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the realme gt2 pro is not only the first smartphone to release with a bio-based polymer backplate but the world’s first mass-produced smartphone to make use of a 50-megapixel 150 degree field-of-view ultra-wide camera camera alongside that crazy ultra wide lens sits another 50 megapixel main sensor as well as a microscope camera the gt2 pro also packs in a new qhd plus ltpo display 4 nanometer run snapdragon 8 gen1 chipsets 65 watt charging and loads of goodies in the box with all that said it’s time to deep dive into my full review of the real me gt2 pro the realme gt2 pro comes in four different color variants that been steel black titanium blue which are both frosted glass or you could pick up a paper finished biopolymer style paper white or paper green i have the paper green variant which looks fantastic i wish that they included a paper like case in the box which matched the color nevertheless we get a black silicon case and it still does the job for day one but you really have to feel this device it sounds amazing when you scrape against it it feels fantastic and it protects the environment what is there not to like about the design of this new real me gt2 pro inside of it sits a 5 000 milliamp hour battery with 65 watt wide charging unfortunately no wireless charging here at the helm is a snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset lp ddr5 ram ufs 3.1 storage but unfortunately no ip water and dust certification what it does have though is a gorilla gloss victus display as well as an aluminum frame you do also get a gorilla glass back if you do opt for the blue or black variants of the device or you can pick up the bio-based polymer back that i have here with me today which is quite a bit lighter but still the same thickness cutting into that paper-like design sits a trio of cameras namely the 15 millimeter ultra wide sensor

which is 50 megapixels and it is of course an isoscell jn1 sensor with a crazy high field of view of 150 degrees alongside that is a 24 millimeter main sensor which is a 50 megapixel sony imac 766 sensor and completing the trio is a microscope lens and while it is interesting to use which we’ll get to in a second unfortunately there is no telephoto camera this time around that 150 degree field of view ultrawide sensor does make for some awesome fisheye mode shots as well as regular shots but we don’t have 50 megapixel mode in that one we can only use 119 degrees field of view for 50 megapixel mode here’s the main sensor and putting it down looks actually a hell of a lot better thanks to ai and moving on to two times digital zoom which you can actually shoot at 50 and bend down as well it looks pretty decent but going to five times digital zoom on the 50 megapixel mode for some strange reason gets a bit wonky and blurry but it looks a bit better when bend down same thing can be said with ten times digital zoom but 20 times digital zoom there is no 50 megapixel mode and it doesn’t look the best i’ve seen but it’s not the worst either we do have the ultra wide camera at the back of this thing which is honestly one of the main selling points of this device it looks absolutely fantastic and i have so much fun with that fish eye mode effect unfortunately you cannot actually record video with the fisheye effect or 150 degree field of view which you’ll see in a moment but it still makes for some really interesting looking shots and taking a normal

photo of my mates groot over here switching on portrait mode gives for some perfect edge detection moving on to close-up shots unfortunately there is no macro mode over here and there’s no macro sensor either and it doesn’t really work with ultrawide but we do have that micro lens which is a microscopic camera and it does a decent job getting nice and close and personal to subjects i can’t actually say i prefer it as opposed to a macro camera because unless you’re a scientist this is not really going to be that useful for you and yes it might be something that you’re going to show your friends on day one or say you haven’t seen that friend in two months and you want to show him the microscope lens that your phone has it will be really cool for a couple minutes but after that you’re never really gonna use it in person it makes for some cool video too you can record using it at 720p 30fps but it’s just 2 megapixels so the quality is not that great we can also record bokeh video at 1080p and 30fps even though the snapdragon 8gen1 chipset is capable of 4k bokeh i still have yet to see that on a snapdragon 8gen1 powered smartphone device and the edge detection is questionable in the video mode we have 8k 24 frames per second main and main obviously being the main camera this is not kitted with the ultrawide it’s a bit janky but still super clear 4k 60 is super smooth one of the smoothest i’ve ever seen before and its clarity is right up there with the best of the best in terms of flagship names but the ultrawide is capped at 30fps at 4k

