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hello you deeply attractive person this is Chris from Tex Burton I’m here with in my personal opinion to the best smartphones you can buy right now at the beginning of 2019 here on the left you’ve got the honor view 20 otherwise known as the honor v20 just launching here in the UK in January 2019 and on the right the 1 plus 60 which came out of the arse end of 2018 both pack incredible specs and great features but they’re also two very different handsets as well so we’re gonna do a full side by side on everything you need to know and don’t forget for more the latest and greatest mobile tech Tupac subscribe anting that notifications bell Cheers so let’s start with design and of course like all modern mobiles the honor v20 ands at the oneplus 60 or both absolute beasts 6.4 inches the honour view 20 the 1 plus 60 is a nats pew but bigger at 6.4 1 inches while that means is of course they’re both a bit of a handful you’ve got teeny mix like me you’ll be struggling to reach all the way up to that notifications bar thankfully you do get some help here on the oneplus 60 you can drag it down from anywhere on the screen with a quick swipe like so you don’t actually get a dedicated one-handed mods here on the honour view 20 which makes it much easier to use your apps for instance just tap into them as you can see they’re already shrunken down so it’s much much easier to

flick around we’ve hooked them around to the back however you’ll see they spot a very different design indeed despite the fact that they’re both constructed from glass in the gives the oneplus 60 you can actually pick it up in a couple of different finishes this is the kind of frosted glass almost metallic style finish but you can pick it up with a bit of a glossy Sheen similar to the v20 if you like as well and it’s available in a couple of different colors including thunder purple and the new special edition mclaren version as well she’s kind of nice but all of them do have a very basic sort of straightforward design as you can see there no real sort of frills or flair very simple in comparison the honour v20 sports is very funky design as you can see there it’s kind of similar to the one first introduced on the honor 10 where when it catches the light it’s got this funky striations style effects of course in the shape of a V of course because it is the view 20 again you pick it up in a couple of different hues those busy like blue dog blue or black so not much in the way of choice but definitely looks more funky than one plus 60 there’s no denying that which one you prefer would of course come down to your own personal tastes if we go down under it’s no surprise they both use type C a USB in order to charge up however only the honor view 20 actually sports a 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks or if you want to use your old wired para phones with the oneplus 60 you’ll need to either use a dongle which is provided in the box or get a bit of Type C on the GAR both on so far proven fairly rugged although there are a couple of light scratches here on the honour view xx which are kind of hard to pick

out just got that from generally treating it rather poorly indeed as I do with all my review for us just see how rugged they really are the kids the oneplus 60 this is an absolute this is the jason statham of phones this is jason statham times bruce lee basically it just will not scratch or scuff up probably if you attack it with like a bunch of knife or something it’ll it’ll get a little dent here or there but overall very impressive I grow the glass five back in very very strong indeed and you do get Gorilla Glass six on the front as well and that’s protected by a bonus screen protector as well here on the honor of you xx you also get a pre-installed screen protector so not scratches on the actual displays themselves touch words unfortunately neither phone has proper IP certification when it comes to water resistance oneplus has added some water proofing measures to the 1 plus 60 however and they just helped work with all the little ports they’ve had in some spongy just to soak up any moisture that gets in there so we found that like the view 20 in fact both of them they’ll happily survive a quick drop into a sink or a a severe soaking in a rainstorm but definitely do not want to submerge them for any length of time in any body of water and one of the difference and the designs it’s definitely worth mentioning as well as the fact that you get a physical fingerprint sensor mounted here on the back of the on a view 24 as as you’ll see no such thing here on the oneplus 60 and that’s because it’s actually built into the display itself got a long massive fan of those in screen fingerprint sensors they can be a little bit touchy to say the least

here on the oneplus sixty though it does seem pretty responsive and accurate I rarely get a mystery from it occasionally it’ll take a little while reads my print generally if I’ve not quite got it bang on center or if there’s strong light in the room I’ve and all such troubles from the actual physical thing presence Avon they only do 20 quick tap and you’re busy straight into your desktops nor delay whatsoever and very very very rarely get a miss reading on the if your hands are like seriously wet or grubby however one feature which the long plus 60 has which the honor view 20 doesn’t is the alert slider currently hidden we’re here on this right edge it’s really really handy if you’re constantly dodging into meetings all you need to do is quick flick up to the very top to put it into do not disturb and if you just flick it to that central position it goes into vibrate board as well so a great way make sure is a ring out in the middle of any of your important get-togethers so on to those displays as I mentioned before they’re about the same sort size six point four versus six point four one however there are different technologies as well as you probably tell from the flicker in here on the oneplus 60 that is an AMOLED to spit as you get a bit of IPS LCD action here on the honor of u-20 they’re both full HD plus a resolution so as you can see they’re tiny text nice and legible images look nice and crisp as well you probably see a bit better there the tiny little intrusions from the notch and the pinhole

