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all right so another daylight another smartphone comparison and today it is a big one although the actual telephones themselves aren’t especially massive we’ve got some some galaxy s21 and google’s fresh new pixel 6. google’s blower is nicely priced at only 599 quid compared with the samsung galaxy s2 1 which will still cost you 769 pounds right now but both come container superb camera tech you’ve got some strong specs in there and sumptuous exposes for all of your media needs so let’s do a full side-by-side comparison with the pixel 6 and the galaxy s21 see which one is likely to be best for you whether you’re a gamer a netflix love whatever i’ve done full evaluations on both if you want to know more please do push subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest greatest tech mirths alrighty so we’ve got samsung’s s21 on the left we’ ve got the google pixel 6 on the right and as “youre seeing” there the samsung galaxy s 21 is the dinkier of the two pleasing the pact is just 6.2 inches meanwhile the pixel 6 is a 6.4 inches so still reasonably compact to convert a lot of 2021 smartphones which are topping the seven inch range now but they used to be more

compact in the previous generation and the pixel 6 does appear even bigger due to the fact you’ve got these large-hearted fatty bezels encircling that showing as well compared with a nice scrawny insidiou try here on the s21 somewhat rounder angles as well on the samsung blowers are slightly more comfortable to clutch compared with that pixel however whichever your select i would say if possible get a screen protector on the go because the galaxy s2 1 and the pixel 6 both expend gorilla glass invictus to protect that parade it’s very put resistant but unfortunately it does scratch up a bit uh certainly if you put it in a pocket with some of the hard object lucks are it’s going to get a bit of a gouging now throw these bad boys over and check out that ascent and the specific characteristics couldn’t really be much more different the galaxy s21 expends a mingle of plastic and glass which samsung has charmingly entitled glastic of course they have you can grab the s21 in a variety of different hues including lovely colorful endeavours like this sort of purply violet and touchwood no real ratifies of wear and tear on that r7 compared with the screen the matte finish of the s21 means that it doesn’ t really pick up greasy fingerprints or scratches either which is really really good on the

other hand on the pixel 6 here it is a glossy finish it’s actually gorilla glass 6 around back there which i spotted has scratched up a lot less than the front end awfully burnished and silky so it does pick up finger scratches although this darker model does a tolerable responsibility of obscuring those you can also pick it up in a couple of different uh lighter shades if you prefer the best of the knot is likely to be the distressingly titled sort of sea foam so if you can ask for that one and remain a straight face then good on you and both these blowers are ip68 water and dust resistant as well so nora is if you want to take them in the shower cliff them in the bathroom what it is you reverie now when you actually want to switch the phones on and use them well you’ve got an in-display fingerprint sensor on both these blowers it’s an ultrasonic scanner now on the galaxy s21 as i can take a 3d pattern of your fingerprint and use that for extreme accuracy and it is reasonably nippy and i’ve had absolutely no troubles with it to be honest over time in the case of google’s pixel 6 it has more basic optical sensors exactly mostly fuels light-colored at your fingerprint in

order to uh to read an image of it i’ve had a bit more with this one certainly if your hands are just a little bit damp or a little cool i found that it precisely tends to fail more often than not which is really annoying instead the galaxy s21 also offers a bit of face unlock as well if you find you can’t squander your hands for whatever reason unfortunately it’s not the best facing locker in the world if the illuminate is slightly ropey then it feels more often than not as i did that first time i bloody tried it and in the case of the pixel 6 well there’s no face unlock peculiarity at all so even a somewhat ropey face open is better than bugger all so let’s have a shifty at the software here on the google pixel 6 is the latest freshest android 12 and i love the stock format as you would expect because the galaxy s2 1 is still racing android 11 should be updated to android 12 shortly and of course you’ve got samsung’s one ui launcher on there to sort of change up the general look and feel so you’ll notice the esthetics are slightly different especially when

you drag down like the notifications prohibit for example and you won’t determine exactly the same boasts on the samsung and the google as well because samsung has added some bonus fragments in with one ui and also you’ve got some pixel exclusives here that won’t be coming to the s21 so for instance there’s the face and lock feature which i already mentioned if you’re really into customization samsung offers a lot of different themes and things like that and while both telephones furnish an always-on display you have greater customization again here on the s21 you can stick one of your gallery photos on there otherwise you’ve got a totality bunch of different themes again you can choose from why including a chucky one which i’m actually allured up here 74 penny for although you could just download a picture of chucky and slap it on there yourself but both phones share all the same large-scale features and uh here on the google pixel 6 you’re guaranteed 5 years of modernizes samsung’s s21 not more far behind them you’re guaranteed three android os updates or android 12 and then 13 and 14 beyond that and then four years of security revises now on the s21 as well although those defence revises probably won’t come quite as thick and fast as the pixels towards the end of the s21′ s life one of the major design ingredients though it

