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hi everybody welcome back to one more video with lim evaluations now in today’s video clip i’m extremely thrilled to share with you the brand name new latest xiaomi clever band 7 or otherwise known as the me band 7. now the guy is right here today and i’m going to be showing to you a pair of things that you might need to understand there’s not way too much new adjustments contrasted to the small band 6 which i additionally still have below so we’re going to take a look at what’s brand-new as well as what type of features can you anticipate from this xiaomi smart band 7 currently obviously this isn’t introduced worldwide yet as well as it’s only offered in china currently yet yes it is completely functioning below in malaysia and also no concerns with syncing it with my phone everything is functioning completely great so i’m going to show you a bit of my experience after using it for a pair of days now before we start the video certainly if you might simply drop a like and also below to the network that would certainly be very much appreciated with that stated allow’s proceed to the desk as well as inspect out the mini band 7 thoroughly let’s go okay so first points initially you guys can see this is the the box of the xiaomi smartband seven uh it comes in

english already to ensure that’s most definitely great to see um at the sides right here you see that we do have a couple of fascinating functions that xiaomi intends to highlight we have a crisp and clear full amoled screen you additionally have your all day spo2 monitoring variety watch phases ultra long battery life according to xiaomi it has the ability to do about two weeks of battery life but i’ll speak a bit much more on that in the future the other side below you additionally have assistance for greater than 100 various exercise settings you have a water resistant of approximately 50 meters to ensure that suggests you can go real deep besides that it additionally tracks your rests during the night quite typical there as well as of course you additionally have your magnetic charging which is the specific very same battery charger from in 2015 okay so since we’re done with the box we’re mosting likely to relocate the box out of the way for now and also examine out the mini band itself this is not the one this is the one in fact i just got a message below i’m simply going to remove it fine all right so this is the me band 7 men the mi band 7 in fact looks extremely the same to the me band 6. Uh this below is a little bit thicker compared to the mini band 6 right here yet you notice that the elevation is actually very similar so it’s a little larger compared to the mi band 6. that’s the primary distinction immediately currently in regards to the dimension of the screen this is a 1.62 inch amoled display screen whereas this is 1.5 something inch i can’t recall the precise

number so it’s just that bit bigger all best so we’re mosting likely to put that down for currently and also focus on this person if you have a look at the straps in fact it’s the same kind of straps also on the mi band 7 below at the back the sensing units design is a bit various yet overall the entire construct and really feel is just similar to the mi band 6. now i do have my huawei enjoy band or something like that around here i did in fact wish that the mi band 7 grew in size to something like this this huawei band so perhaps next time for the me band 8 they will certainly offer us something a little bigger since truth to be told the text is still extremely tiny on the me band 7. good allow’s see exactly how it functions now the method it runs is a little bit different contrasted to the mini band 6. right currently i believe it’s really significantly individual friendlier because if you simply drag down from the top this is where you enter your alerts and also notifications has likewise been boosted in the feeling that we do have app icons for a lot of applications now previously it was just on just on a number of applications and now you can see that for telegram we do have the telegram icon over there if you enter into your youtube you

have your youtube icons your gmail icons lots of icons going on below so it’s simply very a lot easier to see what kind of notices are can be found in yet once again like i pointed out right here the text itself is really small just comparable to the me band 6 so i’m mosting likely to open up one of these for you men to see you can see how huge the message is and also i’m mosting likely to scroll down here so you can envision exactly how much of the message you can check out i think you can really review the entire thing since you see it simply scrolls on constantly so i believe that’s likewise great for the mi band 7. Overall notifications smart i still believe it is an upgrade compared to the small band 6. good so currently if you drag down you know drag upwards sorry from the base this is where you enter your checklist of applications as well as the scrolling speed is in fact really similar to the one on the mi band 6 not much distinction there i’ll undergo all the applications later on however now we’re mosting likely to have a look at a couple extra points if you just browse towards the left from the residence display this is where you enter into your widgets now the widgets itself is adjustable using the

xiaomi fit application as well as you can place in whatever sort of cards you desire below certainly there is a limitation to the number of cards you can place right here yet i have actually obtained my standard standing at the front if i just scroll along this is where i have my heart rate besides that i also have my sto2 monitoring if you go on again this is where you see this is my stress and anxiety degrees going on we additionally have the climate widget over here the variety of hours i went to sleep last night and likewise certainly you still have that songs gamer so basically this is just a loop that goes from entrusted to right over the whole device all right so one amazing feature of these cards uh or you can say the widgets on the mi band 7 below is that they are really interactive as well as what i suggest by that is you can in fact use the card itself and afterwards you can really see more info uh in the application itself so all of these cards below are really interactive for example we have my spo2 uh we additionally have my anxiety levels if i tap do it i can see a little much more information that i do not need to sign in the more application or from the phone itself very excellent right here to see on the me band 7. Naturally with that bigger screen as date you can also see more info so obviously that’s also excellent currently let’s speak a bit about the applications that we do have in the watch itself or the clever band sorry