camera you pretty much forget they’re there to be honest most of the time you probably also say that colors are reproduced in a very different manner with the default color settings as well that’s even more apparent on another image here it certainly not as difference between the two and the likes of the the sort of Pink’s the Reds the more sort of vibrant hues there but as I say this is all down to the actual default color setting you can fiddle with them to go into the settings on both smartphones jump into the color and screen that calibration modes as you can see there the view 20 sets of vivid by default if you knock that on to normal sort of ticks some of the boldness and the depth out of those colors for a more sort of realistic natural looking the image instead personally I prefer the vivid mods here on the one for the 60 I actually like having it in the adaptive more that sort of tweaks the colors depends on exactly what you’re doing what a clue isn’t at the time you’re gonna get srgb if you use that particular color gamut and you want to do a good bit of photo editing DCI p3 as well of course you’ve got all kinds of stuff and you can even have a bit of a play around with the color temperature and everything as you can hear on the view 20 as well and if we just momentarily stick them both on maximum brightness as well you’ll see certainly don’t have any trouble with either these smartphones on a really bright sunshiny day they’re both powerful enough to really pack a

punch and clearly legible I’ll say even when you’re outdoors and the Sun is actually shinin as it doesn’t here in the UK if he’s slightly more impressed with the audio out of the oneplus 60 they love you 20 it’s a little bit weaker and tinnier it’s absolutely fine in a nice quiet room like this once you get into a noisy environment I do struggle to hear what is going on if and watch a bit Netflix of Swing just a tiny little mono speaker here at the bottom which outputs all of the noise and you cover that up it’s pretty much funny up skills here on the bottom put 60 again it’s just the bottom mounted speakers and in fact most of the output seems to come out of the left side here but it’s definitely more powerful more powerful audio slightly less tele or you still wouldn’t want to listen to music via this thing yeah and those knows your environments definitely easier to make up what’s going on when you’re watching a bit a youtube or something and when it comes to the software the good news is the both are on a view 20 under 1 plus 60 both support the latest version of Android version 9 which is of course Android Pi however the overall software experience is very different as well however because you’ve got honors magic at UI basically while we’re in motion you I slapped on top of the honor v20 and you’ve got a bit of oxygen or s here on the 1 plus 60 that gives you a very different feature sets off for

instance here on oxygen OS you’ve got the shell feature which basically gives you fast access to your favorite contacts your favorite apps things like that you’re only on of you 20 you do just of course have the usual and Google feed of course already touched on the one handed ball and there’s plenty of other features as well bear doing the settings that are unique to both handsets server isn’t zero on Leon of you 20 you get the digital balance which is basically a kind of a kids mode in turn on screen time management so that’s this is my kids phone and then you can specify exactly how much do these screen time they have what time they’re supposed to be gone to bed or like kinda shenanigans you do of course get all kinds of gesture support on both these handsets as well so you’ve got full motion controllers it’s called here I’m magic UI and buttons and gestures here on the 1 plus 60 as you see you’ve got all kinds of quick gesture support so for instance flipping the phone over to mood picking it up in order to answer a phone call things like that you could also completely ditch that navigation dock and just use gestures if you prefer to do that and I actually do to be honest and what phones this basically works the same way it just means you’ve can flick up from the bottom the screen

in order to get rid of an out you can flick up and hold in order to bring up your recent apps and if you’re actually already in an app just quit flick from the side takes you back it’s great stuff I could honestly spend ages going into all the little differences and nuances of magic UI and oxygen OS they’re both great though they’re bought to my favorite overlays and the overall software experience is very strong on both of them and so now on to the subject of performance the great news is that even though both these smartphones cost around the 500 pound or under mark they actually pack really premium performance here on the on of you 20 it’s actually slightly better they’ve got the lid as to why we care a 980 chipset we’ve only seen this in the mid 20 series so far and this little bad boy here so definitely fantastic performance for the price point I don’t know one plus sixteen doesn’t disappoint either though it’s a Snapdragon it for five so it’s call comes over a year old now chip but both kisses well they’re backed by the six or eight gigs of ram depending on which model you get now with both phones of course you just tapping up and immediately they lured straight

up no hanging about whatsoever great stuff we have actually run a bit of Geekbench on both of these as well the onna smartphones they tend to block Geekbench you usually can’t even install it but actually managed to get it running on the honor of u-20 as you can see there in a straight-up benchmark battle other while weaker 980 on the honour view 20 definitely has it but the single core score on the multi-core score are better than what you’ll find on the oneplus 60 but of course the oneplus 60 score is still very very strong indeed and if you’re a gamer good news is the likes of pub G runs like a dream on both mobiles you do have games specific features on both handsets as well on the other view 20 + 1 + 60 you can block notifications for instance as you’re not disturbed during a gaming session it’s actually slightly more advanced to on the on for 60 s of resident you can choose to answer any calls that come in while your game and via the speaker which is great and both handsets can optimize the foreign performance as well so basically their mid resources are dedicated to the game she’s all got stuff in the background slowing you down you see if we dive on into the graphic settings both can be set to itch to your level with

