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if you felt yourself a bit of 5g smartphone action you better have some pretty fat stacks because those things in cheap just check out Samsung’s first stab at one which was the galaxy s 10 plus 5 D that bad boy would cost you a cool grand that Samsung has launched a second effort the Galaxy a 95 G and this is definitely a lot more affordable at just 669 quid so good news gran I only need to yank out one of your gold teeth for this one of course Samsung has made some cutbacks to achieve that lower price and one of the unfortunate casualties is the rear camera so now you have a 48 megapixel primary lens with an F 2.0 aperture backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a simple 5 megapixel depth sensor gone is the dual aperture tech the OIS and the telephoto lens of those s 10 blowers so consider in the galaxy a 95 G is still technically a premium smartphone which costs more than the likes of the oneplus 70 and the azuz zenfone 6 is that camera tech good enough here everyday photos and video well I’ve been rocking it for a good few days now using it for my everyday snaps and here’s what I think of the galaxy a 95 G’s camera and one the latest greatest tech news do plug subscribe and ding like notifications Bell cheers

now first up as always the Samsung camera app is a hot mess of toggles and mods and settings once you learn your way around it ain’t so bad and thankfully you can at least dispense with any bonus mods that you never bother with so there’s less swiping involved I’ve got the majority of users will simply stick with the auto mode of an issue in their everyday photos and in Samsung’s phones you get the scene optimizer feature which is supposed to analyze the subject and then tweak the settings on your behalf to get the best possible photo this doesn’t notice if we play around with elements such as the saturation levels and helps to highlight certain colors like for instance the greens here when you’re shootin plant life it’s always quite a salt effect though so you won’t end up with a hideously artificial result you can take it or leave it ready now all of my daylight test photos came out pretty well on the whole the full spectrum of colors are accurately reproduced while harsh lighten is generally handled with ease unfortunately things do become a lot less impressive once you move indoors those ambient shots are unsurprisingly quite grainy murky affairs thanks in part to the reduced aperture size and if your subject is moving when you’re taking the shot you can expect a good bit of blur to ruin it in fact tricky lightning general often throws off the in 95 G once things get proper dim the camera struggles to snatch up any kind of detail night shots look fine if you

focusing on a uniformly well-lit subject like these slightly surreal street decorations but as soon as you’re dealing with a high dynamic range it’s definitely not good news those like the elements are often oversaturated but the darker areas are usually a murky mess some some has thrown in and multi explosion night mode to try and help out a bit for those low light snaps and this definitely does brighten things up a bit while helping with factors like the color capture it’s not exactly up to picks law while we’re standards but it’s certainly an improvement just keep your hands as still as possible otherwise your pixel end up like this hot mess here if you want to capture an epic scene or a dramatic action shot the ultra wide angle lens definitely does their job your loves a bit of warping around the edges if you look closely but otherwise it’s fine that’s just a ship there’s no telephoto option here on the galaxy a 95 G so I mean which a lot of smartphones around this price point do offer definitely not an essential feature by any means but it really helps out with some of those touristy snaps I mean just trying to take a natural-looking shot of your kids or your pets up there but a much more positive news my macro snaps came out really well on this Samsung bra even when your subject is me as centimeters away you can

expect those finer details to be captured perfectly and if you’re after a sexy portrait shot sometimes live focus mode certainly does the job the edge detection is pretty accurate thanks to that depth sensor you get a nice Bakke blurry effect in the background you can also add some extra special effects that make you feel like you’re on various classier substances I think I’ve funded the results you’re getting with Samsung’s autumn why’d you do it this time a pro mode which you can have a play around with just to give you full manual control over the lights or the white balance the shutter speed things like that it can’t exactly work miracles but so if you want it now moving on to video an area where Samsung usually excels and as usual Ian’s capture up to 4k resolution footage here on the Galaxy in 95 G of all the 60 frames per second option topside at Full HD level you don’t get that at the 4k resolution it’s the same story with the image stabilization as well and there’s also noir HDR option here unlike the S series Vaughn’s things are certainly crisp and colorful at that 4k resolution and all the lack of

proper stabilization means you’ll definitely understand quite still while shooting the jerkiness is mostly cut out if you drop it to full HD especially if you activate that super steady mode as once again makes things impressively smooth even if you’re sprinting off down the street while filming audio quality is good and I didn’t notice any issues with my test footage I thought don’t even bother shooting any video at night because you really won’t be happy with what you get so proud to the galaxy a 95 G’s 32 megapixel selfie snapper and you can grab the TST shot of that of yours although do beware the beauty mode is active by default which makes faces look very weirdly smooth the effect with stubble is particularly bizarre theses are clearly captured against even bright background so no worries there you have a choice of closeup or wide-angle views the lap being very helpful when you want a bit of background action included if on the other hand you want to actually blow out the background then some songs like focus mode is still available and it’s not bad considering the lack of a proper depth sensor you’re generally picked out cleanly even against a fairly complex bit of scenery and you’ve got a variety of weird effects just as before that you can throw on if that’s your bag is the front-facing selfie

camera to shoot a full HD resolution video of Jamar see fine as you see here for the price each idea this way though you do get an oversaturation in the background pretty much standard but the piece is nice and crystal clear I noticed on the phone with the audio picked up or anything like that either so overall all good well that’s what I think of Samsung’s Galaxy II 95g camera tech after a few days of testing it out in decent conditions perfect results pretty much but unfortunately it does fall flat against drivers when it gets to even in shots nighttime and those ambient indoor shots bit of a shame and especially on the video front as well an area which as I say something usually excels at but what do you reckon are you still tempted by the galaxy 95g despite the fact that its camera tech is a little bit limited be greater your thoughts down below please do put subscribe and doing that notifications bar and have yourselves a lovely week people Jays are on love you

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