should be are you a samsung devotee do you use samsung business like samsung p samsung state all that kind of shenanigans because of course the s21 comes perfectly carried with all of that shiz uh i personally favor google’s on business likes of google fee etc uh so i just find this annoying now on the s21 precisely bogs it down with duplicate services and it’s reassuring though that no matter your option of the s21 or the pixel 6 both samsung and google go privacy and security very seriously undoubtedly so you’ve got the samsung knox insurance collection on the galaxy s 21 you’ve got like the titan m2 security chip on the pixel 6 both of them unusually very strong when it comes to encrypting and safely storing your data that’s for your storage where you got 128 gigs as standard but you do have the option of spunk ball cache at either samsung or google for a 256 gig simulate but neither of them come with micro sd expandability if you want to bun in a bit of extra storage so

you better make sure you get enough oh and if you want to rock two sims at once then the galaxy s21 is going to be your best bet that’ s got a dual sim slot whereas you can only deposit a single physical sim into the google pixel 6 and we’ll thankfully both do also support esim if that’s going to be an option that works for you so let’s move on to the screens in both the galaxy s21 and the google pixel 6 play and oled expose you’ve got fully customizable colouring productions you can have bold colourful hues if you like or more natural looking visuals as well you don’t have hdr support on the likes of netflix there’s a full hd plus resolve on both as well 2400 by 1080 so technically the s21 is slightly sharper because it is a slightly smaller expose but there’s no change in tone when you participate them side by side nice crisp visuals pixel makes somewhat warmer colors by default but as i say that’s fully customizable and both of them reach a very strong top brightness when you bump it all the way up everything is clearly visible

outdoors even on a sunny date no worries the s21s can dim down slightly further than the pixel 6 but both are nice and cozy for late night goal especially got the eye comfort modes or light-footed shenanigans strong goal angles as well and simply a dinky little selfie orifice punching its mode into proceedings when “theres going” full screen it’s ever so slightly more gaping here on the pixel six but there’s very little in it as for the refresh rate well it scales all the way up to 120 hertz here on the galaxy s21 precisely 90 hertz transcends off now on the pixel 6 but i’ll be imperfection if my knuckle peepers can tell the difference between them regardless and it is an adaptive refresh rate on both as well so they can scale up or down depending on what you’re up to so you’re not constantly at that are consistent with on maximum refresh and waste and battery life as for the audio well you’ve got a stereo orator setup on both the galaxy s 21 and the google pixel 6 and it is ear spathingly good in both cases let’s just check them out side by side 20 21 thus far costing you really 600 of your british pounds and that’s despite pack in a little bit of upgraded

camera action google’s snazzy new tensor chipset and some serious ass action now hear him again here on the pixel british pounds and that’s despite bundle in a bit of ameliorated camera activity google’s snazzy brand-new tensor chipset and some serious ass act realize on the top magnitude neat and strident and clear on both of them as well you don’t get tinny yield or anything slightly more echoey and hollow maybe on the s21 but there’ s not really much in it at all i really like them for only kicking back with a bit of youtube or netflix whatever if you can’t be vexed to get all headphoned up sadly however there is sadly a slight headphone jack activity on either the galaxy s21 or the pixel 6 so basically it’s dongles or bluetooth the whole way thankfully i detected the bluetooth streaming on both these telephones utterly flawless even in a really busy central london location like london

bridge something like that nice and powerful and stable now act and the pixel 6 jam-packs in google’s fresh brand-new tensor chipset with eight gigs ram in backup meanwhile the galaxy s21 exploits samsung’s on exynos 2100 likewise with eight gigs of ram when it comes to straight up grunt the galaxy s21 is the superior with an exodus chipset as you can see in the side-by-side geekbench 5 tests such differences in carry-on is notable when you are playing a really demanding android claim like gentian impact peculiarly if you bump up the detail decideds in the frame pace you’ll notice there’s a fair more judgment and stumbling going on on the pixel six likewise tends to heat up a little bit faster around that arse objective as well that said though i thought that both the pixel 6 and the galaxy s 21 can handle everyday life perfectly no boys they’ll range any app out there you can multitask with a bit of split screening if you want to lots of background tasks run at the same time i didn’t notice any real rendition controversies at all if you are just playing games like call of duty mobile pubg etc etc absolutely fine on the pixel 6 as well as the galaxy s21 nice smooth frame rate even when you elevate up the detail heights and the good news is you actually get a proper dedicated gaming

modes here in android 12 on the google pixel 6 as well just as you get a gaming state on the galaxy s21 these can block notifications for you while you’re gaming they can also record the screen so you can save your finest times but the one ui gaming mod does pack in more peculiarities which will hopefully come to the stock android account soon and as you would expect from a couple of flagship smartphones in 2021 you’ve got full 5g supporting built into both of these bad boys and of course the actual band subscribed will differ depending on what region you’re in a nice strong dependable wi-fi on them both as well so as far as the connectivity runs not a fus nonetheless there is a big difference between these two blowers when it comes to the battery life examine the samsung galaxy s21 athletics a four thousand milliamp cadre and it does struggle to make it through a full action-packed day you’re gonna have to take it easy on the poor fella because otherwise it exactly can’t handle it it’ll be dead before you’re all tucked up with teddy at nighttime on the other hand the google pixel 6 upgrades that to a 4 600 milliamp capability artillery and i detected the longevity on this thing was absolutely stunning even with around six to seven hours of screen on time and that’s some serious screen on time like proper sat nav ends skyping with the farm all that good trash i found that i generally had around 20 to 30 battery life left at the end of a really busy day never once did it run dry on

