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hey people invite back to another video clip with lim evaluations so in today’s video it’s just mosting likely to be a bit various i want to share with you my individual experience that i had with the me11 ultra so uh pardon me i’m holding my mic like this because i simply didn’t want to have it labelled to my t shirt but of course about the mini 11 ultra i had the chance to be welcomed by xiaomi malaysia to in fact uh have a very sneak preview of the me 11 ultra so that taken place like the other day or was it 2 days ago yeah however the main point right here is my impressions about the might 11 ultra was actually truly interesting individuals and i know you have actually possibly seen a great deal of video clips on youtube that simply it’s uh there’s already a complete evaluation out currently yet this is just my individual experience so when i have actually touched and also when i saw the gadget for the very first time i was really uh shocked or you recognize just really awestruck by the layout i recognize uh it has a big video camera intermediary at the back yet the design does look really excellent individuals and the main point that when i picked the device up for the very first time i actually felt that it was a really premium gadget so i recognize the gadget is being

introduced in malaysia for rm4299 for the 8 gigabyte plus 2 5 six gb uh version but yes that’s a large cost there yet the amount the premiumness of the gadget simply really felt so great people so that’s the initial point that actually pertained to my mind when i grabbed the tool for the very first time now onto the second thing that show at the front wow i imply it is i would certainly claim absolutely one of xiaomi’s finest screens that you can locate on any of the tools now it is a really huge and also it was so receptive so really very happy with the display screen that we are having over there and also the 3rd point i wish to speak about is really the video camera to make sure that is really my primary favored feature of the electronic camera so we understand most of us currently understand that there is a significant sensor at the back uh i think it’s 50 megapixels or something like that as well as we have a 48 megapixel telephoto as well as another 48 megapixel ultrawide yet the major sensing unit is was the one that actually obtained me intrigued so normally i took a number of shots as well as i in fact moved them to my phone so i could show you

guys and my mind the photos are actually superior high quality people so um for me as a professional photographer myself i like to take a whole lot of images and i specifically like like really natural bokeh around the backgrounds so that was what was uh being attained by the me11 ultra right there so if you simply take an appearance at a pair of sample photos that i took below note that the background blur was so all-natural as well as so good i had not been also really far away from the subject the subject was concerning an arm’s size from myself but simply take a look at exactly how the image high quality appears like men i indicate it looks almost as excellent as the electronic camera that i’m having here this is the sony a6100 i would say that the shade recreation and also the photo quality appearing from the mi 11 ultra just over those pair of pictures it simply looks so excellent men to ensure that’s something that i intended to explain the second thing i intend to mention below is the portrait setting so i did take a portrait photo of myself and i know there are still some locations that must have been obscured that that are not truly obscured so this is what you can see from the picture mode right there but uh most definitely i make sure that this will be taken care of with a

software update or something yet if you just consider the age cutouts around my hair around my body as well as whatnot it really looks truly nicely done so that’s additionally an additional thing that i desire to mention so altogether i was really excited about this cam that gets on the mi 11 ultra i believe that it’s going to be one of the most effective if not the very best sort of video cameras that we are going to be seeing on the smartphone today as well as indeed i’m actually excited to be uh testing this out in a number of days from currently on uh besides that another point that i want to point out that is the the display at the back that little intermediary beside the video camera sensors i think that is actually um you can call it a gimmick since you do not actually look at the rear of your gadget but it truly aids if you’re the kind of individual who intends to take selfies by by using the main the rear electronic camera at the back so it

does assist approximately a specific degree but i had not been as well curious about that my main passion is still the video cameras at the back so yeah i understand it features the leading specs that whatever that you could obtain today i think snapdragon 888 uh 8 gigabytes of very rapid ram along with quick storage space so yes i’ll be checking this out in a couple much more days right here let me recognize what you people consider those images that i simply shown you do you believe this is really good quality pictures or do you think you have actually seen something much better allow me understand down in the comment area listed below once again like i said this is just an extremely quick impressions it was extremely positive incidentally as well as i’m definitely eagerly anticipating examining out the gadget in full great individuals that’s it for this quick video clip allow me understand if you similar to this video i’ll see you people in the following one bye

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