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hello you beautiful lovely wonderful people this is Chris from text Birds I’m here with the fresh eel orange yummy meat probe one of the very first yummy smartphones are actually launched officially here in the UK I’m gonna do side by side with the 1 plus 60 only a couple of weeks all itself go see how they stack up for hardware and software – lovely premium flagship phones that are actually available at a fairly affordable great value price don’t forget for more on the list of greatest tech including comparisons with the greatest smartphone tech – tickle that subscribe button ending that notification spell cheers so stick them side-by-side and like most premium smartphones here in 2018 you’ll see that that display pretty much fills the front panel because you do get the much more subtle a water drop do drop whatever it is not here on the 1 plus 60 whereas it’s much more of a shuttin non subtle affair here on the Xiaomi meet it pro blonde plus 60 has a little bit of height on the jammie blast because it’s a bigger display it’s a six point four one inch air compared with the six point two one inch display here on the jammie even though the journey has a more compact screen as you can see there it’s still got some fairly chunky bezels especially down here beneath the display rows 1 plus 68 almost stretches all the way down to the very bottom edge physically both phones are a bit of a handful nor denying that flip them around to the back and you’ll see this for a very different finish as well they are both actually constructed from glass here on the oneplus 60 this is the matte midnight black version so it does actually have more of a metallic sheen to it but you can pick it up in a typical glossy glass finish as well if you saw like well is here on the me it points what’s this

very funky transparent glass design you can see all the way into the guts here’s a nice bit of battery action you can even see the Snapdragon chips over the bit of Qualcomm Brandon they’re definitely very funky very unique and original you’re after something a bit different that’ll definitely stand out because it the yummy meat products smudge up a rather easily as you can see there my greasy thumb all over that surface is just making it look a troll and a ste so you’ll definitely have to give it a regular buffing up to keep it looking all nice and clean you do kind of get that problem with the glossy version of the oneplus 60 as well but this midnight black version you have no issues of what’s forever both pretty rugged as well had absolutely no problems have been both stashed in my pockets with other smartphones as well haven’t seen a scratches or scuffs on that surface and neither for unfortunate sports a an official IP written for dust and water resistant though oneplus has gone to some lengths to trying to avoid water infiltrating the guts of the oneplus 60 you get a nice bit of fun protection

around the various orifices and everything so I wouldn’t go dunking it in the bath or anything but certainly take out on a rainstorm no worries I’ve been using the media Pro moon as well as it’s been absolutely fine as for the screen tech it’s an AMOLED on both of these phones you get six point to one inch AMOLED here on the v8 pone it’s a six point four one inch here on the oneplus 60 it both sport a stretched aspect reassure well suited to the likes of Netflix so as you can see here if you’re streaming video you don’t get any of that annoying letterboxing above and below the display just fills the screen nicely and it’s full HD plus visuals on both these handsets as well so as you can see nice and crisp decent contrast levels and everything as well as you can see when you’re viewing photos detail levels are basically identical not not some any particularly sharpness on one compared with the other and the color vibrancy as well nice punchy colors on both phones as you’d expect from an AMOLED panel because when it comes to brightness levels those Yami is definitely the winner of the to boost it all the way up to top levels where it’s about 600 nits compared with the oneplus 60 you will notice the Yami is definitely the brighter of the two very striking indeed and obviously clarity is fantastic even in really sunny

conditions not that we get that much these days here in the UK as far as audio goes you’ve got full control over the audio output as well you do actually have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack unfortunately on either of these smartphones you will have to use a type-c USB dongle as you can see you got full control over the audio output when you’ve got those headphones in there and both are apps that you find the built-in speakers just for watching a bit of video action or something like that but I certainly won’t use them to jam to any music now what is actually on board in terms of the software where you of course you get a nice bit of Android action it’s actually the latest version here on the oneplus it’s Android at pi here on the jam you meet it pro it’s still Android or your version 8.1 point zero but hopefully I should get an update to Android Pi imminently and of course they both support their manufacturers or overlay as well here on the oneplus sixty you’ve got oxygen OS version 9.0 point three and on the meet it pro it’s a bit of me UI or me UE as I like to call it version nine point six that of course changes up the general look and feel of these handsets they are both undeniably Android handsets but you’ll not a few little differences so residents here on the 1 plus 60 you got a handy little apps tray to hide away all of your apps you don’t want cluttering your desktops unfortunately don’t

get that on the meet it port with me UI there’s no way of doing that to have all your apps or be shoved away in folders just like it’s a bloody iPhone or something you want to change that up you’ll have to actually change the default launcher you also get a full fish with recognition here on the oneplus 60 or feature which is promised to be coming to the meet it poor for select regions but it’s definitely not here yet it’s nice and quick and easy bits you just tap that power button and it recognizes your mug and boom your string to your desktops 1 plus 60 also supports an in screen a fingerprint sensor which is your only sort of mean a quick method of security here on the xiaomi of kids it works pretty well you’ve got a sort of lightly press your finger against the sensor and boom you’re into your desktops getting quite quick and quite accurate although i do get more fields with the in screen fingerprint sensor than i did with the traditional physical ones both overlays you get loads of gesture support and things like that as well you do get the bonus of the funky one-handed mods here on the xiaomi mere pro this just allows you to shrink down the entire display the quick swipe across that navigation document which your notifications all of your apps work in this mode and everything to you don’t get that level of support here on the oneplus 16:40 you can’t drag down the notifications bar quickly and easily