about that all best so to begin with we do have your personal activity intelligence uh to be truthful this is quite an expensive name however it generally just shows your activities for the day uh nothing way too much to chat concerning that really really simple currently if you relocate down this is where you get involved in your heart price keeping track of obvious if you go down again this is where you enter your pi score now once again the pi score is something that you build throughout your pair of days throughout the week if you exercise more your high rating will certainly be higher and that implies you are living an extra much healthier way of life so that’s what you get to do with the pie it’s likewise on the amaze feeds nut watches so if you know keeping that it’s the exact same exact thing now moving down we do have your blood oxygen monitoring and this is likewise something that we are currently extremely utilized to it tracks your spo2 throughout the whole day when you are not relocating that means if you are moving around you will not track it the finest outcomes to obtain is when you are asleep at evening since you don’t relocate that much as well as that’s where you get a pretty accurate analysis now relocating down this is where we get into our exercise

settings currently like i discussed earlier on there is greater than 100 various tasks that is being tracked by the xiaomi smartband 7 are the major ones that are your running your treadmill your outdoor biking walking so you have this number of fundamental things right here and if you simply scroll completely to the base this is where you observe you have your all exercises currently if you simply go right into all exercises this is where you can see you have a lots of various other crazy activities that is all being tracked right here so just a whole lot of different tasks to be sincere i do not think they are in fact extremely reputable since also when you go right into an arbitrary task for instance uh it will not track a great deal of information what you do get is primarily just your heart price you know your calories being shed so that’s just something that you ought to bear in mind of great so one point that i do need to highlight on the mi band 7 here is that it still does not featured general practitioners developed in and also i believe this is in fact a core function that i would have wished to be present on the clever band 7 to ensure that’s rather a miss out on there i did take a run the other day night so you can see i do

have my exercise background over below and also if i just go right into that i will be able to see even more information for example the range it’s a great deal of info below in fact the quantity of exercise time my ordinary rate my tempo my stride you do have a great deal of details over right here and also the good news is even when i was accomplishing my runs i had the ability to you understand search with a pair of information extremely essential info throughout the run so i had the ability to tell whether i was doing my run well or otherwise well i think it’s still very excellent for tracking those basic things right here but i have actually had to lug my phone with me so yep without your phone you don’t have your general practitioners and also i believe that’s something that i actually hope would pertain to the xiaomi smart band great moving back now allow’s see what else we have here uh let’s simply return see that the animations are a bit sluggish to make sure that’s also something that i notice here is a bit tardy with the computer animations now function out what’s this one here i can not actually see words however oh this reveals my training load uh based upon the exercises that i’ve executed for the past few days so as an example i do have a great training tons right here uh apart from that if you just drop this reveals that you recognize my workout has actually been terrific until now obviously i have this 46 not also sure my vo2 max appears to be looking penalty right here so i hunch that is fantastic aside from that you also have my recovery period which is 48 hours really i feel perfectly fine to simply go as well as run right now however yep this is the type of information that you do enter the band

itself now besides that scrolling down we do have your stress and anxiety again this is extremely self-explanatory so i won’t discuss that you also have your rest monitoring which similar to the xiaomi band 6 it was very exact you can see a great deal of info directly from the clever band itself fantastic to see that there great stuff as well as certainly you have your weather condition now the weather condition application is this somewhat upgraded it’s for a much more cleaner appearance here you have a great deal of information once more and also customarily you can see your your climate for the following week too now moving down we also have your music regulates your alarm system your setups quite informative things right here all on the band itself to make sure that’s basically what you can get in terms of the attributes offered on the xiaomi wise band 7. Currently the good thing that i like here is in regards to the display there’s a big change right here in the display which is really in the always on display screen currently previously on the me band 6 you were not able to have that feature but on the mi band 7 what it does is that it really whenever it’s sleeping it actually goes right into this constantly on display and also there are a pair of different styles for the various type of watch faces that you use and i definitely like that uh the unfortunately the depressing thing right here is that battery life did take a struck right here and according to what i noticed the battery life minimized by around 30

plus percent each day so presuming i were to transform this on throughout my whole day what this means is that you recognize i will only have a battery life of approximately 3 to four days uh if i did not turn this on i believe we ought to have the ability to strike something similar to what xiaomi cases in terms of battery life possibly possibly about 8 to 10 days it really relies on the quantity of notices that you’re receiving below however just back to this always on display i am definitely crazy with this due to the fact that you understand it simply looks a lot nicer with that said always on display screen turn on good guys i assume this is going to be it for the very first check out the xiaomi wise band 7. Uh naturally i will certainly be doing more examinations for this individual right here i’ve just been utilizing it for the previous three to 4 days so i can not actually share a great deal of details basically it is really very similar to the xiaomi band 6. it is only somewhat broader it features a you understand the always on screen attribute that i discussed as well as in regards to the

tasks it’s more or much less the same due to the fact that it still does not include general practitioners integrated in uh besides that battery life is also extremely comparable to the me band 6 i believe it is a small model or a minor enhancement to the mi band 6. if you currently have the mi band 6 i don’t really think you should update to the mi band 7 but if you remain in the marketplace looking for a new wise band well i guess the xiaomi smartband 7 below may simply work all ideal guys that’s it for today’s video clip once again i hope you enjoyed this extremely quick hands-on do not neglect to drop a like and also sub to the network to reveal your assistance and i intend to see all of you men in the following one keep risk-free everybody bye

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