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hey there everybody welcome back to an additional video clip with lim evaluations now today we have you a really fascinating comparison we have the redmi 10 that was just lately introduced here on the left as well as we have the fight contender the redmi note 10 that was launched a number of months back on the right so just to make certain you men are clear this person right here is the redmi 10 this is the redmi note 10. all ideal so we’re just mosting likely to jump into this contrast of fight if you intend to think of it this way really rapidly first off let’s discuss the prices here now both devices right here are around rm 650 listening devices right here in malaysia and also if you’re from other areas in the globe there is roughly 150 us dollars for the spec of 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal memory now undoubtedly this memory and also specs can go up however once again depending upon your region that could differ all ideal so in terms of pricing you can currently understand that both are really really comparable in between the redmi 10 along with the redmi note 10. So i have a whole lot of individuals asking me like which gadget should i get it should i select the redmi 10 or must i choose the redmi note 10 and also i wish this video clip will certainly help you

out let’s go alright so to begin with let’s speak a little regarding style right here you can see that the style right here looks fairly comparable however different in a means so on the redmi 10 right here we have this really smooth back panel it is matte here and i love matte just so you know and we do have a slight video camera cut out on the leading right corner it has a slight bump but not a large offer total silver sides right here very well done uh this is what you can obtain on the redmi 10. currently proceeding to the redmi note 10 this is actually a glossy back panel it does catch fairly a reasonable little bit of finger prints yet i have my device here in this attractive lava eco-friendly colorway check out just how it simply radiates individuals it looks extremely really great below in regards to the electronic camera eliminated it is slightly smaller sized than the one on the redmi 10 yet this is the type of design you can anticipate right here it’s actually fairly slim as well if you really hold it alongside you in fact discover that the redmi note 10 right below is in fact slimmer than the raid me 10 and also both tools have the very same amount of battery that is 5000 mah so really interesting stuff right there somewhat slimmer on the redmi note 10 whereas it’s a little bit thicker on the redmi 10 so this is the design that you can see for both tools i think layout is fairly subjective here well i do like the fact that this has a matte back right here yet i enjoy this colorway as well as i like that it’s a lot more slimmer on the redmi note 10. Alright proceeding we’re mosting likely to enter into a very vital point below and also that is in fact the

displaced at the front now this is the component where you have to actually bear in mind because it is a very important distinction here currently on the redmi 10 right here we have an lcd present it’s running at 1080p and also has 90 hertz refresh price so it’s somewhat quite smooth right here on the redmi 10 however the only drawback below is that this lcd screen that we have here is one of the poorer sort of display screens that is actually provided by redmi what i imply by that is that it is very dim as well as it’s it’s not intense whatsoever specifically when you’re outdoors even when you’re inside it’s just not intense sufficient to ensure that’s something i desire to comment regarding the redmi 10 now on the other hand this redmi note 10 here has an attractive amoled display screen however it doesn’t come with a high refresh price show it is only 60 hertz much like your regular old displays so on one hand right here we have an lcd panel that is slightly greater in terms of refresh rate 90 hertz yet this here we obtain better colors definitely great comparison levels and it’s excellent for seeing video clips you understand browsing your social media and also all that is simply so much nicer on the redmi note 10 right here so once again quick concern men do you prefer an amoled screen or would you choose a higher refresh rate yet neglect the all the stuff that you can enjoy on an amoled panel let me understand down

listed below so simply to offer you a quick contrast check out this when we just shift the tool on side to side you can see below that normally it sheds a whole lot of its checking out angles on the redmi 10 actually when you just enter into instagram right below you can see that the shades are additionally extremely different and also yeah so it is taking a long time to lots below but the shades are really fairly different here it’s a lot more vibrant a lot more comparison on the redmi note 10 below once more if you ask me my solution would certainly be i’ll have to take the amoled panel on the redmi note 10 because it’s so better men i can do away with that 90 hertz just for this kind of colors comparison degrees is great individuals another little point you need to note below is that although this redmi 10 uh usually is smaller sized than the note series however in this instance the redmi 10 is a little bigger than the redmi note 10. Take a look at this this is actually 6.5 inches in terms of this display whereas this guy the redmi note 10 is only 6.43 inches so it’s somewhat a little smaller sized simply so you individuals recognize all right now allow’s relocate on to the following factor let’s talk a little bit concerning performance currently we have very different processors right here uh on the left below the redmi tanya comes with the helio g88 processor as well as it’s rather a good cpu for the price it’s asking i imply it’s really entrance degree whereas on the redmi note 10 right below we have the snapdragon 678 now let’s relocation on in terms of the benchmark ratings men so i did a criteria for both devices right here as

