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everyone since Scofield here and today I took a short drive downtown Chicago to check out the upcoming G series of phones that Motorola is launching and these are definitely budget devices so there are two the Moto G power and the Moto G stylus yes there is another phone with a stylus now the note series from Samsung seemed to be the only phone that actually included a stylus that you could attach to the phone but now motorola has one now with that in mind you are not going to be paying anywhere near what the note series costs the Moto G power which with the name Moto G power has a larger battery and better battery life is going to run you 250 dollars and the Moto G stylus is going to start at $300 anyways I’d like to compare these two devices there are a lot of similarities however there are some differences so we’ll talk about those as well so let’s go and get started [Music] taking a look at the two devices side-by-side you’ll notice that they look similar in terms of design the power weighs slightly

more because that battery is a little bit bigger but let’s go ahead and talk about these similarities between the two phones both phones have the Snapdragon 665 processor with four gigs of RAM when it comes to internal storage they’re a little bit different 64 gigs on the power and 128 gigs base with the stylus which is kind of cool a $300 phone having that hundred twenty-eight gig storage base and you can expand both of them with microSD cards both have the same screen so it has a six point four inch 1080p display and especially with the minimal bezels it looks really good and of course you have to keep that price point in mind with both of these phones you even have dual stereo speakers with both of these devices one speaker being at the top and one is bottom firing so that is pretty promising and they are saying that it sounds really good now on to the differences between the two phones first of all moto G power it’s going to have better battery life you have a five thousand milliamp hour battery in the power versus four thousand so an extra one thousand milliamp hours which will get you an extended amount of time where is the biggest discrepancy

between the two phones why is there a $50 price gap first of all that internal storage the cameras on the back are different and of course you get a stylus with the G stylus on the back you’ll notice the camera arrangement is just slightly different at the bottom of the lens’s on the power you’ll see that LED flash whereas on the stylus you have that extra lens and that’s a tof lens it’s actually for the laser autofocus that has it and overall the stylus does have a better camera than the power so on the back of the stylus three lenses a 48 megapixel sensor you have a 2 megapixel macro lens which will get you some close-up shots and then you have a 16 megapixel what they are calling action cam which is actually an ultra wide-angle lens in comparison on the power it has a 16 megapixel lens instead of that 48 megapixel it also has a 2 megapixel macro lens and an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens instead of that 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle of course on paper you can expect the stylist to have a better camera I’ll need a little bit more hands-on time with both the phones to compare their shots but with the camera on the stylus you can actually take vertical video yes hold your phone up and down and actually take a horizontal shot now with the ultra wide-angle lens you can go ahead and shoot vertical video hold it around it’s more comfortable to hold that way and then what it does is it processes

it and uses software to actually turn it horizontal which seems like it’s very promising seems like a really cool feature but again it is using the ultra wide-angle lens worth mentioning both of these phones also will launch with Android 10 now onto what makes the stylus so special taking the stylus out you just kind of have to catch the corner of it and pull it is not spring-loaded whatsoever and then when you put it back you have to put it back a certain way there’s two ways you can put it back in if you put it in the wrong way it’ll just kind of stop and not let you keep going so you have to take it out and put it back in I kind of wish you could put it in the same way but again this is the design that they went with there is no battery there’s no bluetooth built into the stylus it’s simply just a stylus that can go inside of your phone it hides very well and seamlessly of course there’s also functionality built into that stylus if your phone is locked just go ahead and pull out that stylus and you can write yourself a quick note I find this very useful in the note series you just go ahead and use a pen you can use a marker you can change the color just write yourself a bunch of different notes maybe write down a phone number real quick you can also be way

more precise with your note-taking abilities you can highlight things you can circle things if you take a screenshot you can draw arrows towards it and it’s just easier to use a stylus to do these things because it is more precise than say using your finger with the phone unlocked and you take the stylus out there are multiple shortcuts that you can customize in a bunch of different ways also if you lock the phone you can set different time frames to alert you when your stylus has not been connected back to your phone to kind of ensure that you don’t lose it in the hand it had a little bit of weight to it so it didn’t feel too cheap at all again I wish you could put it back in the phone both ways but other than that I’m actually a fan of it it’s nice to have another stylus phone on the market so that’s everything cover with the new g-series more coming soon be sure to click that subscribe button I do really like doing budget devices along with flagship so I can get a full view of the entire market in cell phones see how budget devices are catching up to the flagship devices as well so hopefully enjoyed the video be sure to follow me on various social media all links will be down below and as always guys thank you very much

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