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Sudio ETT ANC Earbuds: I LOVE THIS COLOR! And YES This Sounds Awesome! Vivo Y20S Unboxing & Quick Look: Beautiful In Blue!

hello there everyone welcome back to one more video with lim reviews currently today below we have a really intriguing device this is the all new simply introduced real me publication that i have below on my workdesk so prior to we have a look at the device itself and what this is all concerning let me reveal you a quick unboxing of this real me publication so you people can know what really can be found in the box keep in mind that this is actually the worldwide version so if you remain in any type of various other country in asia you will be obtaining this particular variation right here all best allow’s happen with the unboxing right now [Music] [Music] good individuals so since we’ve made with the unboxing right here you can see this is the real me publication and my version here is in heaven version if they call it the real blue there is additionally a genuine gray that suggests it is available in grey however yeah it looks pretty amazing below as you can see it is a very simplistic design over below we do have the genuine me branding on the corner too and also generally it’s meant to be an extremely thin device around 15 millimeters is i’m not misinterpreted in terms of the weight it is about 1.38 kilograms i would certainly say about 1.4 kg is not the lightest

however it is quite um light as well not as hefty as you might expect it to be another point that you could intend to see below on this tool right here is you can note that this is in fact light weight aluminum so it’s a very solid and steady framework right here currently if you turn the gadget to the back below you can see that we have this pretty good cooling location below so there are 2 fans at the back below that actually burn out air so it keeps the laptop computer great aside from that you also have stereo speakers below which i will certainly let you individuals recognize a little bit more in the future apparently they’re tuned by harman so yeah it need to be pretty good okay to ensure that’s it for exactly how it looks oh before we go on to the following point in terms of ports we have a kind a port over below we likewise have an earphone jack and you flip it to the other side below one of these is a thunderbolt port right below along with a usbc port to make sure that’s all the sort of components that you can obtain i would certainly claim that it is rather

thorough that you have nearly a solitary port for everything that you may need good so back to the laptop here once again allow’s see if we can open this lid with simply one hand obviously not so once you switch on the laptop computer right below directly away you notice that we have this rather square kind of display screen so this is really a 2k screen yet what’s really vital right here is that this is a three by 2 facet proportion so to put it simply you’ll be able to see even more web content from simply one display similar to this you do not have to scroll that frequently but yep it truly relies on what you like if you like to view a lot of flicks obviously there’s mosting likely to resemble black bars on top and bottom but or else this is a great productivity tool right here due to the fact that for microsoft word office things it simply works truly well right here so i’m just going to unlock the tool extremely quickly as you can see we have a finger print scanner on top right edge now this key-board design here is actually pretty comfortable for my typing uh one point you may need to know here is that the the keyboard here it has a travel of 1.3 millimeters so it is rather good allow me simply enter into the key-board extremely quickly so as you can see this is just going to be a fast test this

is gon na be a fast typing test indeed i believe i can type fairly quickly so this is the sort of key-board that you can anticipate right here it is fairly soft really wonderful to kind on and also it’s fairly silent too so if you’re functioning in a peaceful space you do not desire it to be also loud this is the kind of experience that you can get with the key-boards on the genuine me book aside from that i did discover one detail right here the fonts on this keyboard is in fact what i like it looks actually nice they have extremely nice fonts as well as i believe it looks good on the key-board right here as well really very nice spawns apart from that you additionally have 2 degrees in regards to the illumination for the key-board itself all you need to do is strike this button you can transform the lights off degree one degree 2 which’s it so quite nice that also in addition to that indeed it does comes with that massive trackpad as you can see here so really simple to make use of as well you can just navigate around right here um of course you can simply do your browsing as well as all that to

switch to an additional application you can always simply use this and also if you just have a look at this wallpaper right here it is really really good on this 2k screen a fast one on that display screen this one goes up to 400 nits in regards to optimum brightness so i assume it would be fine if you’re functioning mainly indoors however i listened to that it should be great outdoors also we are under lockdown so we can not actually go out but yeah i’m expecting it to obtain pretty brilliant below so yeah that’s the display that’s the general feel in regards to requirements uh what do we obtain below so there are 2 variants to this laptop right here one includes the i3 11 gen as well as another one comes with the i5 also 11 gen currently in regards to ram as well as rom we have the very same arrangements for the real me book below in malaysia that is you get 8 gigabytes of ram along with a 256 gigabytes of interior memory so that’s the sort of ram and cpu they can anticipate in regards to the graphics it has this intel iris graphics so evidently it’s much far better than the

common mx kind of collection type of graphics so that’s for the handling power as well as all that once more i’m not really a computer system specialist right below so this is simply one i know about this laptop computer right below currently we’re going to talk very quickly concerning the battery in this man we have a 54 watt hour battery in this man right below that’s expected to last you about 8 to twelve hrs relying on what kind of job you are doing undoubtedly if you’re doing some type of light gaming or maybe also like editing and enhancing your images hefty stuff on this laptop you will definitely get around 7 to 8 hours yet according to genuine me if you’re only doing a great deal of workplace work you can copulate approximately 12 hours so if you such as to exercise a whole lot you can do 12 hours on this actual me schedule right below now in terms of the charging it does feature a rather big rather significant charger in package this is a 65 watt rapid charge battery charger uh according to real me once more you can go from no to 50 in just 30 mins with this battery charger in package to make sure that’s rather trendy okay last thing i desire to speak about below and that is an extremely important one as well as that is the audio speakers on this realme book currently typically we constantly see speakers on laptops

being tuned by jbl harman kardon whatever all sorts of brands however on this specific unit right here the speaker is actually very great it’s loud it has this surround sensation and it’s very abundant in the sound itself so absolutely very pleased with the audio speakers below i’m mosting likely to reveal you a fast clip of the audio test below uh extremely rapidly so you recognize what it seems like perhaps on just how it appears like on this real me book [Praise] [Songs] great people last but not the very least allow’s speak about the final and also crucial point which is the price of this actual me reserve right here so in malaysia this is retailing for 2 999 ringgit for the i3 variation as well as 34999 for the i5 version so in terms of uh us bucks yeah i was simply looking at my conversion right there it’s 700 us bucks for the i3 as well as 825 us dollars for the i5 version so yep that’s the unusual undoubtedly if you’re in malaysia and also you intend to get hold of a hold of this genuine me book right here all you require to do is look into the links in description listed below there are more info there you can see the complete specifications also throughout there in the site yeah struck the web links listed below if you wish to learn more concerning that which would certainly quite a lot end our very first hands-on unboxing and consider the genuine me book thank you for seeing this video if you such as this video clip do not fail to remember to support the channel by offering a thumbs up or below to the channel that would be terrific and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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