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a little beautiful people since it’s Christmas expert and this absolute beast here is the razor blade Pro 17 it’s a behemoth of a gaming laptop of premium through and through as well Boston r-tx 2080 graphics some top-end ninth generation Intel Core performance impressive customization and even a spot of upgrade ability as well of course if you aren’t absolutely minted then you might as well look away now because there is bleed Pro 17 starts at a whopping 2,400 pounds and if you want this 4k r-tx 2080 model while you’re gonna be stumping up well over 3k so if you’ve asunder for this bad boy for Christmas you better have been a very good girl or boy and that’s fierce it even Santa’s sack would probably struggle with this absolute whopper but is there is blade Pro 17 actually worthy of that sky-high price well I’ve been testing that living bejesus on it for the past week I saw in here is my fault in depth review and from on the latest of greatest act please do subscribe and ding that notification spell says the first step yes there is blade pro at 17 spot some very impressive specs and features but the actual design itself certainly ain’t anything to write home about it’s definitely more functional than it is attractive the black aluminum chassis is rather bland both outside and in despite the tri headed snake action here

on the lids and as you can see there pick some greasy prints rather easily as well so it starts to look rather grim after just a day or two and that lid has already picked up a few little scratches and scuffs here and there as well just do it in the past week and I sort haven’t dropped it and banged it anything like that so I’m a little bit concerned about how it look over the course of a sort of a year or two well you can pick up some bralette impressively slim and light gaming laptops for around the bonfires at 1500 pound mark these days there is blade Pro 17 is one chunky mother and it almost three kilos he’ll definitely some reasonably decent biceps in order to lug it around all day long I mean that’s officially this thing really isn’t a laptop unless you happen to have a lap the size of Andre the Giant my never actually had it resting on my thighs I felt the entire lower half of my body going numb and it also gets a little bit toasty especially once you’re starting to get into some popper in terms of media editing or gaming or anything like that so I could also feel it slowly cooking my genitals which to be fair these days is probably some kind of weird internet fetish still at least you get a decent selection of ports so you get trio of USB 3.0 type air connections backed by two types II connections one of those simple

Thunderbolt 3 so you can hook up an external GPU or a 4k monitor as if there is bleed 7 zebra wasn’t already pimped out enough it was gone it’s jahmai port an SD card reader and a nice bit of Ethernet as well for your wired connectivity and speaking of the Internet connectivity there is bleed Pro 17 is reassuringly future-proof as well you get full Wi-Fi 6 support in there so if you want to go wire you can get a nice reliable connection all the same as long as you’ve got Wi-Fi 6 more them of course now boot up the RZA bleed pro 7 team and you’ve got a 720p camera which supports windows hello house just above the display to get you logged in in a jiffy and while there is bleed Pro 17 so it didn’t give great first impressions from the overall design it’s once you stare at that for Kier display that you really start to fall in love or this thing it’s a 17.3 inch beast supporting 120 Hertz refresh for it and basically movies and games and everything else looks absolutely stunning everything looks for smooth and slick that the very best titles almost look basically true to life I found myself occasionally stopped and mid-game to just done wire a particularly stunning bit of scenery when really I should have been blown someone’s skull into tiny bite-size chunks if you pump up the brightness it maxes out at around 318 it’s which isn’t one

of the best results out there but it still proves absolutely fine for gaming watching movies at whatever you want even quite a bright environment which is definitely great and as far as the color reproduction goes no worries there either 100% of both the Adobe RGB gamut and the sRGB gummit or pleasingly covered off so you can happily edit photos videos whatever you want on this laptop and even or you’ll be getting accurate results as for the audio absolutely no complaints there either you get paired up puts fire and stereo speakers pretty standard for a gaming laptop they’re nice and meaty got full Dolby Atmos support and on top volume they really blast your fists a bit so its massive annual Snapdragon Summit this year Qualcomm pulled back the curtain on the new snapdragon 865 platform yeah that’ll definitely do the job and of course if you’re gonna be doing a good bit of gaming chances are you’ll have slapped on a headset anyway now sound washed in between it those are stereo speakers you will find at the quay keyboard it does seem somewhat squashed here on the razorblade pro 17 but it’s basically just an optical illusion caused by the fact that the chassis is absolutely massive it proves and apps though the fine size for typing on gaming my major gripe is that the key is rather shallow but it

