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hey there my name’s tom and this is proper honest tech allowed’s admit it life in the electronic age is difficult we all obtain pestered with information every day as well as monitoring everything that we require to do and keeping in mind every one of the important things we need to remember can be challenging there are numerous company apps offered on your apple iphone mac ipad and also your watch which will help you to keep track of your responsibilities but i reckon among the most ignored and under-appreciated applications is right there already on your ios device in the type of tips and also i believe there are 2 crucial factors why the app is so forgotten first of all i believe that people have no concept simply what the app is capable of and also secondly i think individuals are using it inaccurately so in this deep dive video clip i’m mosting likely to stroll you via everything that the tips app can do now in july of 2021 i’ll show you pointers and tricks to help you get the most from it and show you just how you can integrate the pointers application with every one of your apple devices so if you’re like me as well as you possess points like an iphone an ipad yet also a mac watch homepod and even apple carplay you can really level up your productivity let’s start by agreeing what the reminders app is as the name would certainly recommend it’s an app to aid advise you of things to do but these pointers can take a number of forms as well as vary based upon the method you utilize them for example a pointer may be a timed occasion reminding you to take the containers out on a tuesday early morning or a reminder could be a reminder to buy something like a shopping list or a tip could be connected to a person so as an example when you’re messaging someone the tip turns up to advise you to make them knowledgeable about something every one of these various instances are all instances of pointers and also they all function in basically

the same way with the only difference being just how you set them up and also exactly how you engage with them simply so you’re aware throughout this video i’m mosting likely to be using tips on my mac however i’ll also be jumping over to pointers on both my apple iphone and also ipad where applicable to show you what it resembles there also i’ll likewise attempt to demo some use of pointers making use of points like the homepod carplay and apple view i’m running ios and ipad os 14.6 on the iphone as well as ipad specifically and also i’m running mac os 11.4 big sur on the mac i understand that there’ll be some changes to tips when the brand-new os decrease in a number of months time and also i’ll make a video clip with an upgrade to the modifications then all right allow’s start by looking at tips right here on the mac as well as simply validating that we’re green light regarding just how everything functions fortunately pointers on mac and ipad are almost carbon duplicates of each other the iphone variation is nearly the same with the exception that a couple of points are in various areas due to the different display dimensions so when you’ve learned exactly how to utilize one you’ll be able to use the same reasoning to the others right here in the top left of the display we’ve got a search bar which does precisely what it says on the tin if you’re unsure regarding whether you have actually developed a details suggestion or otherwise you can look for it here then we’ve obtained some filters which apple calls smart lists these permit

you to filter out your suggestions based on standards that you would have established with them when you developed them for example pressing the all switch will certainly naturally reveal you every one of your suggestions although it’s still damaged down right into your different checklists flagged will reveal you only the suggestions which you have actually flagged to flag a tip if you get on the mac ideal click on the pointer and select flag if you’re on an apple iphone or an ipad tap on the reminder then on the info switch and after that toggle flag to on and choose done when you’re ended up scheduled will show you any kind of pointers with a target date affixed to them providing you a scheduled view of what you have actually obtained coming near set a due date on the mac right click a suggestion as well as most likely to target date where you can select from today tomorrow or following weekend break if these dates aren’t specific sufficient for you you can use the advise me operate to pick a specific day and after that a details time note that the deadline faster way is just offered on mac if you’re on iphone or ipad you’ll require to choose the reminder select info and also then toggle on date and time reminders choosing the specifics as you go oh as well as by the method if you’re more of a swipe person you can just swipe left on any kind of suggestion then choose details which is the exact same as tapping on a pointer and picking the details