and it does some weird stuff if you look at the distortion around the edges hopefully this gets patched with a future software updates so there’s no 60fps with ultrawide at 4k but there is at 1080p and it looks a hell of a lot better than it did with 4k because obviously there’s no edge distortion and recording with ultrawide at night 1080p 60fps it’s pretty much pitch black a lot of grains around here looks okay 4k 30fps once again some distortion on the edges but things are tad but brighter and moving onto 4k 60fps using the main camera actually looks pretty darn fantastic thanks to the new isps that we have within the snapdragon 801 chipset and moving on to 4k30 while it is brighter it’s a lot more grainy and it’s a lot more stuttery i think i’d actually prefer to stick to 4k 60 fps when filming at night using the main camera 8k 24 frames per second at night actually does an okay job a little bit of sparkly effects around there i’m not sure if you can see that but weird i don’t think the phone is too optimized for its lenses and its software and its chipset nevertheless fisheye mode at night and 150 degree field of view at night they look okay there’s no night mode option for them though there is a night mode option for the 119 degrees field of view ultra wide cam a bit strange but it looks okay night mode off on the main sensor night mode on night mode is supposedly five times better thanks to the new snapdragon 81 chipset though i can’t really say this is five times better than what i’ve seen from realme in the past in terms of night mode photography it looks

okay but zooming in because there’s no telephoto camera everything is just a bit blurry and grainy i can’t really recommend this phone for its camera as a whole it takes some awesome photos in terms of ultrawide as well as some really good main shots but overall it’s just not that consistent taking photos at night of a close subject there is no night mode photography for boca portraits but we do have flash modes for the micro lens if you answer that kind of thing the camera is a bit of a mixed bag for me but i do have so much fun with that ultrawide sensor we do have a textured power button on the right hand side volume rocker on the left hand side at the bottom we have a dual sim 5g standby tray no expandable storage but there is a water resistant seal even though there’s no ip certification usb 2.0 at the bottom as well as its first dual stereo speaker which is paired with dolby atmos the second one is found within the earpiece and the selfie camera is a 32 megapixel f 2.4 snapper that takes more than decent photos i wasn’t expecting them to come out this good and the portrait mode has almost perfect edge detection what’s up guys technical recording a 1080p at what i can only assume to be 30 fps on the brand new realme gt2 pro the real reason the real me reason why i say 30 fps on the selfie cam is because

there’s only two options option one being 720p option two being 1080p there’s no option to flick between the frame rate when recording with the selfie cam which is a bit of a bummer otherwise let me know what you guys think of the audio and video quality when using the selfie cam on the real me gt2 pro you can also use bokeh video while the edge detection is not as good as it is with its photo mode you can record at 1080p 1080p 30fps using the selfie cam at night does not look the best it does not look the worst it’s just kind of there and selfies at night it is pretty bad guys even with night mode on portrait mode doesn’t have a night mode option but it’s not the best and the flash mode just washes out the colors so not quite as bad as what i’ve seen with recent xiaomi devices and moving on to brighter things over here turning on the device and getting welcomed to some awesome always on display options we do have an under display fingerprint sensor which is awesome and it works as it should unfortunately not ultrasonic and there are like i mentioned loads of different always on display options including silhouette where you can set yourself as your own always-on display and you can create your own always-on display thanks to kaleidoscopes and my one doesn’t look the best but you can do some interesting things with it not sure if you can see that wallpaper in the background when using the 2d face unlock which of course uses the selfie cam but it’s actually a paper-like wallpaper to match that of the phone’s backplate we are considered to real me ui 3.0 on top of android 12.