doesn’t really prove a problem I still find it comfortable for gaming and for touch type into there’s enough space between each key to prevent miss hits and I was happy to see some full-size cursor keys thrown in there as well although of course there’s a pesky function key right there in the corner so I kept hitting that by mistake instead of the arrow keys those lines you’d expect from a gaming machine you’ve got a full customizable backlight and set up here on the wrist bleed pro 17 as well I want to say customizable it’s absolutely insane news and raises chrome a studio app you can basically tweak the individual lights and effects on every single key adds on all kinds of different layers and all kinds of shenanigans it really is very in-depth you could spend literally hours playing around with this thing if you’ve got Philips hue lights as well you can get those things with the Riz blade Pro 17 and basically turn your den into some sort of crazy game and disco when the glass touchpad is absolutely fine as well it’s nice and spacious and responsive as well there’s full multi-touch gestures so whatever you need it to do and to be honest I ended up just using the touch controls here on the screen more often than not instead it’s just nice and

quick and simple and works a charm as far as the performance cause as you would expect from the razor blade pro 17 it absolutely Cannes you’ve got an Intel Core i7 9750 each chipset backed by a rather healthy 16 gigs of ram and if you have do need to upgrade as well then you gots or dim set up so you can boost it up to 64 gigs in tall very meaty indeed not basically mijung through whatever you want at the res blade Pro 17 video editor not a problem game and obviously is a cinch and multitasking is absolutely fine as well even in google chrome if your stream and video busy download and some files in the background you can do whatever you want and this thing will not stutter or stumble and when it comes to the game and you got that GeForce r-tx 2080 GPU at least in this review model you can bump that down to a 20 70 or 2060 I believe it is as well if you want to save a little bit of cash you do have to keep the wrist blade 417 plugged in and boosted to the maximum performance sense if you’re playing one of the latest games to really take advantage of that power though I found that in the balanced board that likes destiny to really did chug along and that four key of

resolution set in it was just about playable but it really wasn’t much fun at all but when I drove into the RZA signups up and shoved everything up onto max from the GPU and the CPU sense I felt it then destiny to plate absolutely perfectly nice and smooth even at that HD level of course you can only do this performance boost if there is a blip or 17 is plugged in you can’t do it if it’s running on battery power I also saw a serious difference of the 3d mug benchmarking scores as well when I boosted up to the maximum performance levels here’s the scores like got in fire strike skydiver cloud get an ice storm both before with the balance settings and then afterwards when I chucked it up to the performance mods that’s how I didn’t really notice much of a difference at all in the strange Brigade benchmarking scores whether I was in the balanced or all the performance mode I got on average frames per second rate of around the sort of 80 FPS mark of course one concern with any gaming laptop as far as the performance caused is the throttle and will it be limited by the amount of

heat churned out by those super-powerful internal components thankfully there is bleed Pro 17 didn’t get to toss it does get quite warm here on the bottom so definitely recommend using a desk rather than your actual lap genital torture etc etc and it does get quite hot here at the back as well we get those vents located as well we got an internal vapour cooling chamber and then tell the fans were actually reasonably quite as well again during those intensive long sessions didn’t seem to whizz up to bat they weren’t too obnoxious compared with some gaming laptops and the general lip penis of the res blade pro 17 is helped along by the very nippy 1 terabyte SSD as well which has very strong read and write speeds and you’ve got an m2 slot in there as well so you can up to double the amount of storage available in the Risborough pro 17 with again relative ease unfortunately as with pretty much any gaming laptop out there the battery life absolutely

sucks balls you expect around 90 minutes of gaming on a full charge around 2 hours of play around in chrome the like so that again before that battery will just die a death so combine that poor battery performance with the fact that it’s an absolute unit and yeah the razorblade pro 17s portability isn’t one of its strongest suits all right there’s my full Razer Blade pro 17 review after a week of play it is a big ugly bulky beast and it’s gonna absolutely drain your savings account but if you demand apps the crazy premium performance and a gorgeous 4k display to take on the road with you well you can’t really go wrong so are you tempted by the razor blade Pro 17 or maybe you’ve been using it as your notebook for a few weeks whatever now definitely let us know your thoughts down in the comments below and please do post subscribe and thing like notifications bar for more on the latest greatest tech Cheers love you

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