that high frame rate option as well and they both run perfectly nicely there’s a bit of it in action as you can see the view from above very very strong indeed nice strong detail down on the island below deathly good when planning your London strategy we’ve actually managed to get in the same game here with poor third smartphones hello actually just set them both running off in the same direction I’m getting shot in the ass always fun as you can see they’re a nice smooth frame rate despite being on that high detail level so that’s always great these guys are not going to last long I’ll tell you that much may go and as I say I happily blast through full games on both these devices no problem whatsoever nor stumbles or stammers especially helped along by the GPU turbo feature of course here on the view xx as well which helps to maintain a nice smooth frame rate but I went into the storage actually get a choice on both handsets between 128 gigs which is what both these devices are or 256 gigs so it definitely won’t be wanted for space any time soon nor microSD memory card support on either of these devices however that’s for the battery technique on a view xx deftly impresses more when it comes to the battery life it’s got four thousand milliamp cell absolutely massive enormous battery and it tends to last us a good two days between charges were sort of everyday use so

that’s instant messaging skyping good bit camera use lots of web browsers and things like that if you start hammering it with the games and the Skype calls then it’s more like a date with day and a half your other one plus 60 you get a three thousand seven hundred milliamps cell it still easily lasts as the day even when we absolutely hammer it again although we can’t quite managed to get two full days out of it like we can with the honour of you 20 good news is though they both charge up nice and nipply when it comes time to stick them on super charge here on the view 20 you get a half charge in about half an hour wampler succeed similar sort of results with that – charge tech and neither foreign it occur in charge wirelessly but who really gives us stuff and so last but certainly not least of all let’s talk about that camera tech and again the hardware is very different on both of these smartphones the other one plus exceed you get dual lens setup it’s a 16 megapixel primary camera after 1.7 a 20 megapixel secondary camera again f 1.7 you’ve got a bit of optical image stabilization thrown in there just to help out with nice steady blur free photos there only on ‘view 20 it’s actually a single lens as of available for your general photos and videos it’s a 48 megapixel loss or certainly packs in the detail and there is a secondary lens there’s a time-of-flight lens that’s actually used in for the likes of 3d

model and because it can accurately record distances between yourself and a subject that doesn’t actually do anything at the moment fortunately we’re still waiting on an update from honor that brings that into play kind of similar to the Opera or x17 Pro when it comes to the software it’s a very different story on both of these smartphones as well you get a pretty good auto mode on both of these smartphones and generally pick out the correct settings for the specific environmental conditions the only one of you 20 do get what is AI mode onboard as well however this can make colors look a bit more ball they can add filter style effects and the overall results you’ve got to say we are very impressed by it’s also particularly got if you’re shooting human subjects because it’ll automatically switch to the portrait modes both phones have a portrait mode it’s actually better here on the 1 plus 60 however we have to say because of that dual lens setup you get a nice crisp shot of your subject with a nice blurry background every time you’re on the view 20 we’ve seen a few little mistakes here and there occasionally a bits of the background will be crisp just like the subject as of course because it just uses the single lens for the portrait snaps both phones have a pro mode as well so you’ve got full manual controls if you need them and here on the on plus 60 you can actually shoot RAW images

as well if you want to edit on the fly we’ve got to say we do like they’re a bit of histogram action as well very snazzy and of course you get a funky night mode on both smartphones as well we’ve found on the view 20 it does work slightly better it’s a similar sort of setup though it’s a long exposure shot basically you tend to get something more oversaturated and light there are areas with the night modes here on the oneplus 60 but it’s still pretty strong results definite if you want to be taking a lot of low-light shots both phones are up to the job when it comes to the video you can shoot a 4k resolution furniture on the oneplus 60 at up to 60 frames per second impressive stuff indeed here on the on of you 20 you can again shoot in 4k but not at 60fps that option is only available at 1080p blue good news is the results of solid with both of these smartphones image stabilization is pretty damn good even at that 4k level definitely impressive and you’ve got the usual slow-motion shenanigans if that’s your bag you can actually go up to 960 frames per second here on the honor view 20 here on the oneplus 60 you’ve only got a choice of 240 or 480 fps and as you can see of course it dials down to 720p once you get past that 240 frames per second at 720p here on the

honour view 20 as well at that high frame rate and if we swap on around to the front-facing cameras it’s a twenty five megapixel snapper here on the honor view 20 and it’s a 16 megapixel here of the 1 + 60 both perfectly fine for you everyday snaps and they do have a dedicated portrait board on both of them as well so you can keep yourself nice and crisp and fuzz out the backgrounds and of course got like AI mode again in action here on the view 20 so that right there is hopefully for you a pretty comprehensive look and the differences between the honor view 20 and the 1 plus 60 hopefully that’s given you an idea of which one might be best for you Prosser is a tough choice we’re probably leaning slightly more towards the view 20 is a little bit more affordable and of course little things light as well like it’s got a more up-to-date chipset the battery life start a little bit stronger as well have the 1 plus 60 is still fantastic value great specs and we really love that oxygen OS as well so that’s all you things down in the comments below which one would you be more tilted towards and stay tuned because we’ve got more on the honor view to Annie we’ve got more on the latest on a smart phones and the 1 plus 7 is probably not that far off as well Spock subscribe and ding that notifications Bell and thanks for watching everyone love you

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