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after months of speculation sony has officially unveiled this slender we beauty right here the Xperia v as the unconventional name and suggests the Xperia v is designed to sit between the Xperia 1 flagship and the more wallet-friendly Xperia 10 at the wind truth it’s actually nudging really close to its premium sibling as far as those specs go bust in the same triple ends camera hardware and snapdragon 855 smarts and in fact this all new blower busts some clever little features that you won’t even find on that flagship device so here is everything you need to know about the Sony Xperia v included and what has changed compared with the Xperia 1 and for what another cigarettes mobile tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now for the look and feel of the Xperia v Sony has wisely stuck with the same sleek and stylish finishes that flagship phone you once again have a cinema wide 21 by nine display which means a pleasingly slender finish and the Xperia v has shrunk down a bit as well to just six point one inches compared with the 6.5 inch Xperia Warner combined with those super skinny side bezels this is as close to a new experience phone that you’re ever likely to see and it really does feel incredibly comfortable to clutch in one hand the Gorilla Glass 6 surface and remains as does that ip68 dust and water resistance so you’re protected against the elements as well as you’re on ham-fisted clumsiness thumbs of the purple Xperia Wan will be slightly dismayed to hear that that color hue will not be coming to the Xperia v but do not fret because this gorgeous

burgundy red model more than makes amends I’m definitely getting some glorious flashbacks like gorgeous burgundy red Xperia x10 3 but if you live here in the UK don’t get too excited just yet unfortunately that red model is not gonna make its way toward bricks had plagued Shaw’s sad face you can also grab the Xperia v in blue gray and black though and those blue and green models overall affection to suddenly like the Xperia 1 there is still more headphone jack on the Xperia v and that edge amount of fingerprint sensor has once again been separated from the power button you can’t just tap your finger to the scanner to unlock your phone though so it’s no biggie just slightly weird now let’s move on to the Xperia v cinema wide display which may have shrunken down a little bit compared with the Xperia 1 but it still provides that glorious 21 by 9 full view cinematic experience so so perfect for enjoying movies on the go and also supported games like fortnight this is once again a 10 bit itch to your or LED panel which pumps out punchy visuals complete with bravia x1 tech to upscale any low quality video as well as that creative mode to tweak a film’s color output and get a finished kind of like the director intended but unlike the Xperia one we support at 4k content the Xperia v tops out at Full HD no worries though

because that resolution proves fine for enjoying some Netflix or whatever else on the go you will still get a pin shot picture and Sony’s panel is still perfect for side-by-side multitasking with two ups at once while you get a few 100 features as well to help out with everyday use just as you did on the Xperia 1 you also get our Sims stereo speaker setup as well complete with Dolby and more support for immersive audio and that dynamic vibration system for a bit of rumbly feedback and I thought there’s no headphone jack you still get Sony’s brilliant L DAC for serving up Bluetooth music you get full support for your high res audio and of course that digital sound enhancement engine as well to really boost up the quality of crappy all the tracks performance of the Xperia v is once again on par with the Xperia one as well thanks to that Snapdragon 855 platforms stuffed inside so basically you can place through the list games and everything else without a stutter in sight with a bit of support for a more player ps4 streaming as well and the funky game enhancer feature introduced on the flagship phone has been improved here on the Xperia v or from gameplay it captured up to 20 frames per second and a voice synthesizer as well to make its Arnold Bunch and stuff as you’re blown off some 13 year olds face for the virtual shotgun of course all of these enhancements should be coming to the Xperia one as well in a future update and another new experience here on the Sony Xperia v is the smart connectivity tool which checks out the quality of any open Wi-Fi networks before automatically switching you over from your

mobile data so hopefully your music or video stream want something crap out because of rubbish Wi-Fi unfortunately the battery has had to slim down a little compared with the Sony Xperia ones 33 30 milliamps also now on the Xperia v you get a 30 140 milliamp battery instead of course you still get Sony smart stamina mode and a bit of fast charge support as well and here’s hoping that this handset will still last a full day and power up double quick of course one of the most exciting features of the original Xperia one was that all new triple ends camera and the good news is that hardware has also been ported over to the Xperia v this means that you once again have a 12 megapixel primary shooter backed by a 12 megapixel auto right angle lens and another 12 megapixel telephoto lens serving up at two times optical zoom both the primary and the telephoto shooters have a bit of optical image stabilization built-in and the great news is that Sony has also transferred over all of those great alpha smarts from the Xperia one as well including the excellent eye or door focus motion tracking to keep your subject nice and crisp no matter how much they’re dodging about the place like a Mentalist in fact it’s even better here on the Xperia v because you can actually perform more calculations per second just to make sure they are perfectly in focus at all times and Sony’s other camera features are all present and correct as well including the excellent cinema pro tool for capturing studio quality home movies complete with a bunch of cool filters and full manual controls these have actually been improved for the Xperia v

as well with deeper control over the lights the white balance and much easier adjustment for the manual focus these updates will all be coming to the Xperia 1 however so don’t stress if you’ve already bought that flagship handset it’s not right there is how the new Sony Xperia v stacks up against the original flagship and as you can see it is essentially an expiry or you get all the same great smarts to snap during it 5/5 chipset the same brilliant smart camera tech but now in a more compact an even easier to handle form factor of course like the original compact smartphones there are a couple of compromises as well slightly smaller battery and because you don’t get that 4k resolution display but the 6.1 inch full HD visuals are still breathtak and they are absolutely stunning so I would not stress about that so what do you reckon are you tempted by the Sony Xperia v or is it a bit of a letdown were you expecting something completely different from Sony this Aoife definitely let us know in the comments down below and please do pork subscribing thing that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech cheers everyone love you

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