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hi everyone welcome back to one more video clip with lim assesses so today we’re going to be examining out the all new smartwatch from huawei this is the huawei view 3 pro and also i’ve actually been using it for the past one to two weeks now and also i have a number of things that i want to show to you individuals in this video clip so without further ado allow’s simply delve into it right away now this smartwatch has not yet been launched below in malaysia yet it has been released in various other nations as well as it is retailing for about 499 extra pounds or 690 usd or if you’re from malaysia much like myself that would certainly convert to regarding 2900 ringgit however despite what you say about the price this is definitely a costs smartwatch below and also the rates most definitely fits that too great so in this video clip we’re going to cover a couple of essentials here we’re mosting likely to go via the construct quality the design the functions and also attributes of the huawei enjoy 3 professional okay so to begin with we’re going to begin extremely rapidly with the build high quality and style and if you have a look at this design individuals uh you ought to be extremely acquainted

with this due to the fact that it looks very similar to the huawei gt2 pro as well as i really did review that i think about a month earlier also but below it really looks a little bit and also feels a little more superior we have this titanium casing that goes all over below in silver and to be sincere this looks rather trendy it also has a mild fifty percent to it giving it that even more premium feeling also okay so if you take a close look on the leading right edge right here bear in mind of this little button at the leading there i’m simply going to focus a little extra so you can see it a little bit more clear yet there is actually the huawei view um composing edge onto the rotating switch right below and i think that is pretty uh very extremely in detail there people so i love this concerning the huawei enjoy 3 professional alright apart from that you additionally have one more button at the base here and also this is a shortcut trick that you can configure to launch quick launch any app that you would like but currently i have this task monitoring taking place below so yeah you can program it to introduce other stuff that you desire okay so if you did discover that when i was simply scrolling down below whenever you

revolve this little handle at the side there do note that you in fact do obtain some kind of haptic responses which in fact adds to the instinctive sensation of this little rotating switch right here so that’s pretty great about the huawei see 3 professional alright so in terms of the straps um it initially came with the natural leather straps this really the brownish natural leather straps it can be found in a box however i wasn’t also fond of the shade i’m more of a stylish type of individual so i switched them out for my very own blue type of stylish straps right here fortunately below is that it’s making use of the basic 22 millimeter sort of like bands so you can always simply switch them out rather easily immaterial there okay so since we’ve done talking a little concerning the design let’s speak a bit concerning that display screen at the front so we do have this 1.43 inch amoled display screen and notification that we actually have type of a bezel that goes all over the screen right here with little works on the sides there so this is quite usual to huawei smartwatches it’s not the very first time i’ve seen this as well as i did really hope that the bezel was a little a lot more thinner but this is what you obtain besides that this display below is really fairly brilliant and

whenever i brought this outdoors i never had any type of concerns with visibility under straight sunlight so gown ensured this is a pretty good amoled screen and also the excellent news here is that it does come with always-on display screens that really matches the watch face that you pick so for example if i simply do that notice that the always-on display below is extremely comparable to the the style of the watch face as well as if i just alter the watch deal with a different one let me simply show you what else i have in right here i’m going to pick something that i sort of expensive yep this looks pretty good and again if i transform that off i have an always-on screen that matches the watch face itself so rather trendy things there uh if you desire even more watch faces you can always enter into the huawei wellness app as well as download from their substantial gallery of watch deals with currently let’s speak a little bit concerning the system and also what’s powering this huawei view 3 pro so powering this is in fact a consistency os right here we have the most recent os and also that is probably one of the most significant updates to the huawei watch apart from that you likewise obtain 2 gigabytes of ram and 16 gigabytes of interior memory that you can utilize to in fact store as well as play songs or perhaps even download and install a pair of

applications from the application gallery that you can locate right there so at the factor of this recording there is not numerous apps in the application gallery right currently as well as in reality a lot of those apps are not truly optimized yet so i would recommend that possibly you wait it out a couple of months a lot more in order to see the full listing yet right here is simply a number of examples that i can see in the app gallery uh this is what we have here and yeah it’s still rather fascinating that we do have the application gallery for the watch itself very nice in addition to that in terms of connectivity this enjoys supports wi-fi 2.4 so you can constantly connect it to your wi-fi in your home which’s most definitely fantastic in addition to that it likewise supports e-sim so you certainly can additionally utilize that if you need to take your watch out without your mobile phone with you all right so following point we intend to speak about below is the notices so alerts ss on this watch is very simple you just drag down from all-time low and afterwards you can see all these kind of you know notifications right here and one of them simply can be found in actually simply currently uh yep this is the sort of sight

