so i have absolutely nothing to complain regarding that there now carrying on let’s chat a little concerning the screen since this is a very intriguing display screen i would claim that is fairly wonderful you do get a 6.67 inch 1080p amoled display screen that freshens at 120 hertz it likewise includes 480hz of touch sampling price that implies it’s going to be buttery smooth besides that maximum illumination degrees is approximately 800 nits so you may be asking yourself if that is sufficient outdoors under the sunlight yet here in bright malaysia i’ve really checked it out as well as the screen outdoors has no issues with exposure now exactly how does it in fact seem like to use the display well all i can state that it’s a very bright present the contrast degree saturation levels are in fact extremely very fascinating very very excellent below the colors just pop on there and if you’re mosting likely to utilize this phone to play a great deal of video games seeing films uh youtube and all that you will most definitely appreciate the colors appearing of this really saturated screen besides that the level of smoothness levels you have that 120 hertz so clearly whatever is

mosting likely to be very smooth you don’t have to worry concerning that there as well i think even for pc gaming it likewise produces that extremely extremely good and also fast experience simply on this extremely excellent screen so i would certainly say that overall just in terms of the screen wise a thumbs up over there to poco currently going on we’re going to talk a bit about the power because power is all regarding this tool right here the poco f4 gt as well as for that like i mentioned earlier on you did get that snapdragon 8 gen 1 you additionally have your lpddr5 ram that implies it is the quick ram or the best one really as well as in addition to that you additionally have your ufs 3.1 storage space so moving data to and also from the device should be rather fast so all that assembled makes it for a really rapid and also snappy experience here on the poco f4 gt in regards to video gaming now video gaming is likewise extremely vital below uh i know it’s definitely able to play your engine impact your pub g mobile tales all at the highest visuals degree setups uh in reality me personally i play a great deal of mobile tales like i’ve claimed on several lots of video clips now and also on this tool i had the ability to go ultra both on the refresh price in addition to the graphics itself so it’s an extremely really crazy

good kind of experience in terms of the pc gaming right here i had the ability to hit 120 fps constantly during the video game itself so most definitely a really smooth experience currently a few of you may be bothered with the heat being protruded out by the snapdragon 8 gen 1 well poco states that they have placed in this liquid great technology 3.0 to aid keep the temperatures down however once more honestly speaking i’ve been feeling quite a fair bit of warmth coming from the back below but hopefully i know poco will fix this in a future up upgrade or something like that to you know just maximize things occasionally uh besides that otherwise simply using it on the everyday i believe there is no issues there again it is a snapdragon 8 gen 1 so the very best kind of performance you can get i’m mosting likely to show you a really fast geekbench score alongside with the s22 plus from samsung you can see that the scores are essentially virtually similar here in between both gadgets all right so now going on allow’s chat a bit concerning the cams since we can not omit the cams right well poco has actually been you recognize they have actually been known for not really the very best video cameras out there as well as in this case you do see some pretty fair enhancements you have a three-way video camera configuration at the back this is being led by the 64 megapixel sony imx 686 main sensing unit you likewise have an 8 megapixel ultra vast as well as you have a 2

megapixel macro lens i’m mosting likely to reveal you men a number of example images here that you can see all these photos are unedited they are right off the cam itself so you guys can evaluate for yourselves whether this is the kind of quality that you are okay with personally i assume these sort of images are still great for sharing on your social media sites unless you are actually actually eager on digital photography as well as you recognize you desire the most effective photography phone around you recognize this one right here in fact takes some pretty suitable shots or else i assume that the electronic cameras at the back here are in fact still very useful okay so finally uh we reached chat a little bit concerning the battery in the back currently normally we do have a 4700 mah battery in here and also this is in fact helped a great deal by that fast billing rates now if you’re mosting likely to be pc gaming a lot normally you will be seeing the battery going down a bit below as well as there so with the rapid charging the 120 watt quick battery charger that can be found in the box is actually right here this is really billing up the gadget very really fast guys it does no to a hundred percent in just 17 mins and if you are gaming they’ll reduce the speed of the crediting reduce the amount of heat and also you will really have the ability to do

zero to 100 in 27 mins so once more this is simply one of the fastest charging rates that you can get in any smart device today today now besides that i do wish to highlight one great touch by a poco they really offer us this type of like ls shape type c cable television which makes it billing on the device really really comfy since you can utilize it while you know video gaming so i believe it’s an extremely good touch to have this specific cable television this type of l cable television in package ideally you will certainly see that more often in other manufacturers too all right individuals so that’s practically uh concluded my extremely fast impressions or i must say a very fast testimonial on the poco f4 gt again at the cost of under 2000 ringgit it truly is a no-brainer if you’re seeking the ideal you recognize one of the most value for money smartphone that brings a snapdragon 8 gen 1. Overall if you are not a gamer i still strongly recommend this tool as well since you’re mosting likely to be experiencing the fastest efficiency the best efficiency on this poco f4 gt you have the insane loudspeakers once again if you such as to see a great deal of films for your amusement you additionally have a good set of three-way video cameras at the back and also obviously not to fail to remember that incredibly fast 120 watt uh you recognize insane fast billing good guys that’s it for today’s video i hope you did like today’s video clip don’t neglect to drop a like and also below to the network if you wish to discover even more information or you wish to purchase the tool you can find the web links down below yet those are the authorities links by poco so that need to be the the best way to buy it all right with that said’s it thank you for enjoying till completion i want to see all of you individuals in the next one stay safe everyone bye

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