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so Samsung has just launched its mighty Galaxy S Templar smartphone and from the bit of time I’ve spent with it I’ve got to admit I am loving this shiny sexy slam very much but how does it compare with my favorite phone of 2018 the huawei mate xx bra well it’s a false side-by-side comparison so you can decide for yourself and don’t forget from on the latest and greatest mobile tech to bug subscribe and ding that notifications bell Cheers so as for design goes yeah these two are absolute beasts you got the six point four inch s10 plus vs.The six point three nine inch mid-20 Pross they are definitely a handful and a half in terms of where there’s not much in it 175 grams versus 189 grams for the mid-20 bra and they’re both constructed of glass although Samsung does also offer the option of a ceramic model which should be even more rugged and as you can see both smudge up an absolute storm definitely keep a clean and cloth on standby the sm+ spots the latest version of Gorilla Glass and it definitely seems a little bit more Hardy in terms of resistant scratches but the good news is that both that and the while we’ve fallen are ip68 water and dust resistant as for color

options you get a variety on both although of course the mid-20 prod does offer that sexy gradient backing based purely on Lux be reckon at the meet just about inches it and on an another design tip you do get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the s10 plus but not so much on Wally’s handset you’ll need to use a dongle now well the mid-20 pro rocks a fairly sizable moustache notch up top Samsung’s infinity or display reduces that selfie camera to an elongated punch hole so almost the entire front of the phone is basically just screen both while ways all LED panel and Samsung’s AMOLED screen are well suited to movies packing a typical stretched aspect ratio and quad HD plus resolution for super crisp visuals color reproduction is suitably punchy and can be skilled on any of the smartphone however while the mid-20 pro offers full edge to your stream and support from the likes and Netflix Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 plus goes one step further with the manufacturers on its your 10 plus tech this can scale the brightness to much the visuals and produce a full range of colors at all times for impressively realistic visuals and while both Mobile’s Boston in display a fingerprint sensor the s10 plus has a more advanced 3d tech which can properly read every Ridge on your skin this makes it super reliable even when your fingers are wet or greasy while also making it

tougher for with a 2d image on the flip side though the mid-20 Provost’s proper 3d facial recognition thanks to its depth sensing camera this is both more accurate and secure than samsung’s simple 2d facial recognition as for the software on board both the s10 plus on the mid-20 pro bus the latest Android Pi but in very different guises that’s because the mid-20 pro rocks were always on emotion UI overlay while the galaxy s 10 plus uses Samsung’s 1 UI these overlays change the general look and feel of the phones and offer a variety of bonus features on top thank Christ above that a one-handed mode is offered by both Thor while we and the Samsung to make things that quite a bit easier this was both offered gesture shortcuts and a digital well being nanny thing that tells you to stop using your phone and go smell a flower or pet a puppy and they also pack in health tracking resource management basically loads of stuff it would take hours to go through it all so let’s just move on and instead we’ll cover the important issue of speeds always made 20 pro packs in the manufacturers on Kirin 980 chipset while Samsung has stuffed in its Exodus 98 20 platform into the S 10 plus the good news is that both blowers both premium performance as you would expect of course the Galaxy S 10 plus comes with a choice of eight or twelve gigs of RAM if you ramp it up so that ceramic version which is frankly nuts well the mid-20 pro offers a rather more modest six to eight gigs both phones can tear through games like pub G mobile with zero sweat broken especially the mid-20 Pro with that excellent GPU turbo feature and they shouldn’t show any signs of slowdown for the forseeable as for benchmarking and haven’t been able to personally test the S 10 Plus on that front but leaked Geekbench scores show only a partial improvement or the alder meat when he brought their actually more or less tied when it comes to that multi-core result as for the battery tech this was pretty much a tie as well you get a mighty four thousand two hundred million cells

stuffed inside the mitt when he brought compared with the 4100 milliamp in Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 plus both support fast wireless charging and you even get reverse wireless charging on both as well to help out amid whose battery is about to die you can basically share you on for the charge with them by smashing your and their phone together like horny teenagers on the storage tip the s10 plus comes with a base level of 128 gigs but you can upgrade to half a terabyte or even a full terabyte if you want to really splash the cash comparison the mid-20 poor Roxy there 128 or 256 gigs of storage and while Samsung’s bras can be expanded up to a further 500 12 gigs using standard micro SD memory cards and the case of the wall we made 20 Pro you have to use huawei’s on standard memory cards instead which are admittedly very nippy indeed some sort of also wins for connectivity with full support for Wi-Fi six onboard and if you’re the patient type you can hang around until summer 2019 to grab a 5g variant so onto the camera tech and Samsung has copied while is triple and set up on the back end for a super flexible shootin experience bull phones rockin ultra wide-angle shooter as well as a telephoto snapper to bolster that primary lens the specs are very different however as you can see here but the overall experience is basically the sim with the option to quickly swap between the three lenses to suit your shot you get smart Scene Recognition with both

handsets which tweets the look of your photo dependent on the subject matter for low-light shots the mid-20 pro has a dedicated night mode which can capture great-looking long exposure snaps there’s no such mode on the s10 plus although Samsung’s dual aperture setup allows you to widen the primary lens’s aperture the F 1 point 5 when needed to suck in extra light for a brighter shot have you swaps to the video mode you can shoot up to 4k resolution video with either device although only the s 10 plus can record Ultra HD footage with a 60 frames per second finish and Samsung offers a fresh HDR mode for video as well something missing on the mitt when he brought you can even shoot in Samsung’s own dynamic HDR 10 plus formats so params are the front-facing cameras and you get a 24 megapixel F 2.0 selfie cam on the mitt when he bra compared with a 10 megapixel F 2.0 shooter on a Galaxy S 10 plus and while the S 10 sports a secondary depth sensor the mitt upgrades this to a proper full-on 3d depth sensor handy for that 3d facial recognition both phones could shoot a portrait selfie with solid results while the S 10 Plus also offers up full 4k resolution video capture suddenly the mate tops this off at full HD instead to really see how these two smartphones stuck up when it comes to the photo and video quality and all those camera features definitely stay tuned for Mike in depth camera comparison sorry there was a close look at the huawei at me at 20 pro and the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus all that various features and specs to see which one might be best you are you tempted by one all the other definitely let us know in the comments down below be gritty your thoughts I don’t forget a poke subscribe didn’t think that notifications about for more on the latest and great small Baltic Joe’s ever I’d love you

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