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hi everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews currently in today’s video we’re mosting likely to be inspecting out a number of items on realme’s newest technology lifeline currently the tech lifeline basically is realme’s series of house products and that consists of like your vacuum cleaner cleansers your air purifiers as well as also some robot vacuum so there’s a number of things that that realme is presenting as well as most significantly these gadgets are all being presented at a really affordable price factor now today i have right here 2 items only uh as well as we’re going to be taking a look at firstly the air cleanser and afterwards i’ll show you really rapidly their most current vacuum cleaner just in instance you require those for your residence great let’s just begin really promptly with the air purifier that i have right below currently this device is beginning with rm399 that will certainly be launched on 18 october

anyways pertaining to the product it’s attractive requirement below what you obtain is this very typical air cleanser um what it does is it basically absorbs the air into these spaces and also these holes right below and after that it shoots it out via these voids on the top below via its fence currently if you have a look on top section panel over below what you can see is that we do have a pair of buttons that are in fact really simple to operate certainly you have your power on button you likewise have your automobile switch right here as well as what automobile does is that it basically establishes the tool to identify the high quality of your air prior to establishing the kind of rates that need to embrace the tool aside from that if i simply strike the car button right below it will certainly likewise start blinking in environment-friendly yellow as well as red now this will actually tell you the high quality of your air undoubtedly green being the best yellow being not so great and red being the most awful currently over to the various other side below we likewise have a moon button right below and also what that basically indicates is that it will reduce the

follower to a degree one rate simply to ensure that every little thing is silent as well as apart from that all the leds here will certainly go off so it does not disrupt you in the evening finally you likewise have a timer switch over here and also you can establish uh these followers to shut off at different time intervals you have a pair of periods right below i believe it’s 2 hours 4 hours and 8 hrs so you can establish for this tool to switch off immediately so extremely standard as well as extremely easy to utilize here 4 single switches to eliminate the casing at the front here is actually a soft touch sort of feeling so you simply press it extremely carefully as well as you have the ability to open up this case right here and also discover on the within this is where you enter into a like the filter there is a hepa filter right below that you can see ideal under this point that is

also cleanable so very easy to use below once more everything is just set up very easily so you do not have to resemble a technical professional to use any one of these tools right here to make sure that is just in terms of the air purifier honestly speaking in my space right below in this certain area it is rather a tiny space and also i have actually been utilizing it for virtually 2 or three days currently my room is incredibly messy and i always see a great deal of dust on my display on my table and also all that however i have actually not actually seen a considerably decreased in dirt on all my tables and also all that so i’m not really certain perhaps it’s since i’m not using it for long adequate or something like that yet once again this is simply a very peek at this gadget additionally i should additionally aim out that the follower rates can obtain rather loud if you go to level 2 or degree 3 so um just obstacle in mind level one is really quiet you barely hear it in all yet level 2 as well as degree 3 absolutely is fairly strong as well as you can hear it rather aggravatingly on the sides there great men so since we’re made with the air purifier let’s take an

extremely glance at the real me vacuum currently this thing below is actually fairly interesting due to the fact that the very first point that i kept in mind when i chose it up for the very first time was that it is really very lightweight so according to the web site once more the vacuum that i have right here is about much less than 1.5 kilograms and it does feature a number of these devices right here that you can alter to vacuum different type of things so undoubtedly when you see right below what you can see is that this one is made use of to vacuum up very narrow spaces you also have the very conventional typical this sort of roller to you understand vacuum cleaner your floors and all that as well as the great component about this below is that at the front it does come with led lights so you can in fact shine it throughout your floor to make sure you in fact get those dust off your flooring extremely quickly so those

lights are actually brilliant as well as if you have any type of bugs like under your refrigerator or anything you may in fact have the ability to see it utilizing this hoover right below currently lastly the last tool that can be found in the box is also this individual right below clearly all you require to do is just remove it extremely easily allow me simply show it to you so eliminate it and also simply exchange this various cap in and also you can use it immediately now in terms of battery life genuine me is saying that on the standard setting you get around 40 mins of usage time and also on the high powered mode you get 20 mins of use time so i assumption that’s attractive standard nowadays with all these kind of hoover there is only two modes by the way as well as uh one point i did notice was that it was quite loud allow me just turn it on for you to hear it so yeah that is level two as well as this is level one uh yeah rather fascinating gadget i like it that is once more very lightweight and really easy to utilize you also obtain a washable hepa filter inside below so appealing common things that’s what we constantly see in hoover nowadays but those are both products i intended to show you individuals today okay individuals um thanks for staying with me in my kitchen here and also looking at these house products if you have any type of concerns do not fail to remember to leave them down in the remark section listed below similar to this video clip if you like the kitchen area and of course i wish to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe everyone bye

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