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so in a couple of weeks 2020 is over but i have one more best of 2020 video to do i want to talk about truly wireless earbuds i may not have reviewed individual buds throughout the year that often but i have a ton here in the studio that i personally used and my hope and goal is that i help you decide on the perfect pair if you’re in the market for one now if you’re new to this channel i would appreciate it if you hit the subscribe button and the bell notification it would be the fantastic way to end this year now the first pair is all about the best truly wireless earbuds for virtual assistants and that definitely goes to the pixel buds like these things are amazing when it comes to that virtual assistant experience like if you’re someone whose hands are constantly full maybe you’re wearing these things throughout the entire day and you just want to bark commands to your phone these are it you know google has done it better than any other manufacturer especially when you pair it with a pixel device google’s constantly offering feature drops to these earbuds to improve the experience not only can you do things like ask the news or whether or give you directions but if you’re in a different country maybe not now but in the future you can use them to translate languages live now the sound quality is not bad it’s not the best i’ve used but it’s still good i do find it to be a bit too digital but overall it’s it’s good battery life is fine it’s not gonna win any awards for having the best battery life but these are so comfortable to wear like i could literally leave these in my ear throughout the entire day and not getting the ear fatigue this is a test using the pixel buds this is a test using google’s pixel butts this is a test using the pixel buds now if all you care about is having silence especially if you’re working from home when you have kids and dogs then the best pair of active noise canceling truly wireless earbuds goes to the bose quietcomfort earbuds like these things are on another level i always thought the airpods pro had the best noise cancellation no no no no these guys do they’re so good in fact even the sound is good like

some of the best truly wireless earbuds i’ve listened to throughout the entire year not the best but almost the best i feel like this just offers a very balanced experience with everything you know good battery life like around seven hours not the best but really good fantastic sound but the best active noise cancellation the only only thing holding it back from being the best pair is the size you know these things are chunky they’re not heavy they just look big and then this case it’s it’s giant you know like i could literally have two one plus cases or two and a half and this would still be a bit bigger this is a voice test coming from the bose quietcomfort earbuds this is a voice test coming from the bose quietcomfort earbuds sound quality though is super subjective what sounds really good to me might not sound as good to you but i feel like after everything i’ve tested the sennheiser truly wireless momentums generation 2 offered the best sound quality they look exactly like the first generation the design the case it comes in different colors now and even the earbuds themself but they still offer a truly rich and vibrant sounding experience the passive noise cancellation is fantastic because it applies a lot of pressure inside of your ear canal and these two now have active noise cancellation so you get that extra benefit of keeping your environment quiet and they do a really good job the only things i don’t like about these earbuds is that the battery life is only up to four hours which is not going to break any records which is still fine i guess and i get ear fatigue you know because this applies so much pressure inside of your ears after about an hour i have to take them out you know i just just find them to get uncomfortable so if you’re just looking for good spurts of of listening to music then these are great but if you plan on wearing these throughout the entire day you might find them a bit uncomfortable to use the test using the sennheiser momentum generation 2.

This is a test using the sennheiser truly wireless earbuds momentum generation 2. now for working out this goes to the powerbeats pro like when these things came out in 2019 for 350 they were really expensive but in 2020 they introduced some brand new colors and dropped the price to 170 bucks these are a steal if you’re a avid gym goer like the design of these things are meant for gym users these hooks stay securely around your ear and and once it’s in the tip of the earbud doesn’t have that same type of pressure that the sennheisers do they go inside and they provide a little bit of passive noise cancellation but you can still hear your environment and i feel like this is really important if you’re a runner because you’re going to be outdoors you’re going to be running you’re going to hear for cars you know you don’t want to have that tight passive noise cancellation the beauty of these things is the battery life like on a single charge i’ve gotten up to 10 hours of battery life and the sound quality is better than the regular airpods the test using the beats powerbeats pro you’re listening to the microphone using the beats power beats pro at this point all the earbuds i’ve talked about have been well over a hundred dollars and it’s expensive for a lot of you or some of you at least and i know a lot of people who watch my videos or a lot of people in general just want something decent you know they don’t want to spend a ton of money they just wanted to work and do the things they needed to do and if that’s you for 50 bucks take a look at the oneplus buds zed don’t look at the oneplus buds skip those these are better and they’re cheaper for 50 bucks you get pretty good sound you get ipx 55 resistance so you get some pretty good splash resistance so you can like wear these outside in the rain they’re not going to break on you they fit very comfortably because they have that ear tip they go inside so they

provide pretty good passive noise cancellation better than the regular air pods battery life is good they support dolby atmos especially if you’re using with a oneplus device and they have bluetooth 5.0 now if that is still too expensive for you and you want something cheaper i haven’t reviewed them yet but i’ve heard good things about anker’s soundcore neo those guys retail for about 28 to 39 dollars i’m not gonna say i recommend it because i haven’t tested it but those might be a good option to explore this is a test using the oneplus buzz zed this is a test using the oneplus buds zed this is a test using the oneplus buds zed [Music] and finally for the best overall pair of headphones it comes down to two specific ones the first one being the airpods pro and this is only absolutely only if you’re an ios user i mean like this is a no-brainer right you buy these it pairs instantly with your smartphone you get stats in the widgets bar letting you know how much charge is left in the case how much how much longer until they’re fully charged it has that continuity so like i could be like wearing these things checking out my iphone then turn to my ipad and start a movie and they’ll automatically transition to the ipad like that’s pretty awesome stuff then you have all these baked in features like spatial audio active noise cancellation is like really good just below the quiet comforts this is a voice test coming from the airpods pro this is a voice test coming from the airpods pro if you’re an android user i don’t recommend the airpods pro or even the

airpods you’re just not going to be able to take advantage of all the benefits i would actually get the jabra elite 75 t’s not the 85 t’s the 75 t’s i feel like for the price point of 120 dollars you’re getting everything like look how tiny this case is you know usbc charging these came out in like january of 2020 but they fit well they’re not too bulky they just updated them to have active noise cancellation like come on how many companies can you think of that update their headphones eight months later to give you a new feature not a lot maybe the pixel buds because of the google assistant but every other company no so good active noise cancellation not the best good very good sound spectrum a little bit bass heavy but overall great good battery life and it even has like splash resistance so you could totally use these for the gym as well this is a test using the jabra elite 75 t this is a test using the jabra elite 75t so that wraps up my top picks for the best truly wireless earbuds actually i want to give an honorable mention to the galaxy buds live to me these guys have the most comfortable fit i’ve ever worn and a pair of truly wireless earbuds i gotta commend samsung for coming out with a fantastic design so hopefully that answered your question if you want to check out any of these truly wireless earbuds i’ll place links in the description down below happy holidays happy new year like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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