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hello everybody welcome back to an additional video with lim evaluations currently in today’s video we’re mosting likely to have a look at huawei’s most current smartwatch to get in the malaysian market which is the huawei watch gt3 pro that is powered by harmony os currently this watch is going for rm1399 as well as i have actually been using it for the previous one week yet think about this as sort of an initial appearance impressions hands-on sort of video clip rather than a full review since i do have a number of factors i intend to share with you first yet i’m still checking out the watch itself so without more trouble allow’s just jump right into the video today currently inside package it actually included the beautiful conventional stuff naturally you do have the watch itself and you additionally get that usb charger currently the charger is a magnetic one so it’s very easy to connect as well as the magnet is in fact rather solid here so you do not have to stress over it diminishing when you put it to charge during the night all right to ensure that’s this in

regards to the battery charger allow’s take a look at the watch today and my version below is actually the one that was available in the natural leather bands and at the front below if you just take an appearance at the layout you won’t locate a very innovative new layout however what you see here is really repetitive from the previous watch gt2 pro at the front you still obtain that sapphire glass and it’s actually very very scrape proof i do have a knife right here as well as allow’s see if you just keep scratching on it i don’t assume anything will certainly take place whatsoever clearly it’s an extremely difficult product so you’ll require something stronger than simply a common pen knife here to get scratches on the device itself on the sides you’ll discover that we have a very good instance right here and this is really made from titanium it’s a 46.6 mm instance to be extremely accurate at the top below you do have one switch that actually rotates as well as you can see that we can turn it very extremely perfectly here it’s very receptive as well as i do discover that it included haptic feedback whenever i’m simply turning the crown

so i enjoy that in addition to that at the bottom here you’ll find that you have an additional faster way secret which takes you directly right into the activities food selection so right below away you can see all the type of tasks that you can jump right into with just one click of the button currently on the left side is whatever is spick-and-span and clear nothing to see around there and at the back you do have a pair of sensors that tracks you understand your spo tools your heart price and also all that appealing requirement things okay so just in terms of the weight i did inspect it out over here and also i’m simply mosting likely to show it to you very quickly so you understand just how hefty it weighs now this watch is about 65 grams over there uh so it’s a little hefty i would claim uh for somebody like myself that is rather slim yet anyways uh that’s just that moving down let’s talk a little bit regarding the straps now we do have these natural leather bands and also i said i’ve been utilizing it for nearly a week currently i’m just going to reveal you up close uh the

amount of wand that it has actually gotten over the past few days so this is exactly how it looks i like the reality that it has these extremely great tracks going on on the sides that makes it feel really sophisticated and if you turn the bands to the back you’ll notice that this is a 22 mm width type of straps and you do have that latches at the back that makes it really simple to exchange out you understand for various other bands that you just wish to choose besides that i need to claim that the strap c are extremely soft as well as comfortable as well as never ever had any problems uh using the watch at all okay so allow’s go on to the software application and also see exactly how it works as well as all that currently if you drag down from the top this is where you enter into a pair of quick faster ways you have your settings you do not disrupt your alarm drainpipe you know a very really fundamental stuff i’m mosting likely to hit the display on for now due to the fact that you want that screen to remain on in addition to that if you drag down if you drag up from the bottom this is where you obtain right into the alerts as well as what i like concerning the notifications below is that you discover that we have these very little icons which is terrific because you recognize what kind of application it is originating from and also if you look very closely we do have the number count there also so for circumstances i have 5 messages

over right here so i’m simply going to take advantage of that and also look into the messages so this is the first one right here if i simply scroll down you’ll see that this is the 2nd message that i have very amazing to see that we have all these messages straight in the watch and also certainly it’s terrific to see like the notification account number because then you will know the number of messages you have to ensure that’s simply in terms of the notifications now if you swipe towards the right from the left this is where you get your fast accessibility right into your you know voice assistant you additionally have your weather condition and also obviously you have the music control widget really very cool currently if you drag in the direction of the left here this is where you enter your widget cards so as an example the very first card that i have right here is really my heart rate the 2nd one below that i have in my spo2 if you maintain going all this is my activity rings you have your weather you have the i’m uncertain what this is the following one below is my rest so i did not track my rest last night as well as i must mention something below the watch itself is rather large for myself so i favor not to wear a watch at night when i go to rest yet when i did inspect the the rest

tracker i observed that it was extremely exact and i was able to determine my amount of time being sleeping in a little bit extremely precisely so i like that about the rest monitoring it’s just that this watch is a bit too significant uh too large for me to put on throughout the evening so yep this is something i ought to explain as well as that’s pretty much what you get in regards to the widget cards all right so simply going back to the primary food selection again here this is where you see we have an extremely nice watch face we do have a couple of pre-installed phases already in the watch itself i’m simply going to scroll through so you can see a number of those designs yet obviously you can locate extra in the app itself now one point regarding these watch faces is you understand the the applications the watch stages itself has actually to be acquired as an example i got this for i consider like 7 ringgit which is roughly one us buck plus sorry regarding two us dollars possibly yet yeah some of these has actually to be acquired so uh be prepared to spend a little bit if you wish to alter a lot of your watch deals with anyhow i chose this right here the major one here and also the reason for that is due to the fact that if

you take a look very closely right here you discover that we have this very tiny you know icons at the front as well as i like it because it’s really interactive for example i can just take advantage of it to get in different menus this is the heart price so it’s a very interactive watch face and also i discovered it very valuable that i can access all these quick applications straight on the front itself now the bright side here additionally is that this you know watch face is in fact customizable for example if i simply click that setting essential right there i can enter into this and i can pick what button i intend to be in fact showing at the front for instance i’m mosting likely to select skin temperature and there you see it has already transformed right into the skin temperature so very good fast faster ways all accessible directly on a watch face all right so let’s go and check out what else we have in the watch itself okay so you just click the main menu the main food selection switch right here for example you enter into this list of symbols now the very first one is everything about those workouts which i will talk a little bit much more later on if you decrease you have this lactate outfit hole now this is actually for those hardcore professional athletes i’ll place a web link down below so you can

