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ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo thinkpad p17 gen 2. now this unit just arrived from lenovo for review purposes the retail price on the specific configuration is roughly 5 000 us dollars i will include a link in the description for those of you interested in picking up one of these monsters and just like the previous generation this sports a in class uh 4k that is uhd 17-inch uh display 500 nits of brightness 100 adobe rgb and of course is hdr capable as well let me go ahead and get the power brick out of here and this thing is just a total monster we’re talking about cpu gpu this is essentially what should be a dream workstation for any mobile professional doesn’t have to be mobile but that would like to take this out of the office and essentially have something that can excel at just about everything and that’s because we have an intel core i9 11th gen chip you can also go with an intel xeon processor if that is your preference you can also of course

configure this with uh a variety of different gpus the specific unit sent over to me sports the nvidia rtx a5000 with 16 gigs of vram and you know upgradability expandability we’ve got three nvme ssd slots uh lenovo is saying they cap out at two terabytes i may end up testing that we’ll see we have a what i believe is going to be a 230 watt power brick and it is you can see right there and this machine just has it all so between that eight core processor which again you can go xeon if you prefer that you also have as i’ve mentioned uh the rtx a5000 64 gigs of ram that you can upgrade up to 128 gigs this again has 64 out of the box in addition to that of course gen 4 nvmes are supported the one inside of this out of the box i believe is a single terabyte as you can see we have a full size sd card reader usb type a port kensington lock and then on the other side of the machine we have hdmi 2.1 another usb a port nano sim slot and a headphone microphone

combo jack and then on the back even more connectivity you can see we’ve got some thunderbolt ports another type c port and of course the charging port and an ethernet port so this is really meant to be able to do absolutely everything obviously not gaming and then easy access for upgrading right there so i may end up popping this open we could see whether or not i can get an 8 terabyte drive to run in this and you get all the durability military spec all that good stuff that thinkpad brings to the table and look this is about being best in class not about winning a beauty contest although i know there are many of you out there that do absolutely love the look and feel of a beast thing pad like this i mean i understand that we’ve got a webcam top center as you can see we also have a privacy switch if i could get it going there now it’s red that means you have privacy open it back up and of course uh that privacy is gone so to speak up the thinkpad keyboard that really still is unrivaled in the business don’t get me wrong a lot of manufacturers make great keyboards but thinkpad historically you know before it was lenovo and of course now being lenovo

still has one of the most highly regarded experiences from any keyboard the touchpad or trackpad is pretty much the same as previous generation if my memory serves fingerprint scanner right there speakers right here along the top of the deck and remember this display is color calibrated let’s go ahead and power it up you have that full numerical keypad and really this is targeted at a very specific audience again someone who wants durability a machine that’s going to last long term and give them performance to get things done now when i say get things done we’re talking about rendering we’re talking about architecture design so if you work inside revit i mean even for autocad i feel like this is incredibly beefy because this is the type of machine that can do everything i can already tell you just from booting up the display looks great i may even right now go ahead and log us get us onto wi-fi of course this supports 6e to my knowledge but let’s get us online and just see what the display really looks like because again color

proofing is meant to be part of the identity of this line so whether you’re doing you know any sort of photography or video edits this machine is supposed to give you exactly what you would want so let’s just take a look at something on youtube which is far from a great indicator but it still will give us some idea and you know the hinges seem really solid very little wobble on this you know very little i mean if i play with it i can encourage it but nice tight stiff feeling from this entire uh build just it does exude overall build quality so let’s go ahead and start this without any data i’m not worried about that and let’s just go ahead and jump on youtube and again this is not a machine for everyone but for anyone that actually appreciates what lenovo is doing with these i think you’re going to love it i know that the p17 line is one of my favorites the fact that you have so much expansion and just overall capability this is this machine means business there’s no other way of putting it so let’s go ahead and jump into just some 4k hdr content let’s see what that looks like also hear what that looks like i generally save this for a first look but why not just get it out of the way let’s make sure our volume be on mute speakers are not bad again for a p17

you’ve got to remember this machine is really it’s not meant to be content consumption but it can do everything like i keep saying let’s go ahead and get that to 4k this is not an hdr sample but it still should prove to be pretty good looking and i will go ahead since we have a flat top down view i will match that to our camera settings brightness looks a little high let’s go ahead and tweak that [Music] and i can tell you right now the display looks excellent now part of the blowout i’m getting right here is just from studio lights so you’ll have to wait until the first impressions video to really get a good feel for how good this display is but i can tell you right now myself looking at this ips panel it is fantastic and obviously if you purchase a machine like this that’s part of the goal with having uh the x right uh pantone color calibration that comes right out of the factory with this go ahead and angle that up a little bit probably fair a little bit better so again this is not a machine for everyone this is really targeted at a very specific group of users but it is one size fits all when it comes to being just a monster that can do everything except for gaming again you’re not going to want to game on this this is not a gaming gpu but rather this will be of course part of nvidia studio drivers crop and you will still get best in class performance so it’ll be interesting to see what revit runs like on here i’ll probably test that out and of course ideal for photo video editing and

rendering in general this is designed specifically for those of you that are taking that to task and at five thousand dollars you know this is competing directly with uh things like hp’s zbook line that is the market it’s taking on again for content creation video production and of course any other form of software that can take full advantage of that rtx a5000 with the 16 gigs of vram which as far as the mobile class of content creation goes that is the king of the hill that there is no better option on the market and i think the only thing that you know you need to be aware of with a machine like this is that it is really big but that’s part of the appeal you’ve got the glowing uh thinkpad eye the dot over the eye there typical of letting you know whether the machine is hibernating or not and you can see it pulsating right now and lenovo just does a knock-up job with these i mean they have an identity unlike any other everyone knows thinkpad and the p series is just the beefiest machine that lenovo makes in a consumer prosumer dare i say a commercial grade mobile workstation any questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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