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hey there everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim examines so today we’re mosting likely to be looking into the all new laptop from honor this is the magic publication 15 as well as it’s quite a great gadget right here extremely premium looking however right here in malaysia this is currently retailing for about rm3699 as well as it can be found in only simply one spec for this specific laptop computer right below all right so before we begin i just wish to take an extremely glance at the develop quality as well as the design and also all that so immediately you can see that this is in fact the room grey shade as well as we do have this all nicely integrated in light weight aluminum with chamfered sides on the sides here so it looks rather one-of-a-kind because this is all in that blue color kind of like chamfered edges which looks rather nice right here on the honor magic publication 15. an additional point to bear in mind of right here is that due to the fact that it’s utilizing light weight aluminum and all that this device is really pretty lightweight at simply 1.56 kg to ensure that’s not very hefty an additional factor that honor already pointed out right here is that this is in fact scratch immune uh so you can you understand it’s fairly long lasting and

you can you understand simply put it right into your bag uh without placing it right into any kind of sort of case or sleeve or whatnot so this should actually stand up pretty well and also that’s this really promptly in terms of the style and all that so following thing i wish to touch around here is really the sort of ports that you jump on the sides i’m not actually sure if you can see on the electronic camera right below but you do have a numerous parts here you have the hdmi port a usb type a a usb kind c and if you go on to the various other side below you also have one more type a port in addition to the earphone jack so it’s not to claim a significant selection of ports right below however you do obtain what you truly require covered for yourself in addition to that you additionally get a fingerprint scanner allow me simply activate it right below all you require to do is place your finger up there and also basically it gets opened right away so extremely basic to make use of good so in terms of layout

another thing i need to point out below is that we do have this web cam hidden at the facility right here so you have to press it on the key-board to really release it as well as i think that’s excellent due to the fact that in a manner it’s really like concealing your privacy to make sure that the cam is not constantly dealing with at you all right to make sure that’s for the design as well as all that next allowed’s talk really promptly about the display due to the fact that we have a really stunning display over here so specifications wise this is a 15.6 ips 1080p screen as well as it supports 100 srgb shade gamut for richer colors so in terms of simply the shades itself people this is a really good display screen right here as well as i have actually been enjoying a great deal of youtube videos utilizing the honor magic publication 15 and everything looks extremely punchy colors looks excellent the the contrast degrees looks extremely good as well as you can see by the deep blacks all over the display itself so it’s a very wonderful display that you’re obtaining here as well as something to keep in mind here is also you have these extremely slim bezels all over

the display screen as well as since the cam is no longer right here you can really have this appealing in proportion type of sight here with the exception of the bottom area which is a little bit thicker however that’s not a large offer in any way so this is what you can get with the display screen and also one point i do require to highlight below is that opening this device you can’t actually do it with one hand because the hinge is type of firm right there so you have to hold down the tool itself to open up that screen so that’s simply something that i believed i would certainly like to point out here too all appropriate so now let’s speak a little about the processing power this magic publication 15 includes the most up to date 11th gen intel i5 processor with iris xe graphics so aside from that due to the fact that this is additionally only just one spec it includes 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram that’s rather a fair bit really as well as 512 gigabytes of interior storage to make sure that’s excellent right here for this laptop once again this is not actually produced pc gaming and all that yet if you’re primarily working from residence like just how you must be doing nowadays and also constantly multitask in between the papers your powerpoints video clips net surfing as well as all that this laptop

computer will in fact serve you rather well so it’s a really good laptop computer for simply working and naturally doing a bit of light editing here and also there to make sure that’s great for that as well uh one thing i do need to aim out though is this specific key-board right below so the key-board right here is really fairly soft and silent as well as it really gives some respectable traveling for this key-board right below so it’s not the kind that is really springy yet it is really easy to adapt to as well as allows me to type on it extremely promptly so one point i likewise wished to mention below is this trackpad individuals so this tripod is really relatively wide here if you can see my hands down below yes so it’s rather wide as well as it’s really rather excellent for surfing particularly for straightforward stuff such as this yet certainly if you require even more setting i would certainly suggest you to obtain uh spending in a correct mouse for that matter okay next thing i wish to chat concerning here is the audio speakers so we do have a speaker on this uh honor magic publication 15 as well as the bright side is that it obtains pretty loud but do not go all the way up in terms of quantity since it will absolutely produce some splitting in the audio so you don’t intend to have that uh

don’t forget for a laptop b slim anticipate the audio to be similar to any kind of common laptop computer it’s not as abundant as bassy as what you can get from a specific laptop computer name after a specific fruit so yeah that’s in terms of the noise as well as all that finally i just want to chat very rapidly regarding the battery life in this individual right below so we have a 56 watt hour battery that can last approximately 10 hours for enjoying films at 1080p alright so that’s just for enjoying movies obviously you’re not constantly viewing motion pictures simply for job and also all that i’m getting a rather decent five to 6 hrs of just work time on the honor magic publication 15 right below however what’s more excellent is that it does feature a 65 watt fast charger in the box as well as it does absolutely no to 53 in just half an hour to make sure that’s quite quick specifically for nowadays you recognize you always take a laptop computer and you don’t want to be always tied to your battery charger as well as all that to ensure that’s absolutely fairly good uh in regards to the charging speeds uh for the honor magicbook 15. good men i believe that’s basically it what i wish to show to you in regards to my experience with this new laptop computer right here once more this is simply a high degree view on the honor magic book 15. if you do have any kind of even more questions don’t forget to examine out the link down in the description below and also i’ll see you guys in the next one bye.

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