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hey everybody gets lines I’ve been and we’re taking a look today on a rather nice gaming laptop from Lenovo that just came out this is the légion y5 40 and it looks a lot like some of the prior legions that we’ve looked at but internally they have made some upgrades and it really performs quite nicely for the price point and the form factor and we’re gonna take a closer look at this new laptop in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this is on loan from Lenovo so when we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it gets uploaded so let’s get to it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware now there are a number of different configurations for this laptop so we’re going to look at what this one has first but I’ll also tell you about some of the other options that are available as we’re going through this now this one that we’re looking at we believe costs about one thousand four hundred and fifty nine dollars but you can get one starting at around $8.99 at the time I’m recording this video they all have 15.6 inch displays but this one has a 1080p 144 Hertz display running at about 300 nits of brightness it’s IPS it has a matte finish nice and sharp it really looks nice especially for games that you can get running at high frame rates and we were quite pleased with how everything looked on here I have not seen the 60 Hertz display but my experience with Lenovo displays is that they are very good even at the lower end but if you can swing it having 144 Hertz here will really make a difference this one has an i7 9750 H processor that’s a 6 core i7 chip it also has a gtx 1660 TI GPU this is a GPU that I haven’t yet encountered and I was eager to learn more about it it is based on the new Turing architecture which NVIDIA has rolled out with their new r-tx series cards but you’ll notice here on the front that this one says GTX and that’s because this chip although based on the new architecture lacks some of the special visual effects like ray-tracing that those are TX cards have but it does deliver a nice performer boost over the prior generation and you’ll see that when we start working through some benchmarks and games in a few

minutes so if you don’t need all those fancy features I think you can get in the door here at a pretty reasonable price this 1660 Ti is even on the base model with six gigabytes of video memory so it comes very well equipped I think for where it is in the marketplace now if you wanted to take advantage of some of those r-tx features they do have a version of the laptop with a 2060 GPU built in so that’s an option for you this one came with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram in dual channel configuration the base model starts at 8 it is expandable to 32 if you want to take it apart it also has an nvme solid-state drive this one came in with one terabyte of storage and in addition to that nvm II slot inside you have a full size two and a half inch SATA position for a hard drive as well and they give you a little cable in the box to connect everything up we did take it apart on my extra channel the other day you can check out that video to see exactly what it looks like inside it wasn’t the easiest laptop to take apart but once you get in there it is pretty easy to work on and the weight on this one is not all that unreasonable it is 5.1 pounds or 2.3 kilograms so it’s pretty lightweight for a gaming laptop with a GPU on board now you’ve got two speakers in the front here sound quality is not great but you do have nice stereo separation it is a little on the tinnier side but of course you can always plug in some headphones into the headphone jack to get a better audio experience you have a nice backlit Lenovo keyboard here nice spacing on the keys good sized keys as well with decent travel so it was a very nice typing surface and if you ever used one of these Lenovo consumer devices before the keyboard will feel very familiar and because you’ve got a 15 inch form factor here the keyboard deck has room for a number pad and a nice full-size arrow key set here as well so you might be able to make the excuse with your IT

department that you can use this for work because it has a number pad on it right so you can grab some gaming horsepower to get your Excel documents done nice trackpad here it’s not a click pad you have two buttons here for doing mouse clicks but I’m sure a lot of you will probably connect your own mouse to it and of course supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you have a bunch of connectors on here for those devices too so on the left hand side we have a part of the cooling system here along with a USB 3 port and a headset headphone microphone jack port there most of the ports though are located here on the back next to the cooling fans so you have a Kensington lock here for locking it down on a desk that is helpful in a college environment or a land party if you still do those things so good to see that on there you have a power connector here for hooking up its power supply Gigabit Ethernet HDMI out next to that is another USB 3 connector you have a mini DisplayPort out here and then a USB type-c port I was surprised that it does not have Thunderbolt typically we see Thunderbolt on these devices but this is just USB C soon they’re going to be merging Thunderbolt and USB but apparently that was not done on this particular laptop this is regular USB C this port does not do power delivery it just does video out as well as data in and out so you have to plug in the power adapter if you are docking it on your desk nice little backlight here on the logo and on the other side you have another USB 3 port and there reset switch there and that is pretty much it for the overall hardware one other