It is literally the same as color os 12 guys it even says it in the settings color os version 12. i’m going to very briefly touch on the software since i made a full dedicated review on color os 12. make sure you check that out after you finish watching this video such as personalizations which is right up my alley color os 12 is one of the best softwares i have ever used and i really don’t need to sell it to anyone there is almost no clutter and the clutter that there is is just so useful of course there is google and the play store does indeed work as well and the haptics honestly feel like a thousand dollar flagship device coming from the likes of samsung or iphone and of course we also have dual speakers paired with dobby atmos so let’s give them a listen shall we so not so hard keep dreaming now that we’ve heard those feature rich dolby atmos dual stereo speakers what about some gaming starting things off here with gentian impact on the highest possible settings you got to remember the game is capped at 60fps so even though the phone can go up to 120 the game is limited to 60 and we’re hitting between 48 and 57 frames per second which is pretty average for a flagship device running a snapdragon 801 chipset next up we have bullet force now this has an unlimited frames per second cap meaning that if the screen can do 120 fps then the game will do 120 fps but the real me for some reason is capping it at 60 whereas the motorola aj30 and xiaomi 12 pro which are running the same chipsets and very similar displays on not capping it what the xiaomi is capping is real racing 3 same as the real me

over here the motorola hx30 didn’t with the same chipset so we are seeing only 60 fps here we do have ram expansion which makes our 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram go all the way up to 19 gigs but do bear in mind this uses the ufs storage and not the actual ram what does make the phone go quicker is the brand new four nanometer snapdragon 801 octa-core cpu which is supposedly 20 more powerful and 30 percent more power efficient and when paired with the new gt mode which makes your phone even more powerful we got an antutu score of 1 million 6 699 points which was just shy of the xiaomi 12 pro but did beat the motorola ajx30 running the same chipset and when it comes to cpu performance within geekbench version 5 the single core score scored pretty well but the multi-core score is actually worse than the xiaomi mix 4 which is using last generation’s snapdragon 8 plus chipsets and when it comes to gpu performance thanks to 3dmark wildlife we got a score of 9525 points and an average frames per second of 57 which is absolutely incredible but still nothing is yet to beat the almighty king motorola hx30 with a crazy fps score of 60.1 not that you’ll actually notice a difference though what you will notice a difference with is the wqhd plus displayer with a crazy high ppi of 526 and of course the 120hz refresh rate you can choose 60 or 120 or auto and auto uses the ltpo 2.0 display to fluctuate between 1 and 120 fps and as you can see with my on-screen fps counts at the top right corner it actually does just that reaching almost zero fps sometimes not sure if that’s a bit of a glitch i guess you

could just say that’s one fps we do have a 120 hertz max mode over here and it kind of sits around 120 maybe 110 120 give or take but we have a thousand hertz touch sampling rate not many phones around they actually have this kind of technology packed inside of them the display itself is 6.

7 inches it is an amoled display and as many of you may be happy about it is a flat display and is supposedly 50 percent less power hungry it has 1.07 billion colors supports hdr 10 plus content and has a 100 dci p3 color gamut rating and the cherry on top is of course the crazy high brightness at an astonishing 1400 nits really rounding off this display as one of my all-time favorite displays considering the fact that it is also flat the real me gt2 pro has a more than decent selfie camera that is tucked in the corner of its breathtaking qhd plus ltpo 2.0 display not to mention it actually cares about the environment thanks to its biopolymer design that i’ve actually really grown to like it’s kit with an extremely powerful snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset run on 4 nanometer process node technology has a huge 5000mah battery very fast wired charging and a crazy cool 150 degree ultrawide camera which takes impressive photos unfortunately you cannot record video using the 150 degree field of view mode and ultrawide is kept at 30 fps when recording at 4k the imax 766 main sensor takes some incredible shots despite being a tad outdated and while the micro lens is interesting at first it’s actually pretty useless in practice and i feel that a telephoto lens would have been a lot more beneficial that being said the realme gt2 pro is still an exceptional smartphone it’s just hard to recommend as a truly premium flagship due to its lack of wireless charging and ip water resistance rating and a telephoto camera which in turn makes the paper like real me device just out of reach of true greatness

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