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all right i’m not exactly certain where to start this video however i guess i can start with the tale since this evaluation video clip has actually been via a great deal of adjustments and truthfully i am discouraged so hang in there since this’s mosting likely to begin with a little of a tirade so this is the lenovo ideapad slim 7 or what’s additionally known as the yoga exercise slim 7 in a few other regions it sporting activities a ryzen 4000 u-series processor and also it’s in fact among the finest amd light and also slim note pads anyone at the office has seen so much appears good right well that’s where the trouble starts you see our sample comes with the ryzen 7 4800u which includes 8 cores as well as 16 threads all crammed into this incredibly efficient bundle now amd announced this cpu back at ces this year but regrettably because of delays it only began rolling into gadgets in the last month or 2 not only that however lenovo strangely never planned to supply that cpu in this note pad in the United States and Canada like ever before the only variants that they provided was the ryzen 7 4700u which is a six core 12 cpu and also in some areas you were likewise able to obtain the ryzen 5 cpu also and i’m alright with that due to the fact that you know those 2 cpus are still great as well as when you load

that into such an effective notebook like this you recognize it’s best but that also altered without using google it’s like this amd version never ever fed on the lenovo website and if you do a web look for it this is what appears not sold out not back gotten no much longer available in any way and also this takes place equally as amd starts shipping the brand-new 4000 u series in greater quantities as well as what’s it being replaced with well an intel design showing off the iceland cpus which basically costs a lot more for much less performance and also shorter battery life i just don’t get it you see ultimately it’s ultimately the purchasers who are being screwed by these companies that are offering less choices for even more cash as well as less efficiency it simply it definitely irritates me you see i’m simply hoping that this is a short-lived thing and also i truly truly hope that lenovo brings this back because as it stands at the time making this video the amd variation of the ideapad slim 7 is presently missing out on in activity however regardless we’re going to go on as well as release this review for people that can actually acquire the yoga exercise sim 7 slim 7 in other regions so yeah why don’t we reach it right after a fast message from our sponsor simply when you assumed ssds are getting uninteresting check out this brand-new team group cardea ceramic c440 m. 2 pcie gen 4×4 ssd in one as well as 2 terabyte abilities with insanely fast read write rates however also with that one-of-a-kind ceramic plate for warmth dissipation

inspect it out listed below okay before i get right into the specs i do intend to repeat this even more time this laptop computer has 2 different names and also all of it depends on which area you’re in so north america it’s called the ideapad slim7 and also in various other regions it’s the yoga exercise slim7 let’s go over the specifications the starting config comes with a ryzen 5 4500u six core processor 8 gigs of ram as well as a 512 gig nvme ssd the sample that i have more than here provided by amd of training course includes a ryzen 7 4800u with eight cores and 16 strings two times the memory at worthless rapid speeds as well as storage space remains the same currently when it involves prices allegedly it was beginning at 850 as well as you can anticipate this point completely up to 1100 us dollars yet i can not actually verify on that because this note pad isn’t offered below in the United States and Canada at the very least now i actually like what lenovo has actually performed with the style of the slim 7 it can be found in the sandstone grey coating which i truly like and also it’s an all-metal construct i honestly can not grumble concerning develop top quality since this is by far the very best amd based ultrabook that i’ve ever considered there’s very little key-board flex the joint is very smooth to shut as well as open up yet the screen does obtain a bit shaky there is a little lip at the top to make it easier for individuals to open up the laptop computer however in my situation i simply had trouble doing that so i’m simply right currently the note pad remains in a shut placement as well as if i simply go on and also attempt to open this point it’s not coming since it looks like it’s glued together so i need to actually provide it a little of pressure or a great deal of pressure uh to open this point so that was actually irritating also the screen can be opened up right 180