that you can see i sort of similar to this as well because you in fact get a really clear sight of the icon of the apps itself and the notification itself so if you just click that you can really enter as well as see more information right here um alright i assumption there’s not a lot right here yet yeah primarily you can go right into the application and also see more details uh such as this so notices is quite straightforward this looks a bit similar to the ones on wear os however i like those right here apart from that you can also make and respond to calls from this watch itself so remember at the side here we do have a pretty big speaker on the side below people as well as we likewise have a microphone integrated in into this watch itself so you can make phone calls like i claimed straight from right here and i must say that the audio top quality coming from the audio speakers in addition to the microphone is extremely clear the person on the various other end of the call that i was making the examination phone call to can likewise hear my voice extremely clearly on the huawei view 3 pro right here so if you’re the kind of person for one reason or another you can’t answer the calls on your gadget your

smartphone you can constantly do it on the watch itself and also you can also go right into your phone application right below as well as make those phone call to your contacts straight on one’s guard so allow me just reveal you a pair of contacts i have here so it’s really simple simply go right into your phone book right here and afterwards you can simply make the phone call straight from the watch really cool stuff right here great following point now let’s talk a little bit regarding the wellness monitoring features that gets on this watch itself so to reveal you that allow me just experience a couple of widgets that i have since i’ve already set every one of my widgets to reveal off the health trackers so for example we also have your regular all-day heart price monitoring really common stuff there you also have your spo2 your blood oxygen dimension if you go on additional you’ll be able to see your temperature level of your skin so this really determines the temperature level of your skin but i found that it is not one of the most exact here due to the fact that check out that the highest possible temperature that i obtained was 35.5 and also after using like an appropriate uh device like this to

examine my temperature level i located that it was definitely about one or 2 degrees higher so once again this is just for a reference i would certainly state that if you have some health and wellness concerns or whatnot you need to certainly count on a proper clinical tool so you have your skin temperature there aside from that if you simply go right into the apps right here you can additionally see that we have a sleep monitoring similar to common so i took a quick nap earlier on and below it shows that one hour nap so that’s pretty cool as well you can absolutely see more details in the application itself as well as finally it also tracks your anxiety so if you just go right into the apps once again right here i believe it is this right here and also after that you can see your stress degrees throughout the day so these are the five products that you can track your heart price your tension your rest your skin temperature and also your spo2 everything on the huawei watch 3 pro okay now let’s carry on very quickly to the sort of tasks that’s being tracked as well as this is something that i actually uh discover rather outstanding with the huawei enjoy three pro which is since they have greater than a hundred different various kind of activities that are being tracked right here so if you have a look at this list of food selections right below as well as notice that you have quite a fair little bit of stuff below although some may sound a little

copied but you additionally have things like running programs and all that so it’s actually rather detailed in terms of what this watch can do for you uh if you simply go down additionally you likewise see that it tracks your swims open water as well as a pair extra stuff right here but i would certainly state that one of the most vital point right here is that this watch actually supports gps constructed in and also this is actually very crucial so for instance if you simply go right into this uh see that you begin to try to find your general practitioners signals but since i’m indoors i can not truly find that however in terms of the gps satellites that is sustained it can choose glowness it goes with galileo beto and qzss so those are the four satellites that are presently supported on this huawei enjoy 3 pro now i have actually evaluated it outdoors and also occasionally it is a hit as well as miss so my tool is actually a pre-production device if i’m not misinterpreted so ideally this gps precision will certainly be fixed when the main retail unit gets released all appropriate people finally let’s speak a little about that battery life so if you simply go right into settings right below you might see a bit a lot more information concerning your battery life so if i just enter into settings right below and also you go right into battery for instance you can see just how much battery you have

continuing to be and the number of days that you can expect to have with this battery life the most i’m leaving this watch is 3 to 5 days on normal use with one solitary fee so if you have actually lacked juice all you require to do is uh make use of the puck that came with the watch itself placed it on and you ought to be able to obtain a fee rather easily so the truth is that it takes up approximately concerning three hrs to charge this from no to a hundred so it’s a fair bit of time there but fortunately here is that i would claim that battery life is rather steady i would state 3 to 5 days considering you do obtain rather a reasonable bit of attributes on the huawei enjoy 3 professional alright people i think that’s basically what i want to cover in today’s testimonial this is a glimpse at what you can anticipate from the huawei watch 3 pro really uncomplicated and also straight if you similar to this video clip do not neglect to provide it a thumbs up if you have anymore concerns that you want me to test out feel cost-free to leave them down in the comment area listed below as well as i’ll see you people in the following one stay risk-free everybody bye

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