note is the webcam here at the bottom we’ve looked at this webcam before this is one of those up the nostril kind of cameras and they did that because they wanted to keep the top bezel relatively thin so it’s not going to be the best chat environment so you might want to look at getting a secondary camera if you do do a lot of web conference things so enough of the talk about the laptop let’s see what it can do let’s hop into a couple of games now and see how it performs so let’s run some games on this computer we’ve got fortnight up first here we had it set to the epic settings and as you can see we were getting between 90 and 100 frames per second out of fortnight it ran quite nicely one thing to note on the display is that it does not support G sync in any of the configurations that would maybe smooth things out a little bit depending on the game that you’re running but overall on the 100 forty-four Hertz display we didn’t see any tearing because it was often hard to get the games up to that level of framerate but we were still seeing frame rates well above 60 in most cases rocket League here at high quality was getting between 240 and 250 frames per second that game usually runs pretty quick on lower end hardware and here it runs quite nicely so you will have a good rocket League experience and on GTA 5 we set some pretty high settings on there and we were getting between 70 and 100 frames per second on that one most of the settings that we tried were

north of 60 you can certainly spend a lot of time getting GTA 5 tweaked to what works best for you but we found it ran very very nicely on this hardware combination we also ran the witcher 3 which can be a very demanding game graphically that one was coming in around 70 to 80 frames per second set to ultra so that was a very good result so we were pleased with that of course and then we ran the new version of doom and at the high settings that you can see on screen here we were getting well over a hundred frames per second most of the time sustained this is a very fast game to begin with and it ran just beautifully on this 144 Hertz display and I was very pleased overall with the kind of performance that we saw out of this my usual daily driver gaming laptop if you will is a Alienware 15 that I got about two years ago with the gtx 1070 built in this one pretty much matched it in just about everything that we tried including the 3d mark time spy benchmark let’s have a look at that real quick we got a score of 5739 and you can see that lines up quite nicely with my Alienware laptop it really bests it on the cpu test because that Alienware i think is only running with a quad core processor where this one has two extra cores and of course is a new generation chip so we are seeing better scores on the cpu portion of that test and graphically as you can see it lines up very very closely with a gtx 1070 so let’s move on to thermal performance and on the 3dmark fire

strike stress test we got a passing grade of 98% and you can also see the temperatures of both the CPU and GPU when that test was running what it does is it runs one of those 3d benchmarks over and over again to see how well it will perform under constant load and it looks like this one was able to keep itself going even under load at a consistent level of performance and it does that of course because it has a couple of big fans on it the fan noise isn’t bad on this it’s just unavoidable though on a gaming laptop those fans will come on especially when you’re playing a demanding game and you will hear them but it sounded less like a wind tunnel as compared to my Alienware PC which is often very loud when it’s fans are cooking this one certainly is not quiet but it is quieter than other gaming laptops I have looked at including some from Lenovo so it is a quieter fan but it will be heard and there’s just no avoiding that you certainly also want to keep everything clear while you are gaming to prevent the computer from getting too hot and slowing down because if it does have a fan obstruction that of course will impact performance now battery life on gaming laptops is never good and this one is no exception to that rule you’ll be lucky to get maybe five or six hours of battery life out of this thing just doing the basics like browsing the web and doing word processing you’ll have far less time on that battery when you are gaming just because the GPU and CPU really

require a lot of power to deliver the performance that you see on screen and it’s just not feasible to get any kind of real long-term battery life out of this when you’re doing some of those really heavy tasks so don’t expect this to be an all-day away from the desk kind of device keep that power adapter and an outlet for it nearby to be able to use it throughout the workday so overall I am quite pleased with the performance we’re seeing out of this computer given its price and form factor and it’s good for more than just gaming – I think this would be a very good video editing platform given the strength of the GPU and CPU inside also good for live-streaming really great for photo editing and everything else that you might do that requires a good amount of CPU and graphical horsepower this one really is delivering all of that and it does have a more professional look than other gaming laptops might have I think it’s a real winner here especially if you’re looking for something relatively reasonably priced for what’s inside and it looks like the deal they’re having right now which starts at $8.

99 is a really good place to start for a nicely configured computer with a very capable GPU let me know what you thought down in the comments below and until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcast EMU dev org Tom Albrecht Brian Parker Kali Ann Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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