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hey what’s up people mkbhd here techtober continues 2nd video of the day today uh as well as this is a little bit of a various kind of video clip usually what i ‘d be covering in impressions and also first hands on is points that are coming out now or around to appear this video clip is a little bit even more of what microsoft has showed me that’s not coming out this year it’s coming out next year and it has uh kind of a still being functioned on condition so there are no main specs yet however this is future things and also microsoft is a massive business as you know so i went up to redmond near seattle in their headquarters and also there’s dozens and lots of labs as well as speculative locations that are not usually revealed to the public i saw material labs where they develop points like the precise thickness as well as structure of their material on the surface laptop computers as well as the rubber on their earphones where they make prototypes as well as new models of products that they’re assembling and also i even reached spend some time in the guinness world record quietest space worldwide one of a number of anechoic chambers they’ve constructed and also made use of to do noise testing so out of

these microsoft labs they’ve showed 2 points two future products for next year one is surface pro neo and also the other is surface professional duo so allow’s start with the surface neo it’s a tablet sized twin display collapsible very thin and with this 360 level hinge so just taking a go back for a 2nd we have actually seen different ways to do foldables right we have the galaxy fold way which is the folding display on the inside you placed a screen on the outdoors that’s the means samsung’s chosen to do it or possibly folding out like the huawei mate x that doesn’t fairly exist yet or the royale flex pi that barely exists or perhaps vertical foldables like the motorola razer mockups however the genuine magic below with the surface area neo is this 360 degree joint so this is a different way of thinking of it so it goes from folded closed to open up however then folds up completely around so you can utilize it as a single screen or you can fold it out flat and also use both displays at the exact same time there is a bezel in between so it’s not a real collapsible screen however the device itself is collapsible and as they’re showing it to me and describing it to me you know this is microsoft’s chief product officer and legendary speaker panos paine and also

he’s revealing it to me and i’m realizing despite the fact that this isn’t technically a folding screen it has a lot of the various other upsides of different variations of foldables we have actually seen so if you can handle that bezel you get the inside display additionally being the outdoors screen as well as the outside screen is the inside screen and it avoids having to do actually any one of the complicated folding display screen magic entirely that’s been so complicated and afterwards resilience is likewise safer because you can cover both sides and also protect it when you’re done utilizing it and throw it in a bag or something and afterwards you don’t have to fret about folding it also far in the incorrect direction since it folds up completely right around 360 levels i think i would just really have to stress over as well as you saw it it’s very thin uh like turning durability uh as well as i had not been gon na test that even if this is a super precious prototype and we’re just getting our initial take a look at it but the slimness really made me believe

concerning that and battery life no suggestion what a device this slim can possibly load in regards to battery when you’re looking at mostly display however those are both things i bother with this model likewise had magnets in it and they yapped concerning these magnets on stage you can have this useful little small keyboard that you slap onto all-time low and bring about with it and also anytime you intend to use it you can swing it around to the front as well as now you have a real physical key-board and the os identifies what you finished with those magnets as well as offers you an unique type of ui like a touch bar on the bottom screen or you can utilize it as a track pad that’s truly creative and this is all originating from what’s called windows 10 x so primarily a fork of home windows designed particularly for this brand-new dual display kind variable i believe i’m just mosting likely to call it double screen so it’s mosting likely to manage you recognize connection between both sides if you open something on one side and also it windows bent on the other display all the type of things like that and also the magnet is likewise excellent for holding that surface slim pen as well which has magnets inside so it can be secured outside if you simply want to keep it there but it additionally can just rest there as well as cool on the back if you’re not utilizing it so this was fascinating i was i was impressed by as well as intrigued by the entire 360 level joint surface neo double screen folding activity concept it kind of

reminds me of something a great deal of you people have been sending me i assume it’s a kind of phone designer mock-up of like the desire kind factor for laptop computers over the past couple days however there was another point too there’s space for something a bit smaller sized much more mobile pocketable also which would be where we saw the surface area duo so the surface duo is like a pocket variation of the neo so currently it’s a set of smaller reasonably 5.5 inch displays next to each other once again with a small bezel in the center that make it type of taller or longer or broader nonetheless you wish to say it when it’s unfolded but very same concept right here 360 degree hinge totally protected no display outside so it’s absolutely risk-free in your pocket like a regular phone or possibly in a bag and also again it’s very thin which that understands what that implies for battery yet it looks truly sleek and also the hinge weight was what struck me one of the most about this prototype kind actually if the joint is a little as well loosened folding it out will certainly not feel secure as well as it’ll tip over if you attempt to place it on a table yet if the hinge is too tight it’s not comfy to fold as well as unravel so the hinge weight was wonderful uh felt looked kind of like a bigger version of that motorola razor principle and possibly one of the most interesting point they told us is it runs android to ensure that indicates microsoft as well as google working with each other to produce a.

version of android or some modifications to android that again work much better with this twin display folding phone concept the same means that they worked on windows for the surface neo which’s once more to have dual screen applications you understand one application on one display one app on the various other android is currently integrating in attributes now for foldables but i think this is an additional ongoing action in that instructions as microsoft establishes its sights on this brand-new future kind aspect so i do not find out about you however i enjoy this i enjoy the commitment i want to see them truly make this you know we had a little misstep there at first of folding phones however it seems like now we’re back to complete heavy steam in advance as we start to obtain folding phones delivering now we have galaxy fold delivery we have the huawei mate x delayed yet with any luck coming quickly and also currently we have this commitment from microsoft and it feels like we’re back on this wave so we had you know folding phones with flip phones as well as now the type variable of the future may really allow displays obtaining small and after that obtaining big again however i wonder what you think about this 360 degree hinge as a foldable phone idea once again it’s not really genuinely a folding display and there is a little bezel in the middle and the way they make use of that could be intriguing but let me understand what you believe in the comment area listed below regardless that’s been it simply a fast video clip to share some of this enjoyable future brand-new stuff and also once more like i pointed out that meeting chatting tech with microsoft chief executive officer satya nadella is turning up so tech tober proceeds many thanks capture you guys the following one tranquility.

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