levels flat so i’m not really certain that would certainly make use of this orientation yet it is there for those of you wondering about the dimension of the slim 7 it’s just 14.9 millimeters thick as well as it only considers regarding 3 pounds or 1.4 kilos so if you want to take this point to institution or coffeehouse or company conferences this thing will completely fit that criteria it’s it’s extremely light as well as i really like the form element the keys are spaced properly and also the secondary functions are outlined actually well within the function secrets by default they are main but you can change that to secondary instance via lenovo’s vantage software application the power switch is actually situated on the edge by the i o it’s quite convenient as well as i don’t mind this area the secrets themselves are respectable the only thing is that if you’re coming from something like a thinkpad collection you’re not going to like the much shorter travel distance it’s very limited however on the silver lining there’s very much less key wobble and i think you’ll get utilized to it over time the trackpad behaves it is a glass surface area with assistance for windows motorists the only thing is that i did find the responsiveness to be a bit behind uh it’s respectable but you know this is once again i’m coming from a lot of these different note pads featuring really great glass track trousers as well as they were super responsive so this or changing to something similar to this certainly felt a bit behind yet truthfully for the price factor as well as what i know i was able to stuff inside i guess i can give it a pass the main left and also appropriate switches are incorporated

and also remarkably adequate i did discover a little of a rattling audio when i was clicking the left button so i’m not i’m just gon na give you individuals a quick audio examination so you can inform distinction in between both buttons i hope the microphone was able to select that up i’m not exactly sure if this is just our sample but uh i thought it was worth stating so this is what the web cam resembles on the yoga slim seven as well as uh the quality is not that excellent but it is satisfactory for the laptop at this rate point however i am shocked by the microphone it’s really respectable i have a refrigerator running in the background as well as it does a rather great job actually isolating that so you recognize you can in fact hear me properly so for company conferences or skype discussions this point passes the speakers on the slim 7 are front-facing as well as i appreciate lenovo for choosing this positioning because the sound projection is superb there’s excellent clearness with the vocals so if you’re listening to songs that’s greatly singing highlighted you’re gon na have a really great time with this notebook the only point is that the bass response is really low so you recognize something to bear in mind for informal songs listening and also just content usage this would get this must finish the job it’s clearly not just as good as something like the xps 13 and some premium notebooks however, for the cost point it’s great it’s actually excellent port option is commendable on the slim seven so on the left-hand side you get a usb-c pd port this is what you use to bill the laptop computer and it only supports that common you likewise get a full-size hdmi port one more type c.

port but this features as a usb 3.2 gen 2 port likewise a displayport outcome and also it likewise supports pd billing and you obtain an audio jack switching to the right you get two usb type-a gen1 ports as well as a micro sd card viewers now moving on to the screen this is a 14 inch 1080p ips panel with a refresh rate of 60hz now my first impressions were actually excellent the colors look great with excellent viewing angles and also as you can see it covers 99 srgb 74 adobe rgb and 77 dc ip3 so for material consumption as well as possibly a little bit of image editing and enhancing this should do the job the important things is i normally do my display evaluation test on notebooks when they’re plugged in yet as quickly as i unplugged this laptop computer the comparison ratio was just means off video clips looked extremely cleaned out the the highlights were simply blown out i imply it simply really did not do any type of justice i did do a display analysis examination when it was running in battery setting as well as there were some differences uh with the comparison proportions too so once more it’s such an odd thing to experience when you get on battery as well as when you’re not on battery lenovo asserts this panel can obtain as brilliant as 300 nits however, for my evaluation it was only able to strike 275 nits and when you match that with a super glossy screen outside exposure is completely out of concern so simply if you if you invest a whole lot of time outdoors this is definitely except you upgradability is not that flexible with the slim 7. As you can see the ssd is the only component that’s customer upgradable the memory is soldered onto the pcb and that’s basically it the drive speeds are quick it’s in reality among the fastest we’ve stumbled upon the battery is substantial it’s 60 watt hrs and from our light lots examination it did actually well surpassing the xps 13 by a long odds lasting for about 16 hrs yet it’s not quite close to the zenbook 14 but that’s to be anticipated since it’s obtained a larger battery and an effective 4700u cpu but that note pad was a catastrophe i’ll actually leave a web link to my testimonial uh if you’re interested under heavy lots the slim 7 did okay lasting for regarding 2 hours and also 40 mins as well as i did anticipate this since the 4800u eight core 16 thread cpu is extra power starving than the remainder of the lineup okay so now i truly intend to carry on to how the slim 7 performs however prior to i did that there were some rather weird behavior from it in different power modes you see lenovo offers three settings in their vantage software there’s battery saver smart cooling and also severe performance bear in mind the ryzen 7 4800u is rated to operate at a default tdp of 15 watts but it can be configured in between 10 watts and 25 watts all 3 efficiency settings supply really different accounts with smart cooling surging to about 22 watts for concerning a min before it goes to under 15 watts for the rest of our all-core tons the battery saver mode seems to be readied to in between 10 as well as 12 watts yet it’s the extreme performance setting that i truly wanted to talk about it presses power usage above amd specification to the factor where the 4800u is sucking down about 30 watts and in fact comes to a head more than 40. i indicate sure tdp or thermal design power and also real power intake are 2 different metrics yet that’s still a great deal of warmth for a thin and light note pad to handle you can really see that here when the severe efficiency setting is wrecking the concept pads cooling down remedy right in the admit it actually comes to a head around 108 degrees celsius before lenovo’s formulas begin fluctuating input power to cool down things off this is actually above amd’s 105 level celsius max temperature rating which is a bit worrying but thankfully it doesn’t remain at that temperature for lengthy on the other hand the other two setups ended up being really well acted by remaining below 75 levels celsius a lot of the moment currently that results in some really high alcohol frequencies in extreme efficiency mode while smart cooling and battery saver finish up a lot lower it’s additionally essential to comprehend what will take place to efficiency due to the fact that of those frequency spikes right at the beginning they’ll blow up scores for much shorter artificial benchmarks like cinebench while longer lots like providing in mixer or video transcoding will certainly reveal even more of a reasonable habits you can precisely see that below while cinebench r15 is a short test there is a huge influence by moving from extreme to other modes the very same goes for something like microsoft word which doesn’t pack the cpu all that much however then carrying on to longer examinations there’s a pretty considerable efficiency penalty by moving far from the greatest setting this is something that you’ll need to consider as we experience the criteria with each other we constantly test in the highest efficiency setting as well as in this instance it converts to concerning 30 watts of input power while other laptop computers in this group normally leading out at an optimum of 25 watts alright allow’s obtain with this we make use of cinebench as a fundamental comparison but like you’ll see every one of our various other tests.

