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hello you beautiful lovely person ooh this is Christmas expert and I’m here with a fresh new one plus seven Pro here on the left and we’re gonna do a battle of the smartphone flagship Titans because on the right we’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus it’s missing two of the most premium smartphones you can buy in 2019 let’s see how they stack up the hardware the software everything else you need to know and don’t forget for more on the latest grits mobile tech to bug subscribe and ding that notifications bell Cheers so first of of course if what you want is a full view display then you can’t really go wrong with either of these bad boys because you do get the selfie camera knotch up here in the top right corner of the samsung galaxy s 10 plus whereas on the 1 + 7 Pro it is a completely unfettered experience the 1 + 7 pro is the bigger of the two beasts here 6 point 6 7 inch display absolutely quiz I remember was 7 inch tablets seems rather massive and then here on the right of course you got Samsung Galaxy S 10 boss with a 6 point 4 inch display there as well there’s not a massive difference in terms of the actual dimensions one plus seven plus a little bit taller a little bit wider but that’s about it as you’d expect both of these beats um a bit of a heft to them as well the 1 + 7 probs just the wrong side of 200 grams the galaxy s 10 plus is a much lighter at a hundred and ninety eight so of yours where that’s gonna really fill the hand and you’re gonna feel it in your pocket then yeah they’ll do the job set them both around and you won’t be

able to tell it at a quick glance but they are both constructed from glass the 1 + 7 Pro actually comes in this matte finish as well as a shiny glossy finish as well love that that blue hue to it it does look like it’s made of metal even feels like it’s made of metal but it is actually constructed from Gorilla Glass 5 you grow the glass 5 here on the Galaxy S 10 plus as well Gorilla Glass 6 around the front of the Galaxy S 10 plus though whereas the 1 plus is once again Gorilla Glass 5 touch world haven’t seen any signs of scuff scratches or any other kind of damage here on the galaxy s 10 plus after a few weeks of use have to test other 1 + sample a bit more but so far touch world seems pretty durable just like previous one pluses they’re both water-resistant as well but only the Galaxy S 10 plus has proper IP written its IP 68 water and dust resistant but both of them can be submerged without taking damage a couple of other little hardware differences that worth pointing out as well you do actually get 2.5 millimeter from Jackie oh and the Galaxy S tempo suppose you do not on the 1 plus 7 Pro once again has called that Jack you do have a unique button of sorts on both these smartphones as well so on the Galaxy S 10 plus you have the Bigsby a system button a quick push of that and you will load up the Bigsby assistant naturally right here on the 1 plus 7 Pro you get of course the alert slider but from previous one plus

generations and a quick flick of that and you’ll stick a phone on silent mode vibrate mode off for long ring modes very handy if you better jump into a meeting or something both of these beastly blows also rockin in display at fingerprint sensors it was actually built into the screen itself it’s an optical sensor here on the 1 + 7 Prosser just takes a 3 a 2d image roller of your thumbprint but as you can see there it is super super quick just a quick tap of your thumb to to that surface and you’re off straight into your desktops very very nippy especially compared with previous generations however here on the galaxy s 10 plus it’s an ultrasonic scanner one that actually does is it takes a 3d image of your print it doesn’t need to be like through the screen or anything like that in order to function so that means it’s more accurate more secure and as you can see here it’s super super nippy as well just a quick tap in that general area and boom into the desktops noise and so on to the screen tech now as mentioned before the 1 + 7 pro has the bigger panel of both AMOLED screens however and the one pluses display is actually made by Samsung so it’s no great surprise to see that they actually put a similar kind of visuals you dive on into the display section of the setters you’ll see you can play around with the likes the resolution the

