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Sudio ETT ANC Earbuds: I LOVE THIS COLOR! And YES This Sounds Awesome! Vivo Y20S Unboxing & Quick Look: Beautiful In Blue!

hello there you aesthetically pleasing person you this is Christian Tex Burton I’m here today with the while we attend over five tea just 350 quid bag to this sim-free here in the UK or you can also grab it in contract from the likes of a coffin warehouse and a bust some surprisingly premium specs for that sort of mid-range asking price it actually packs pretty similar specs for likes the one we’re p30 last year’s one and last year’s big flagship thorns which I recently did a long-term review of let’s go check that out if you need to know more what we’re gonna do now is get the Wyatt Norva 5 T unboxed and do a deep dive into the hardware and software so you know exactly what to expect and from on the latest greatest tech please do pop Subscribe ending that a lot of kitchen spell chairs so that right there is the phone itself has just pop out aside for now and check out exactly what else you get in the box of course so as you can see there but a pokey pin device to actually get your sim con stuffed inside and if we open this bad boy up as well you get the usual pamphlet action nothing particularly exciting then in here we’ve got two pin a European charge but hopefully to bite you in the

UK you’d kind of expect to get the three pin version instead bit of type-c USB to actually charge it up as well and it looks like you do get some Wired’s earphones bundled in the box as well as you can see there though they are USB earphones I guess that means there’s no proper headphone jack on the number 5 t but at least you actually get a pair of USB headphones bundled in the box you don’t have to rely on your Bluetooth pair or one of those annoying dongle e things though that said you do actually get one of those annoying Dongri things bundled in there as well if you do have a preferred 3.5 millimeter pair of headphones that you drove all they use alright sexytimes let’s cram all this back in the box and then we’ll actually check out the phone itself so the while waiting over 5t is a glass smartphone you pick it up in three different hues you’ve got crushed blue mid summer purple or boring black it’s actually called boring black it’s just plain old black I guess they couldn’t be bothered to think of a snazzy name for that one perhaps coating the board is a little bit harsh it’s quite neat and tidy smart design as you can see they’re already picking up a few little bits of finger grease however see we’ll have to keep it buffed up even in this

darker hue but they want something a bit more interest in certainly those bright and more colorful models definitely like a little bit more exciting well we was Boston that the northern 50 has a multi-layered 3d effect I’m certainly struggling to make that out here on this black version and maybe it’s more obvious on the colourful version but just looks like sort of a straight up at glass design here hundreds only four grams certainly got a decent little heft to it take a bit of tour of the rest of the hardware’s you can see you got type-c USB port down below and a bottom firing and one will speaker there as well over on this side you’ve got the symmetry up near the top looks like top you might actually get an IR blaster as well which has become an increasingly rare on smartphones very rarely see that and then over on the right edge you actually get an edge mounted fingerprint sensor which also doubles as the power button as well take notes on you don’t do that with disassociation of the power button and the fingerprint sensor and then a volume rocket just above that as well as let’s see if we’ve got some gas in the tank we do has our so now we can get a normal 5 T all set up and take a bit of a tour of the rest of the hardware and the software alright he’s the one over 5 t is all set up let’s stop with a look at the OS unfortunately is the older version of Android Android PI rather than the fresh new Android 10 and Wow is a motion UI version 9.1 is slathered on top of that so again all the version of Mui not a little Mui turns that beans and forties don’t get

the likes to the dark morning summers or the sexy new design changes as well touch out hopefully an update to Android 10 and a muy 10 will be comin soon in the meantime you still get lots of great customization thrown in there so you can play around with the likes the display stuff it’s quite neatly organized as well I do like the amur settings menu it’s a lot more straightforward compared with rivals like me UI and you get the likes of the digital balance thrown in there lots of security and privacy features my includes not just the fingerprint sensor on the slide there but also better face recognition as well so just test that stuff out so as you can see there quick tap of that scanner and the phone hibernate and then if we just put up print to it as you can see boom straight into it didn’t even need to press the power button just tap you print to the surface and you’re straight into your smart phone I’ve also set up the face recognition as well complete with a bit of rears to ache so if I just lift the smartphone for instance off my desk as you can see there boom it’s recognized my face and I just it’s a slide in order to get to my desktops and if you have a look at the face a recognition sentence menu as well you see don’t even need to slide to unlock you can do a direct unlock if you’re likes let’s try that again so once again but it R is to wake recognizes me and Bosch straight in there on by

the way if you’re worried about the Huawei number 5 to have an access to any of those Google services well dawn because as you can see there full access to the Play Store and all of those other great google goodies and all the other features that you’d expect from a mid-range smartphone all present and correct as well so for instance you’ve got Bluetooth 5 you’ve got a good bit of NFC action in there dual band Wi-Fi support all that shenanigans let’s take a look at some of the nova 5 t’s hardware as begin with that 6.2 6 inch IPS display now it’s a full HD plus resolution panel sort nice crisp visuals despite the fact that it is a fairly sizable screen as well decent viewing angles and everything there and the colors are looking pretty nice as well a little bit punchy and some of those more vibrant hues because you’ve got full control of that over in the settings menu so if you prefer more natural hues that’s not a problem or whatsoever of course you do have that dinky little pinhole camera down there in the bottom corner but it’s barely intruding whatsoever on the full screen view here on YouTube so it shouldn’t really be much of an issue unless that kind of thing really bugs you and if we just check out the audio quality as well and Believers just a single bottom firing speaker here see a no stereo speaker setup and port see if you muffle that speaker then as you can see the entire sound is