me even when i was you know proper out and about all day long when it comes to the recharging well neither particularly affects you’ve got 30 watt billing speedings now on the pixel 6 25 watt on the galaxy s21 both place adaptive bill so at least the battery life should hopefully not cheapen much over age and yeah you don’t get an actual adapter wrap in the box with either of these blowers merely the usb cables you’ll want to use an aged adapter otherwise spunk up a bit more cash if you don’t have one and like most flagship smartphones you’ve got full-on wireless blaming patronage as well with both the s21 and the pixel six so as long as you’ve got a qi wide wireless blame stand then you’re all good so let’s finish with a squint-eyed of that camera tech and as you can see multi-lens setup on both of these blowers the galaxy s21 stones a 12 megapixel primary sensor while the pixel 6 raises the megapixel count to 50 and both come back in optical idol stabilization the good news is that both the samsung galaxy s21 and the google pixel 6 produce great search photos whatever the conditions the pixel 6 does tend to capture finer items up close as well as slightly more accurate colors and skin tones while google also offers dual statu brightness buttons for hdr shots so it’s definitely more flexible when you’re shooting against light skies and the like not that the s21 can’ t handle contrast of course nonetheless the pixel is also superior in low-pitched light-colored with sharper focus and once again more natural looking arises both of these

phones can make dazing likenes snaps as well as handle live and moving themes moderately vicious well the s21 and the pixel 6 likewise pack in a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter and the results are similar with both again the pixel is slightly more accurate with those hues and it is good to have that extra opennes when needed now the pixel 6 doesn’t have a dedicated telephoto lens while the s21 has a 64 megapixel telephoto shooter that doesn’t really offer much in the way of actual optical zoom it predominantly exactly pastures into a high megapixel image all the same the pixel meridians off at a seven experiences digital zoom which sounds a bit poop you won’t want to boost in any higher than the two times level meanwhile the s21 merely are now starting to skirmish around the 5 to 10 seasons rank but it can go all the way up to 30 seasons zoom if you’re on a photo that lookings about as requesting as a brussels sprout sandwich as far as the camera uis go well i prefer google’s because it’s slightly cleaner less dense than the galaxy s21 but both pack in the same basic bonus aspects so for instance you can quickly and readily swap to a photograph procedure when you’re shooting a living breathing subject or just a dazzling dummy like veronica now and as you can see there’s slightly more zoomed in on the pixel compared with the s2 1 you’ ve also got a dedicated darknes state on both pixel 6 and the s21 as well which can initiate automatically and that just helps to produce lighter shots when things are again gravely ambient you do get ladens of extra bonus modes

here on the galaxy s 21 compared with the pixel lore the likes of the single give that’s one of my favorites uh this just allows you to shoot all kinds of different photos and videos simultaneously just by pressing the button once surely good when there’s lots of war going on so yeah that’s that’s definitely one of my firm s21 favorites nonetheless if you’re into editing your grabs then the google pixel 6 might be better for you because of the new occult eraser tool which is absolutely fantastic huge behavior of only wiping out any annoying stragglers in the background and cleaning up your shots with merely a couple of quick taps as for video where you can shoot up to 8k resolution footage on the s21 but i would say gravely stick with 4k if you don’t want to completely pack your storage in such matters of minutes either of these telephones can shoot at 30 or 60 frames per second in that ultra hd resolving and they’re both really really good my personal preference is definitely the samsung out of the two so if you’re really big into your tusk movies i’d say go for that one somewhat crisper item uh some really nice natural seem images coming through but you know what the pixel does the job nicely and then last-place up the selfie cam housing a little orifice around front on both these blowers and uh it’s a 10 megapixel f8 on the galaxy s21 and a mere eight megapixel influence now on the pixel you can change it up so it’s either truly focusing on your face otherwise getting a good part of

background action slash uh random mates faces in any selfie follower should certainly extend samsung in my opinion uh the google’s front-facing snapper is the weak spot in those pixel optics struggling to produce something that doesn’t look grainy and slouse when the illuminate isn’t model and that right there in a nutshell is how the samsung galaxy s21 and google’s fresh new pixel six flagship smartphones stack up in a side-by-side comparison they both furnish a very great satisfying premium everyday experience certainly if you’re a gamer though you’ll probably want to go with samsung’s galaxy s2 1 conversely if battery life is your priority the pixel 6 proposals the very best so which one are you more personally attempted by be great to your thoughts down in the comments below satisfy do uh introduce subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest tech yada yada and of course check out my full in-depth reviews on both the pixel 6 and the s21 live right now encourages everyone love you

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