have relocated to actual usage case to provide you a much better concept of where laptop stands in reality circumstances with 16 threads eating via multi-threaded apps it’s rather apparent that the slim 7 would certainly be way faster than anything else in the thin and also light laptop market these numbers really place it in competition with intel’s h collection as opposed to anything they have in the ultra reduced voltage group yet as we go on to more gently threaded applications the amd notebook starts battling to keep up at times the 4800u is still quite affordable but it can shed quite significantly against something like ice lake geared up on the xps 13 in microsoft workplace applications then again it’s a rather great option whenever an app needs greater than a couple of cores typically you would not use a finite light for a great deal of video gaming however the ideapad 7 manages rather well at 1080p if you keep the information to low this is likewise another area where intel’s iceland platform just fails on its face remember what i claimed at the starting concerning lenovo changing to just intel for the slim7 well yeah by this factor it’s quite evident that that was a blunder from a raw efficiency perspective surface temperature levels do get fairly warm especially when you use this thing in the severe efficiency establishing it does obtain rather warm which’s to be.

expected taking into consideration that you’ve obtained a 8 core 16 string 4800u jammed right into a light and slim package so that virtually completes this review and also honestly people i’m really impressed with what lenovo has done with the yoga slim seven or the suggestion pattern seven depending upon where you live the only concern that i have with this laptop computer is the fact that you in fact can not get it despite the 4700u processor and also that to me is the most discouraging point about it the fact that they switched over to intel cpus right currently is simply i simply i simply don’t get it i indicate from a raw performance standpoint you’re paying a lot more however getting less it simply makes no feeling as well as i really want you men to perhaps you recognize go as difficult as you want in the remarks hopefully lenovo watches this video as well as possibly we’ll bring this back to store but you know suppose you can locate one of these uh it’s a treasure it truly is i mean for the performance the bundle the develop high quality the key-board all of it simply minus the screen issue that i had with the plug-in versus the battery mode it’s it’s a strong tool so on that note thanks a lot for enjoying remain safe invest responsibly my pals and also uh i will certainly talk with you men in the next one.

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