color output they’re both qhd+ ready so you can get those nice super crisp visuals and you can also play around with the color output as well as you can see they’re both in vivid mode at the moment but you can stick it on advanced and actually have a proper play around with the likes of the color temperature white balance or like kind of shenanigans nice accurate output with both are these blowers but also of course you can get those lovely punchy hues if that’s what you’d prefer there on the 1 plus 7 pro and actually play around the screen refresh rate as well actually tops off at 90 Hertz you get this lovely silky smooth experience when you’re flicking through your desktops and everything it’s saw a sponsored now if you actually stick the same pictures side-by-side on the 1 + 7 Pro and the Galaxy S 10 plus you’ll see in this vivid ward there’s absolutely bugger all different the colors are really nice and rich without appearance secondly sweet or artificial or anything like that really nice vibrant who’s coming through they’re very punchy and of course nice and crisp is where I’ve got them both sets permanently to quality plus resolution as you can see they’re fine details really creeping through lovely stuff and I shall see if you stick them both side by side those HDR visuals really pack a punch as well you’ve got those nice realistic colors really deep black strong contrast levels so

you know he likes the Netflix Amazon Prime content that supports each your will look bloody lovely good news as far as the sound goes as well you get a nice stereo output on both of these Bulls drum + M Pro and the Galaxy S 10 plus I’ll just do a quick side-by-side just sort of volume there and then we’re gonna fill up space so as you can see there that I think got slightly more power a bit more oomph behind it in terms of general quality of course absolutely fine for just watching a bit of YouTube things like that but if you’re gonna be listen to music you will want to connect some headphones or both got Bluetooth five-point or support as well and unsurprisingly a nice bit Dolby Atmos action as well and of course you can completely customize the audio experience to suit your own personal preferences the actual software run on both these phones it is the latest version of Android Android 9 otherwise known as TST PI but you do of course have the manufacturers on overlay one of these bad boys is where you got babe oxygen OS here on the oneplus 7 pro and you’ve got a one UI here on the Galaxy S 10 plus that’s all for a pretty similar experience in most regards but there’s a few little tweaks and differences here and there surprises you’ve got the shell feature if you swipe to the right from your main desktops here on the oneplus rose you’ve got the Bigsby screen here on the Galaxy S 10 plus the border offers shortcuts to your various apps and things like that’s a very similar because you drag down the notifications bar you can of course completely customize that with shortcuts you do of

course have a for apps tree as well just store away all of your goodies and the level of customization everything in the sentence is very impressive you can tweak quite a lot of various bits you’ve got full gesture support and everything as well so you’ve got a good bit of that here and the one plus as well if I can find it there’s buttons and gestures to just load up some of your favorite apps to silence the phone and things like that 1:50 you get on the Galaxy S 10 Plus that you don’t get here on the one plus is the Bigsby routines which is pretty good it’s busy way of ultimate and your existence based on your location time with dear things like that of course oneplus does have a couple of unique features of it or and one of them being the Zen mode this basically shuts off all the main functionality of the phone for 20 minutes to give you a good bit of well-deserved peace and quiet you still use the camera and contact emergency services in case you chop off your arm or something like that but that’s all good and look a bit screen recording on both of them as well I won’t go into too much depth and detail when it comes to the software because I will be banging on for hours but

one feature that is worth mentioning that’s on both handsets is official recognition so just a quick top of that power button as you see of course here on the 1 + 7 poorly camera actually has to pop up because it is hidden away but as you can see it’s a very fast reaction super super nippy and here on the Galaxy of course it doesn’t have to pop up as you can see not much difference in terms of the actual speed let’s do a quick side-by-side and test them out so pressing the power bar and now and as you can see very little difference between the two despite the fact you’ve got that more interaction on the go on the 1 plus so now let’s take a closer look at performance because this is the European version of the Galaxy S 10 processors of course have Samsung’s own Exynos chip set in it but as the 1 + 7 Pro has a bit stuck trying the 8 5 5 actually of course if you buy the Galaxy S 10 plus in America it will also have the Snapdragon 805 5 so the performance will be comparable especially as you get up to 12 gigs of ram in both of these blowers as you see the Exynos chip set does pretty well against the snap drying air 5 actually beats it on the single core score the multi-core score is superior here on the Qualcomm platform so if you into your benchmark and there you have it and of course as you’d expect from

