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so wow it is absolutely boss in the smartphone market when it comes to that camera tech the huawei mate 20 processors at one of our favorite smartphone cameras of 2018 thanks to its flexible triple lens camera system it’s excellent night Lord and just as general all-around awesomeness but that’s why we’ve just gone one better with its fresh new P 30 and P 30 Pro flagship phones and also what is the difference between these two handsets when it comes to the optics while here’s my full in-depth comparison between all three of these smartphones for their cameras and don’t forget for more on the latest regrets more vaulteq support subscribe and dig down notifications bell Cheers so let’s start with the look of that hardware and while the MIT 20 probe wasn’t the first one we’ve fallen to serve up a triple lens camera setup it’s certainly still one of the best that primary 40 megapixel lens boss an F 1.8 aperture and it’s backed up by a 20 megapixel ultra wide angle lens giving you a very different view of the world and also an 8 megapixel telephoto lens which offers a three times optical zoom beaten off most rivals the fresh new Huawei P 30 delivers a

very similar setup another 40 megapixel premier lens has been upgraded with huawei’s use super spectrum tech this could apparently take in more light supposedly for more natural results and improve nighttime shooting and it’s backed by a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and again an 8 megapixel telephoto lens which this time our on sports a tricky new periscope design but here on the standard P 30 you still get the same three times optical zoom performance and last but most certainly not least the p30 pro is the Billy Big bollocks of this camera phone tree or like the standard P 30 you get a 14 megapixel super spectrum lens but this time with the wider F 1.6 aperture and also some built-in optical image stabilization like the mate you also have a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and the real headline grabber here is that eight megapixel periscope lens which stretches to a mighty five times optical zoom and ten times hybrid lossless zoom to get you right up close to your subject as if that

weren’t all enough one is also slapped on a time-of-flight lens for accurate distance measurement and D for those portrait shots and deep breath so that is the camera hardware but what about the photo and video quality well by default all three phones shoot a 10 megapixel resolution although you can bump up to 40 MPA run two in the set in thankfully that standard sayin is solid producing crisp photos that are packed full of finer details you get while ways master AI mode or all three of these handsets and this effectively works the same across the full range three Canton’s and added soft filter effects to suit the subject we found that the difference was occasionally a bit more dramatic with the p30 pro model for some reason especially when shoots and flowers for instance or a nice landscape thankfully if you want to you can toggle off this AI mode for more natural results very easily on the p30 thorns with just a quick tap of this icon or as on the mid-20 pro unfortunately duty to dive into the sentence which is a bit more of a pain in the ass everyday shots looked great from all three of these mobiles I kept the AI mode on for most of these snaps only deactivated occasionally to see what a difference it actually made naturally vibrant colors really shine and the AI thankfully no longer goes to extremes to alter their appearance so I think that we still occasionally notice a bit here on the mid-20 bra while we was big enough the HDR abilities of its new p30 handsets at the launch but we found that the mid-20 pro is still just as strong as the P 30s when it comes to high contrast you get quite

respectable detail levels in those darker areas while it’s rare to see any of the saturation of those brighter elements good news particularly when shooting against a bright sky and macro shots come out nicely on all three of these phones to pack in plenty of detail and proven no trouble at all for the autofocus the p30 pro unsurprisingly produces bolder more natural-looking colors in low-light environments compared with the p30 thanks to its wider aperture although we found that the mid-20 pro kept up very nicely besides that all three phones do an admirable job at night and switching on the night mode helps to brighten things up a bit while also preventing any lit areas from being overblown the result is a beautifully balanced photo though the mid-20 pro isn’t quite as strong as the new P 30s at temper in that over saturation the performance of that ultra wide-angle lens is solid on all of our smartphones you can capture some satisfyingly dramatic shots with a sweet bugger and we didn’t notice any obvious differences between the shots taken on the mitt when he brought compared with the new P 30s of course while you get similar results with a telephoto lens on the mid-20 port and the P 30 and that three times oome level the upgraded P 30 Pro lens does mean that you can get much closer

than ever before to your subject with no loss in detail levels the results really do impress even at that maximum 10 times zoom this makes the P 30 a great choice for anyone who loves shooting a bit of nature or some proper touristy shots especially some interest in architecture you will of course need a very steady handle and if you do use while with hybrid zoom on the standard P 30 and the mid-20 Pro we found that the P 30 was more consistent at producing sharp good looking results they mate 20 Paul did occasionally give us some soft looking photos at those high zoom levels now with portrait shots you may expect the p30 probably superior thanks to that time-of-flight lens but in our real world test results were basically never identical between all three of these phones you get the same level of bokya style background blurring with accurate edge detection to keep your subjects in focus all three folds serve up some arty bokya shots and yes as usual you should steer well clear of that awful spotlight woods so onto the video mode and you get the same level of performance with all three of these smartphones with the ability to shoot a full HD resolution video out in the 30 or 60 frames per second or as I prefer slap it in a 4k resolution mode

at that 30fps level at Ultra HD raise you can expect ball colors and bags of detail and surprisingly good stabilization to the p30 and the p30 port are definitely a small step up from the mid-20 Pro when it comes to walking and shooting at the same time although thankfully we always seems to have fixed the way of tearing at the edge of the frame when you’re moving around with the mid-20 Paul that must have come in a recent update and yes you can skip between the different lenses when shooting footage with these three handsets so you can zoom in or skip to a wide-angle view on demand just quickly touch in on the selfie cameras as well you have a 32 megapixels supper on the 2p 30 handsets upgraded from the 24 megapixel shooter found on the mid-20 brought and once again you can capture crisp looking selfie shots with full portrait mode functionality as well as up to full HD plus resolution video nice start right there in a nutshell is how the camera tech stacks up in the mid-20 pro and the new P 30 handsets as well so what are you reckon are you tempted by the new P 30s to be honest if you’ve already got the mid 24 solid camera chops right there already so you’re all goods stay tuned for more in depth p30 camera comparisons with some of its tougher rivals from the likes of Samsung and Google and don’t forget a poke subscribe and doing that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech G’s everyone loved you

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