discover more details about that it’s rather scientific so i do not believe i’m the appropriate person to actually explain concerning that currently moving down you have your heart price monitoring which i already revealed you very rapidly just now if you simply drag down here you see that you have more information throughout the entire watch to ensure that’s wonderful if you go back this is my spo2 of course you can have your all the sp02 as well absolutely nothing much to see below moving down we have the skin temperature levels also currently i discovered that the skin temperature level kind of differs from hr to hour so i’m not exactly sure how exact that is or how helpful it is to me i directly have the temperature weapon so i understand whether i’m having a fever or anything like that currently healthy and balanced living is a really intriguing one below since you need to establish your goal of just how you want to be you recognize living healthier through the app itself so for me directly my goal here was to minimize my high blood pressure so i have actually currently established this up it requires me to stand up at a certain time you understand measure my blood pressure do some

breathing workouts and also all that but every person’s healthy and balanced living objectives is various so what you see on guard below is various as well yet once again you have to establish this up in the application itself to get all the instructions on what to do right so relocating down we have my activity documents uh yep i believe it’s extremely plain below since i simply got up not as well lengthy ago and obviously absolutely nothing is actually running yet however if i scroll down this is some more info that i can see i can additionally see the number of steps i have actually taken control of the previous week remember that these are in fact extremely reduced it’s not since i’m not strolling in any way it’s due to the fact that in some cases i just do not put on the watch currently moving down this is where you see just how energetic you are throughout the whole uh multiple hours throughout the day uh this is simply a great deal of details right here so i like it because

you can in fact see all this information on guard itself without needing to make use of the app to ensure that’s fantastic great moving down we have your sleep like i said i did not track my last night’s rest yet i did track one of those sleeves i’ll reveal you a fast screenshot on the side now relocating down you also have your anxiety monitoring again uh very very fundamental things right here you have seen that in lots of wise watches today you additionally have your breathing exercises your call long yep this watch here the bright side below is that it is a kind of like a bluetooth earpiece so you can answer your telephone call directly on the watch itself and you recognize allow’s claim your phone isn’t next to you just click answer and also there is a mic aboard right here so you can answer your phone calls aside from that you have your calls also you can sync that with your phone once more very extremely uncomplicated music smart you can place you can put a number of tracks in here too uh to show music directly using the speakers here i do not actually use that due to the fact that i constantly have my earphones in my ears yet you can likewise link your ear buds you understand your bluetooth earbuds to the watch itself so you can play songs straight there really great apart from that you have your barrel meter your compass your notifications your climate your pocketbook stopwatch all these are really obvious so i won’t go right into all that good so now the final thing we’re mosting likely to

check out here is really in terms of the tasks once again i’m just mosting likely to experience here you start off with having a couple of training courses and plans and there’s a great deal of running courses below so if you are really into running you can in fact go right into that and also take a look at like which program you in fact desire so you see we have like 13 over below and you have different type of you understand simply all type of running strategies below i assume this is terrific for you if you just wish to start you know obtaining far better at your run so amazing things there currently if you simply return you additionally have your training strategies now training plans has actually to be embeded in the application itself once more this is based on your own customized kind of strategy so will not chat as well much regarding that in terms of the activities being tracked you recognize huawei claims it tracks you recognize 100 plus various activities however right off the bat you have your common exterior runs your indoor runs outdoor walking cycling swimming actually you have diving here as well according to huawei this watch permits you to track your dives and also all that it has a ip68 ranking so it must be able to go concerning i assume 30 meters deep for your diving besides that you have a dive rope hill hiking a route run

winter sports and you can additionally find even more activities you understand via the app itself so this is what i can claim in regards to the tasks in the watch primarily whatever that you wish to have you have it covered in the gt3 pro currently something i seen here is that in terms of the gps it took me regarding 15 seconds to obtain attached to general practitioners this speed is really not to say very rapid or all that i assume it’s quite basic these days for about 15 mins to get connected to general practitioners i did a quick run really i’m going to show you the results really soon on your screen as well and also i discovered that it was tracking my distance as well as whatever extremely properly so once more uh quite pleased with the gps with the watch itself apart from that when you’re running you are able to see a great deal of details directly on guard itself you can also select to keep the watch face on whatsoever times throughout your runs or your sports activities as well as i assume that is great as well for the watch gt3 pro now the last thing i wish to speak about below actually remains in terms of the battery life now huawei claims that you can obtain to 2 week on regular usage and also eight days on intensive use well to be honest i have actually been using it quite typically however i had not been able to hit anything near to 14

days now i would certainly say that the more rational amount of days that you can carry one solitary cost is possibly regarding like what 4 to 5 days if you get like your common notices you run around as soon as or two times a day so four to 5 days it’s more sensible below on the huawei enjoy gt3 pro good men i believe that’s it for this very fast uh impressions with the huawei view gt pro once again like i said i’ll be checking this out better as well as i’ll possibly go down a full evaluation additionally down a couple a lot more weeks later however yeah very first impressions are really feeling favorable with this individual below and let me recognize what you guys believe about this watch naturally let me know what you want me to test out in the remark section down below also as well as thanks men for remaining to the end don’t neglect to go down a like and also below to the channel and i wish to see every one of you people in the next one keep secure everybody bye

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