switch finally today which will certainly show you just the tips which are due today this is based on date and time information similar to the scheduled filter yet will certainly filter to just show the tasks or tips which schedule today this can be useful if you’re the sort of individual that suches as to sweat off of a daily order of business as the application will essentially develop a new one for you each day based on whatever schedules so among the core things to obtain your head around with pointers is the suggestion of producing and handling lists pointers is produced by default and is where your tool will certainly store tips for you by default yet past that it’s really approximately you exactly how you make a decision to arrange your pointers probably you might have a list for maintaining track of books that you desire to read or movies or tv series that you desire to watch probably you could have a listing for a project that you’re working on remodeling a space in your residence for instance or planning for a trip you might have a listing of points that you recognize you require to load before you take place vacation or a list relevant to the different participants of your household the option truly is yours so with that said in mind allow’s produce a couple of listings my fiance and i are moving house in a number of months so i’m going to develop a couple of lists connected to that i’ll develop one and also call it relocating and afterwards i’m going to produce one more one called initially 2 weeks now due to the fact that these

two lists relate to the exact same subject i’m going to organize them with each other to do that just click as well as hang on one of the checklists and drop it onto the other list a team will certainly be instantly developed and also you can offer it a name i’m mosting likely to call the group housemove so you can see how simple it is to develop lists as well as just how you’ve got some beneficial editing and enhancing choices for handling those lists i hunch now we need to develop some pointers to enter those listings you have actually got numerous different options for doing this with one of the most apparent being developing a pointer manually let me grab my iphone for this and after that i’m mosting likely to jump into the moving in list and faucet throughout the list to produce a new suggestion i’m mosting likely to call the reminder publication removals business and after that tap on the i to take a look at my alternatives in notes i can include a bit much more meat to the bones of my reminder so possibly i have actually got some specific furnishings that i need to bear in mind to go over with the moving business i might make a little note of that in right here in link i could add the website link to the firm that we’re making use of as that may aid me if i rapidly require to order a contact number or some info regarding them at a later date day and time we’ve already reviewed those and i’m not going to utilize them on this event but that would certainly allow me to establish a target date for this reminder

location possibly isn’t useful for this particular reminder however it could be actually valuable in the ideal circumstance you would certainly utilize this to have your tools remind you to do something when you’re at a specific area or leaving a certain area a noticeable usage instance here is when siri recognizes where you live and function you can use this feature to have a suggestion trigger when you leave work or when you arrive residence it’s seriously brilliant stuff although i’m not mosting likely to utilize it on this occasion when messaging is also super handy and can be valuable in this circumstances in fact this primarily means that if you’re messaging someone the reminder will pop up on your display while you’re messaging that particular person so for me i might place my future husband in below and also when i’m following messaging her the suggestion will appear advising me to talk to her concerning the removals company do keep in mind that this only relates to apple messages not to whatsapp or facebook carrier or any various other messaging application i hesitate i could flag the pointer if i wished to yet i’m not going to on this celebration i can set the concern of this suggestion choosing either none reduced medium or high this can be useful if you’re taking care of a task and you have actually got great deals of various spinning plates maybe you wish to guarantee that you’re concentrating on removing the most vital stuff very first i’ll use this i think this is a high concern task so we’ll select that i can

then transform the listing that this is in if i need to yet i enjoy where it is subtasks is truly valuable if this specific task is essentially made up of a variety of other tasks you can include those in here so for this instance i could make some subtasks called acquire 3 quotes and afterwards select the finest choice and afterwards publication a firm so there we go we’ve now obtained 3 subtasks and also i understand that i’ve reached finish all of those in order for the entire task to be finished lastly i can include an image if i wish to i can select one from my picture library or i can scan a record maybe the leaflet of a company i desire to inquire regarding or an invoice or i can take a picture making use of the cam on my phone okay allow’s choose done notice exactly how the job is shown on my apple iphone as well as on my ipad as well as on my mac i’ve got the task itself publication removals firm and then the 3 subtasks revealing below that each with their very own tick box allowed’s consider some of the options offered since i’ve created a list to gain access to this on the mac you would certainly right click the listing or to do this on iphone or ipad you’re going to select the ellipsis switch below you can edit the name as well as appearance of the checklist i’m going to choose an icon of a home and i’m mosting likely to make this