well as i’m going to reveal you a fast outcome really rapidly on your displays as well as you can see simply in terms of solitary core as well as multi-core scores the redmi note 10 is really much a lot more powerful than the raid me 10. in terms of how much i would certainly say that in terms of single core score you can see that the outcomes about 52 greater whereas on the multi-core score is regarding 18 higher so in this just everyday use men um very swiftly when i use both tools i actually feel that it’s much smoother on the redmi note 10 that i have below the one on the right so allow me simply show you people very promptly right here i’m going to close all the applications on both devices and also we’re simply going to introduce apps extremely rapidly see who does it first so we’re mosting likely to opt for video camera right here redmi note 10 i’m gon na get out from there you’re gon na go facebook redmi note 10 once again redmi 10 is still waiting waiting waiting and also there you go okay stand up from there once again we’re gon na enter into instagram redmi

note 10 people so uh you can see right here in simply in terms of launch speeds and of apps uh it is far more much faster on the redmi note 10 guys so again in regards to performance of daily make use of i really value the ones on the redmi note 10 right below far better than the one on the redmi 10. Alright so now allow’s carry on to something quite fascinating also let’s discuss internal memory and also the ram currently ram smart i do not have much to comment around here yet in terms of internal memory this is also a rather a big difference below the one on the redmi note 10 below is making use of emmc whereas the one on the redmi note 10 right here is making use of ufs 2.2 now in regards to writing speeds and all that this is concerning two times faster than this man right below so once again it’s a knock out of the park okay now allow’s proceed to the following point we’re done with efficiency uh naturally pc gaming wise simply a quick one right here it also video games a little better on the redmi note 10. Right let’s proceed to haptics people haptics is also very really essential to me in my day-to-day use smartphones right here so we’re going to begin with the redmi 10 on the left right below i’m just going to go into like my settings right here obtain the key-board activated and also try as well as kind on the keyboard right below so the redmi 10 right below has extremely very bad haptics and what i imply by that resembles it’s really at the base of the haptics goodness table so whenever you push it it’s a very refined type of resonance you really feel the sort of that it’s a little

bit tardy too not as responsive so it’s extremely extremely bad in regards to haptics right there currently we’re going to have a look at the one on the redmi note 10 and also once again i’m going to do the same point i’m going to go right into settings enter into here and also simply kind on below this is so much far better guys the vibrations right here the haptics is sort of really responsive once more i recognize it’s difficult this over the cam throughout the display yet this is sharp short and sharp currently obviously it is not comparable to the x-axis or z-axis sort of haptics that you jump on more costs devices however this one is really great once more if you have the possibility to test it out you need to definitely check it out due to the fact that it’s a substantial distinction and it makes a great deal of difference to the overall user experience done with that currently allow’s go on to the next point as well as talk a little bit regarding the cameras so in regards to cameras men we do have both both actually have quad camera configurations in terms of numbers alone the only difference in between both these guys right here are the major sensing unit so on the redmi 10 we have a 50 megapixel primary sensor whereas on the redmi note 10 it has a 48 megapixel primary sensing unit

and the ultra white is the same the macro and also the dev lens is also the same they’re both like eight megapixel ultrawide of 2 megapixel depth as well as two megapixel macro yeah i’m just attempting to obtain it out of my memory but it coincides for the 3 other lenses it’s just the 2 main lenses that are different so once more let me just show you a quick comparison in regards to picture high quality due to the fact that nowadays um to be sincere image quality is occasionally a personal choice example some individuals favor their stuff to be like more saturated some people like it to be like more natural realistic so right here’s a fast comparison for you people to judge uh in my viewpoint i assume for the cost both cameras really did a reasonable work below they’re both good cameras in the day as well as during the night i won’t grumble way too much below however i’ll leave the final choice to you guys yet just to allow you people understand the major difference remains in the main sensing units right there okay currently let’s go on to the following point right here and let’s talk a little bit concerning the audio speakers the redmi 10 absolutely takes the cake for this is a really strong as well as really strong audio speaker on the redmi 10 currently down to the last point i hope you are still with me as well as i hope i’m

not going as well quick so last point below batteries so we have 5000 mah in both tools right here but what’s truly various is the charging speeds so on this redmi 10 right below we have 18 watt quick cost support sounds fine yet on the redmi note 10 don’t neglect we have 33 watt rapid charge as well as it has the ability to do 50 in just 25 mins so really much faster on the redmi note 10 also to charge up the same amount of battery in the back so those are the differences between the redmi 10 and the redmi note 10. again my verdict below is pretty uncomplicated both gadgets are valued really likewise otherwise the redmi note 10 may be just a little bit more pricey i consider 50 ringgit which’s around 10 us bucks extremely really enclose regards to pricing yet if i were to choose one definitely have to go with the redmi note 10 includes better display screen features a far better cpu far better haptics electronic camera sensible is rather similar better billing rates for the battery at the back men i assume it’s pretty apparent i will opt for the redmi note 10 however please inform me otherwise if you could go with the redmi 10 once more both gadgets are wonderful value right here but i hope this video clip can assist you out in terms of which is actually giving you the most effective value and also the ideal experience that you can receive from a budget plan phone today great individuals that’s it for this video clip i wish you’ve found out something from this video if you sustain the channel please offer a like or a sub that would truly help out the channel and i intend to see every one of you in the next video thanks quite and i’ll see you next time remain secure everybody bye

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