at any point like so you can trim down the entire screen to easily use your apps now the similarity between the two though is they both have what is called shelf here on oxygen or s and what is called the apps vault here on the jar meet me at pro this is just fast access to your favorite apps contacts things like that and you can fully customize them to add in bonus widgets and stuff so as you can see a few similarities a few differences between the two in terms of general features but of course you can install your own over layers you want launchers on top of either of these handsets something like nova if you’ve got your own particular favorites as for performance that they are evenly matched is yummy me at put on the oneplus 60 both sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset the other one plus 60 got a choice of six or eight gigs of ram here are the Xiaomi it’s eight gigs as default so unsurprisingly this called very similarly in the Geekbench of benchmarking tests i have the e gig model of the oneplus 60 here and as you can see the scores are basically the same between the xiaomi and the oneplus so unsurprisingly your apps basically lured instantly law around or any guff like that every day experience is nice and smooth and of course if you are going to be playing the likes of pub G you can expect it to play it on the top detail settings with a nice smooth frame rate and here on the one +16 you to

actually get the new and improved gear man mode as well this optimizes that the conditions for your gear make sure that surfaces of your playing pub G that gets all of the resources that you need and if you dive into the Advanced Settings you also have the network boost feature which prevents any background tasks from basically nabbing your vital connectivity you can also prevent notifications from pestering you and everything during use as well which is a very handy indeed as you can see there got on top issue your graphics high frame rate and found absolutely no problems with this and again ditto from the Jam even though it’s not that dedicated given was still does very very nicely indeed nice smooth frame rate when it comes to the battery tech the one plus 60 is our favor of the – you got a 3,700 milliamp per cell stuffed inside one plus sixty it’s a smaller more modest 3000 milliamp here on the jolly well discovered as a bit they want plus sixty will easily get a full day of use out there even with very intensive use non-stop skyping and gaming and stuff you’re basically last a bedtime hey Jambi me it poor you’ll have to be a little bit more reserved than that if you want to last a full of deer but still even pretty heavy use you’ll still make it through a full deer definitely the battery life is solid despite our smaller cell you get Qualcomm quick charge for plus support here on the Jeremy and as

a bit of one pluses on – charge here in the 1 + 60 both mice and nippy and you keep your handset nice and cool at while charging and you don’t get wireless charging to support with the end of these smartphones but honestly who gives a flying flip as for the storage it’s 128 gigs of storage on both blowers as well neither fallen supports micro SD memory cards unfortunately but there’s faced 128 gigs that’s probably gonna do yet alright and now let’s have a bit of a chat about the camera tech I’m actually doing a full camera comparison between these yummy mIET pro and the oneplus 60 at the moment so stay tuned for that it might even go live at the same time as this video as I’m doing this whole under embargo but right now we’ll run through the hardware and the features so you get a bit of an idea of how they compare those yummy it pro as you can see spots a dual lens setup just like the one plus 60 you got a 12 megapixel primary lens with an F 1.8 aperture that’s backed by another 12 megapixel lens with f2 I’m for aperture here with one plus sixty it’s a 16 megapixel primary lens with F 1.7 aperture and a 20 megapixel secondary lens again with F 1.7 so basically the oneplus can suck up a little bit more detail and a little bit more light on those lower light conditions as well you get full optical image stabilization on both the Jeremy and the oneplus however the Xiaomi me it pro does also boast a two times optical zoom something you don’t get here on the oneplus let’s just jump on into the camera apps and you’ll see how they stack up in terms of features so as you start off in your full auto force or

more but you can get to a different section such as the video with a tap or by swiping along like so you’ve actually got a bit of AI camera smarts here on the Xiaomi me it’s pro you don’t have an AI mode per sear here on the oneplus 60 but it does do pretty smart scene recognition again change the choose the best settings based on the conditions and get you a nice good luck and snap you can also jump into portrait mode that uses the dual lens setup on both of these phones to latently subjects and blur out the background gives you a nice depth of focus in your shot here on the Jam you’ve got a few other mods as well such as the manual modes if we drag up here you’ll see that this one 460 also has a manual mode called the pro mode this just allows you to fiddle with the likes of the white balance to match your surrounding conditions and you actually shoot in RAW format here on the oneplus 60 in that pro mode as well they got some other bonuses such as panorama mode on both of them as well and you can also shoot a time-lapse and slow-motion video as well slightly buried away here on the Xiaomi pro as you can see it’s just in there but it comes to the video quality in shoot all the way up to 4k resolution footage on both of these smartphones and were tops off at 30 frames per second here on the Jami whereas at the oneplus 60 can shoot 4k at up to 60 frames per second even with quite smooth image stabilization that said if you bump it down a full HD resolution you can actually shoot all the way up to a hundred and 20

frames per second here on the mir bro which is more than the human eye can even see that’ll be very hyper realistic results and of course you quickly swapped about front-facing camera as well on the media pro it’s a 20 megapixel front-facing camera F 2.0 and on the oneplus it’s a 16 megapixel that’s again F 2.0 so sort of all keep your light condition as you can see they set a decent amount of stuff into your selfie and get a nice bit of touristy monument action behind you get a group emits around do whatever you want as I say I’ll leave it there for now but deftly stay tuned for my in-depth camera comparison between these smartphones to see how they stack up for photo and video quality across a range of conditions and that in a nutshell is my Zsa Mimi 8 Paul vs. 1 plus 60 comparison as you can see both smartphone support quite similar specs in a lot of regards but a very different general software features and layout in a lot of respects I do prefer the oneplus 60 it does of course have that really front fill and display despite having quite similar dimensions to the Xiaomi me at Paul you get a bigger screen in there bigger battery as well the likes the game and mode and thank God and apps tree but will let me at poor impressed more for its camera tech with as I say stay tuned for that and you can check out my full review at this bad boy over on rockin boo thanks for watching everyone don’t forget for more on the latest and greatest technological that subscribe button mending that notifications belches

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