checklist red i can share the listing if i intend to i could share this with my fiance as it’s all relevant to her too to do that select share and afterwards select just how you want to send out the share link anyone that after that clicks that link will be able to join the list as an individual which is outstanding if you’re dealing with something similar to this or possibly making use of pointers as component of a family members group or a job task the main listing which i share with my future husband in reality is our shopping checklist we have actually obtained one continuously on the move and also whenever we consider anything that requires contributing to the checklist we simply add it that way whichever among us is at the supermarket even if it’s an unanticipated journey we’ve got the most recent list and simply order whatever we need pick tips is excellent if you desire to cleanse a list up and also perhaps pick some pointers to finish or remove wholesale you can pick type by and also after that sort by hand or by deadline creation date top priority or the title of the tip program completed is useful due to the fact that by default when you finish a task it gets removed from the checklist this enables you to bring it back allow me show you we’ll finish the very first subtask obtain 3 quotes see that it’s currently gone if i jump back into the food selection as well as select program hidden it returns lastly you can publish your checklist or you can delete the checklist i discussed sharing lists as well as stated that i share a wish list with my fiance allow me show you that swiftly to reveal you what takes place in a common checklist if i choose the info choices for among these things

below in the checklist i can appoint it to anybody that the listing is shared with clearly in this instance it’s not that useful yet you can visualize that if you were preparing a trip as well as you would certainly shared the checklist with numerous people this can be an actually valuable method to guarantee that every person recognizes who’s accountable for what you just touch on an indicator tip and after that pick the person that the suggestion is mosting likely to be appointed to currently by hand developing a suggestion such as this is super powerful yet it is a bit laborious a much easier method is to allow siri do it for you this is straightforward however you do need to understand a little concerning context and how it deals with regard to pointers for instance if you wanted to include bread to your buying checklist your natural instinct could be to say remind me to acquire bread the issue with this is that by saying remind me you’ve informed siri that this is a reminder when in truth you intend to add something to a specific list so you ‘d really claim add bread to my shopping checklist in this way siri knows what you intend to include as well as where you desire to add it you might even claim something like add organized sky television to my relocating in checklist and also siri will certainly again recognize precisely what you intend to include as well as

where you want to add it if you want a real reminder of something with perhaps a day or time affixed to it simply say it when you ask siri so as an example you might claim remind me to grab milk when i leave house tomorrow early morning and once more siri will certainly comprehend all of the context of what you’re claiming if siri understands where you work the exact same context would work for that too you can claim something like remind me to transform my toothbrush directly the initial of monthly and also this will not just establish up a suggestion but a repeating suggestion on whatever regularity you’ve chosen this is undoubtedly truly handy if you have actually obtained something that happens on a regular basis and also want to guarantee that you don’t neglect to do it of course it’s not just long-lasting suggestions that you can utilize the app for let’s state that your close friend tina calls you but you can not chat then and you guarantee to call her back in half an hour why take the threat of neglecting simply claim remind me to call tina back in half an hour and allow your tool keep an eye on it for you as well as of training course because this is siri you can establish tips from all your devices including your watch your homepod and even carplay so if you’re driving and also you instantly bear in mind that you need to put a wash on when

you get residence you can utilize siri to advise you of that so all pretty powerful stuff but there is more reminders has functionality within various other apps too so if you’re browsing on safari as well as you wish to be reminded of something associated to the page you get on most likely to the share menu as well as make a pointer about it the exact same jobs in maps which can be truly helpful if you’re intending a trip as well as possibly desire a suggestion to research a location even more so there you go a deep dive into apple reminders as you can hopefully see it’s a very effective application and also i assume covers the functionality that most of us require when using a pointers app what do you believe do you like apple reminders or do you not utilize it drop me a remark as well as let me know oh and if you located this video handy do take a look at my similar video where i take a deep dive right into apple notes i’ll include a web link to it in the summary of this video clip as ever before if you discovered this video useful do please think about leaving me a like and also subscribing to my network for even more content similar to this in the future see you on the next

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