premium handsets either of these bras will do the job nicely for a good bit of gaming action as you see here pub G mobile runs an absolute dream got it on those high detail settings as well as diving the graphics is the HDR and a nice bit high frame rate action as well see that’s very very happy with forms on both of these waffles and they do have their own built-in gaming mode as well these are all kinds of settings so for instance you can optimize the CPU GPU Ram performance and everything for the game you can also make sure you hide any notifications away so you don’t see those you’ve got a nice bit haptic feedback as well here on the oneplus 7 pro and of course you can even record it your session as well if you want to do that time for a quick game should probably crack on with the comparison really well what about the battery tech while it’s a four thousand milliamp cell here in the oneplus 7 pro it’s a 4100 milliamp on the s10 plus that said the S tempest is battery life isn’t fantastic with the energy efficient Snapdragon f55 here on the oneplus 7 pro should easily see you to a full day that’s from recharge and well the oneplus one prod Fe wins as follows wired charging is concern it supports the new warp charge 30 I can give you 50% power in just 20 minutes at the plug and thankfully the smart charging technique in

the liquid cooling everything means that the phone stays nice and cool throughout as well galaxy s 10 plus takes a little bit longer it’s got the 15 watt fast charger as samsung terms it not quite as nippy sadly though you won’t be hanging around too long for a full day’s worth of charge cause the upshot with the S 10 plus is of course you get wireless charge and support and you can even do a bit of wireless power share to share your phone’s juice with the mid or some accessories like the Samsung Galaxy buds on the storage front both models rock 128 gigs minimum but Samsung wins overall you can also pick it up in 512 gigs or a whopping one terabyte storage model as well whereas here on the oneplus seven port tops off a 256 in the most premium version of it and also there’s no expandable storage here in the oneplus whereas the Galaxy supports microSD memory cards of up to 512 gigs Wow and now one of the most important factors of course the camera tech as you can see both 1 + 7 Pro and the Galaxy S 10 + Rock a triple lens rear setup so you do get a telephoto lens and a bit of ultra wide-angle action with both of these blowers of the 1 plus 7 Pro has a three times optical zoom whereas it’s just the 2 times optical zoom on the galaxy now I am actually gonna do a full in depth camera comparison between the 1 4 7 pro and the galaxy s 10 + I should hopefully be going live about the same time as this video here so go check that out if you want to

see how they stack up for the features the portal and the your quality but as excused a quick run through the the camera ups they both sport very similar sort of features you do of course have a portrait mode or live focus as its termed here on the galaxy s 10 plus to keep your subject shop blow out everything in the background you get a form of nights more to really bring your nights lapse to life keep them nice and bright and well balanced have a spoiler alert I get the feeling that oneplus is gonna win on this front because not massively a fan of the galaxy s 10 plus at night time because you get full pro controls as well so you have a bit of a piddle about with the iso levels white balance all that kind of shenanigans if you know what you’re up to and on a video tipping shoot up to 4k resolution footage as well on either of these blowers over i don’t believe you have the option to shoot HDR footage here on the oneplus 7 pro as you can to ditch your even its your 10 here on the galaxy s 10 plus so there you have it that right there it’s how the 1 + 7 port and the Galaxy S 10 Plus stack up for the specs and features general design work and everything else you need to know don’t forget that’s camera comparison is coming if not right now then certainly eminently so definitely check that out to see how the optics stack up on both these blogs which one are you more tempted by oh you tempted by a bit 1 + action over the galaxy s 10 plus it certainly seems like a very strong premium proposition very impressed with it so far see how that snow in the comments down below don’t forget to poke subscribe and think about notifications bar for more on the latest – grits mobile tech and have yourselves our lovely dear peeps Cheers

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