drowned out and it’s not the loudest 2 speakers around that was top volume but you know what the quality seems pretty good so as long as you’re not in too noisy and environment that should do the job and yes sadly there is no a dedicated headphone jack nor 3.5 million the one waiting over 5t but they should do get the adapter bundled in the box and of course the pair of type C headphones as well to do you in a pinch well I’ve forgot to do of course which is the first thing I usually always do with the wahwee or on a smart phone is going to homescreen style and set up the apps tree to actually get that bad boy back so don’t have to have all of your apps scattered here across the desktops which is highly annoying and of course you’ve got to get rid of all these crappy little bits of crap whereas well calm and all this kind of shenanigans when you just tidy up our desktops and make it a lot nicer and the specs are definitely pretty impressive as far as the performance cause here in the Huawei Nova 5 T it’s powered by the Kara 980 chipset from while we backed by 6 gigs of RAM as well so as you can see pretty smooth performance so far even though it’s still in the process of setting itself up especially the same specs as last year’s while we’re p30 you want a big flagship phones from 2019 so yeah as you would expect quit pretty smooth before well should be absolutely fine

for gaming you’ve got a GPU turbo boost for the likes of pubsey mobile and stuff in there as well as great stuff I’m also hoping for a really solid battery life from this bad boy as well and over 5t has a three thousand seven hundred fifty milliamps house stuffed inside so very very strong indeed again similar to that p30 smartphone from last year so obvious you get easily a day of life from that and as you can see what the usual power saving modes ultra power c of mods all about jeneggener shenanigans should you need it and why we reckons you’ll get about a half charge from 30 minutes so the plugs are reasonably fast charging as well and storage before I forget it’s 128 gigs onboard I don’t believe there’s micro SD memory card supports just take a quick look yeah that looks like a dual SIM setup but no microSD memory concept for unfortunate of course wow he is going away from micro sd entirely using its own proprietary storage as far as memory cards go instead it’s another final bit of hardware that we need to take a look at here on the Huawei Nova 5 T is its quad lens for your camera setup so what you’ve got here is a 48 megapixel primary lens pretty standard resolution even among quite budget-friendly smartphones these days that’s an F 1.8 it’s backed by its 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor and 2 megapixel macro lens now the app will look very familiar to anyone who’s used a huawei or on a smartphone in recent

times as you can see there it just gives you a little tutorial on some of the various bits and you first open up that camera you can swap between the different lenses just the quick tap here so you got that ultra wide-angle lens and then you’ve got the standard 48 megapixel primary lens you can also do a bit digital zoom might tap in up there as well no telephoto option certainly here on the huawei in over 5t if you look at these little toggles up top as well you’ve also got the AI camera Lord which is basically just a scene recognition helps to boost some colors in certain circumstances things like that now the Gaggia girls also bonus modes you can flick around between down here below as well so for instance you’ve got the portrait mode uses that depth sensor just to capture a nice clean shot of your subject while blowing out the background with a nice bokeh style effect doesn’t look like you’ve got much control over that effects are they just a bit of beauty mode action that’s pretty much it we’ve also got a dedicated night mode as well which takes lots of different exposure shots melds them together nicely in order to create a bright more balanced image you swapped a video at any point with a quick swipe down here and you should be able to shoot up to 4k resolution footage if you like it there you go or as you can see their various 1080p incarnations as well if that still isn’t enough for you then just swipe along to more and yes there are absolutely bugger tons of other bonus bits that you can do in there including a good bit of pro controls as well full manual controls so you can play around with the iso level the shutter speed all that kind of shenanigans to get a very precise kind of shot and as you can see there you can actually shoot up to 48

megapixel at maximum resolution if you like otherwise just stir stick it girl 12 I’m going to go to your super macro modes to make the use of that macro lens time lapses slow motions all kind of shenanigans if we swap run to the front-facing camera as well it’s a 32 megapixels selfie camera so should catch you in all kinds of glorious detail which is particularly great if you’ve got sags and bags like I do as you can see they’re fully to your support and all that kind of shenanigans and yes as usual with the while we’re smartphone you got all of this claptrap good bit of it your stuff that is one pissed-off bunny that shows exactly my level of emotions what I feel towards this AR crap just do not understand why you would do this I mean this right here it sums up exactly what is wrong with the human race this is why brexit happens and there you have it that right there is the Wyatt Nova 5 T so it’s a 350 quid here in the UK it’s sim for you should be able to get some decent contract deals on it as well some pretty solid hardware overall and slightly older software but hopefully that will be updated as soon of course you’ve got full Google services and everything so yeah I’m liking this so far I’m gonna slap a Simonet and use it for a full week and then give you my in-depth review so stay tuned for that and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications belt Cheers

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